Looking for Judges


Its that time of year again. Starting to look for the judges for the 3rd annual CScomp. We hold the comp for the month of May, judging happens through June and the winners announced at the start of July. I will have the rules for the comp up by the end of month along with last years winners. Looking for 6 to 8 judges that have been on the board for at least four to six months. @P0RT3R still has not found the judges treehouse to burn it down so judges will gather there.


What’s all this hullabaloo about?


CoG has been kind enough to allow me to run a comp for choicescript writers each year :smile:
Here is a link to last years winners.
Winners of the 2nd Annual CScomp


Oh no, I forgot how to code. Guess I know what I’m going to do this weekend.


I thought this said “it’s that time of the month again” at first ;\


Ejem, could I be a judge this time pleease? :pray: Except you don’t want someone to be a judge three times in a row, if it is so i understand.


What are the duties of the Judges exactly? I know it has to do with rating the entries and voting on the winner, but is there any certain procedure or what?


I’ll judge if you want me to


I wouldn’t mind judging


Could you please put a link to the rules page.


I will have the rules and roles of the judges up on Sunday.


Hey I would like to judge if I can I’ve been reading cog books for a long time since the choice of dragons and what are the qualifications?


I’d be willing. I’m not sure what the qualifications are, but it seems like a unique experience. I don’t know what exactly I would have to be doing either.


Sounds fun, I’d like to judge


Yup looking forward to things, did go nicely too for last here.


I may be interested. I’ll wait for more information before confirming though.


I would like to judge


I will gladly be a judge i promise that i shall be as unbiased as i possibly can.

Though no can truly be unbiased i shall do my utmost to be unbiased.

Besides it’ll be fun


Happy to volunteer, that is if you would have me.


I’m a judgy person. I volunteer!