Looking for partner


Ive been in bad spirits lately, I had this game I was working on were you run your own gang and all that fun criminal stuff. But everytime something happens and it cuts my dream, first my ex, now my computer wont start and I cant afford to get it fixed. I was hopeless but I decided to ask for help. So im going to ask for a partnership someone who can code the game. This game has so much potential. Give it a chance


Might want to edit that you can’t advertise for coder.




Well too late now but it is against the forum rules to advertise for coders it would have been better just saying what happened. That way people could volunteer.


I don’t think I know my way around the script quite well enough to make it a full fledged responsibility, but if I see the unlikely coder looking for writer, I’ll point them this way


@Deathwriter You can’t advertise for a coder. However we are happy to teach you how to code. Choicescript is designed to be easy to learn even if you have no previous coding experience.


The best way is just to show him an example of a setup and stats files. And, probably a save file and it the teaching will be mostly done :).


The problem isn’t that he can’t code the problem is his computer.


It’s possible to write code using a phone. Marajade does it.

I haven’t locked this thread, despite it asking for a coder, since I know Deathwriter is really upset just now and I don’t want him getting further upset. I know it can be devastating to have your computer troubles gobble up your work. I’ve had that happen to me too.

Is the problem that the computer won’t even turn on? Or does it just not boot up?


@Deathwriter I havent pc at all. And i have code 50,000 words already in my own game and coding for other people in my phone or tablet. You could do all commands add photos publish a demo or using tests. There is no thing you cant do . Hell i even code sometimes in a 3ds so my friend no having a pc is not an excuse.


Wow I did not know you could do it by phone! I gotta learn how. I thank you guys so much. That ill put some of your ideas in the game


@Deathwriter pm me if you cant make it work, I help you download the right programs