Looking for judges for the 5th CSComp


Yes it is that time of year again. Starting to look for the judges for the 5th annual CScomp. We hold the comp for the month of May, judging happens through June and the winners announced at the start of July. I will have the rules for the comp up at http://www.choiceofbox.com/rules.html. Looking for 6 to 8 judges that have been on the board for at least four to six months. Just post a reply here thanks.


This year I am very fortunate as @Fiogan has agreed to be a big part of the comp again. She helped make last year’s comp so very awesome.


Could I be a judge? PLEASE. Well, if you want new people I could understand


How could we have a Comp without you as a Judge. :slight_smile:


I don’t know maybe You don’t want a grumpy judge that voting inverse and cause Havoc this year. But Hey at least we have fun.!


You keep me on my toe, in a good way. Look forward to having you as a judge as always. :wink:


Somewhat new to the forums (~one year), and what would I have to do as a judge? Read the submitted games and post a reply?


I would like to be a judge, please. This would be my first time.

Wait, are immortals allowed?


This is something that interest me very very very much. I’ve been on this forum since the begining and own about 90% of the COG and HG titles and I never felt like I knew enough about IF to give my name here but this year is the year I’m trying my luck. I feel like I saw enough WIP rise and fall to be able to judge wich might have the most potential but whatever the judge choice is I will be sure to give every titles a good playtrough. Its alway inspiring to see people who participated in the contest publish their game and I hope a lot of people will this year even if they dont win.

Have a good competition guys and especialy good luck to you Lordirish. I cant imagine how tiring it must be to manage a contest while simultaneously living on trucker work hours.


Bring a judge is a fairly big comment. In April we start promoting the comp, this includes the judges. Towards the middle of April we start the process of finding this year theme. May we start the comp and encourage those that have taken the plunge. We have a scorecard the judges use and make comments about the game scored. After we anounce the winners the judge must be able to answer questions about the scores and feedback they gave for the comp. It a fairly big time commitment. That is why I have 6 to 8 judges as we always loose a few along the way due to real life. If still interested just let me know.


@ArchangelVoldemort and @cyanide Welcome to the judges club.


I am available if you would have me again XD. :slight_smile:


By all means would love to have you as a judge again.


I also volunteer to be a judge, @Lordirish.

I’m sure we’ll see a lot of great entries! :slight_smile:


Very nice to have you join us.


I will offer my services to judge as well.


Awesome and thank you.


I have two spots left, of course if one of the last year’s judges want to join us again. Nudge wink @Cecilia_Rosewood, I always have a spot open for ya.


I’d like to be a judge. I haven’t posted a lot here, but I’ve lurked regularly for the past two years. I have a lot of experience in writing, so I guess I might be qualified to judge. I’m also very critical :smiling_imp:


Welcome aboard. (20 letters,


I see… but I read that I might have to make a commit some money to the comp, and I really don’t have the funds right now. But if I might be able to be a judge without that, I’d like to try, if you’ll have me.