Looking for Judges 4th CSComp (Closed)


Its that time of year again. Starting to look for the judges for the 4th annual CScomp. We hold the comp for the month of May, judging happens through June and the winners announced at the start of July. I will have the rules for the comp up at http://www.choiceofbox.com/pages/rules_2016.html. Looking for 6 to 8 judges that have been on the board for at least four to six months. Just post a reply here thanks.


Could I be Judge again? I mean is almost a traditional stuff. Except you prefer new people that I could understand it.


I always count you in, but I never assume so I just wait until you ask. :slight_smile:


It’s been already 4, how fast goes the time! Lord I am feeling old and senior here :wink:


I know!!! lol We of the old Gaurd :wink:


I only have the stuff for the CScomp up on the web site working to get all of it back up but finding time is a challenge right now. I am hoping to have the site back up to par by the open of the comp.


I mentioned it somewhere else already, but I’ll repeat it here just to be thorough :wink:

I’d like to join the judges too. I won’t have time to participate this year, but I should have plenty of time to spare in June.


Welcome aboard the secret world of judges. I am the senior judge here, It would be fun… :hugging:


It has been a year already? If you would have as a judge again I would be honored.


I didn’t knew there was such a competition in the first place. It sounds like a lot of fun at least ^^
From what I can see from the link, the produced stories seem all to be very nice.

Personally, I hope we will get something like “Kings and Queens” or “High up in the Sky” or something.
But nonetheless, I wish everyone lots of fun and thank the judges for their time in taking part in this in such a way :wink:

(I hope it was alright to post something like this here °^^ If not, I will remove it ~)


No feel free to post here :slight_smile: Last year was a blast and I believe this year will be even more so.


Yeah, I think the same. Last year had lot of great stories. I think this would be even better. Now It only need Poison to be this year’s theme. :wink:


We are off to a great start with the judges, three awesome people that are will to give their time for this. Thank you so much.

This year we will be using google docs to score the games, someone was nice enough, sorry can’t remember who you were, to set a sample form for me and will be using something similar. There will be time to get into more detail on that later. For now once we have all are judges we will start voting on this years theme.


Lol thought I gave you ownership of that doc, but yay scorecards! It should be easier on the authors to see how grading is done and a lot neater ^_^.

Also I will be happy to sponsor again, just deciding on how and what ^_^.


You may have I just don’t remember, waaaaaay to messages last year to recall clearly. It will make it nicer to send out all the feedback to the writers as well.

Awesome sauce on the sponsorship. :smiley:


Ok, you should teaching me to use that you already know how bad I am with technology. If I don’t forget the password I sent the link to other account lol. I am just terrible :frowning: Hey but at least It’s fun read all my stumblings :wink:


There is no other word for you then brilliant, you put forth a great deal of effort each year and do one bang up job to boot. We will try make it as simple as possible for the google docs. I need to spend a day or so getting to know it myself as I have never really used. So we will stumble together :slight_smile:


Lol you just gave me an ideal for the word pair…You are brilliant Mara <3


Looks through list of shiny colorful icons on google account

Ooh, found it :grin: Google docs. At least nothing exploded yet :wink: (pretty terrible with technology too)

And I have to agree with @Lordirish. @poison_mara is awesome.


I may look at google docs later today but trying to recall all my css knowledge to support mobile devices right now.