Looking for a WIP


So I’m looking for a WIP that may have been closed/cancelled (might even be a HG now…)… you play a MC that either works for a Salvation Army type of place or the mayor’s office and you have superpowers that you are keeping secret.

And before anyone suggests, no it is not Model Citizens:

Any help finding the game would be extremely appreciated. If you need more info to figure it out, let me know and I’ll wrack my poor remembery to think of more info.


I remember reading that one!
Let me see if I have it bookmarked somewhere…


Ohmygosh, you’re awesome! <3



Sadly, I’m not going to be any help after all. :pensive:
Is it Best of Us, as suggested? I haven’t played that one in a while…


is totally the BEST OF US. that the only game that comes to mind with that description.


Oh my god I got mentioned!


Yes!!! Thank you! I didn’t give the story enough time to get to the parts I remembered!

Thank yyoooooooouuuuuuu!!!


By the way, @moderators , someone can close this now. Thank you!

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