Looking for a few beta testers

Looking for a few beta testers five or so to test a very small demo. Trying to test flow of story, before i get to far past my current point. Its a sci-fi game.

I believe I have some free time to be able to help out with beta testing for this weekend.

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How long is the story so far?

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I will gladly help you. Send me a link. Thx.

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Its very short just 2000 words so far. But trying to see if what i have is too word heavy. I have five paths that all wil be written similar form but different text, and don’t want to rewrite all five if theres too much text hitting at once.

I would love to beta test

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I can beta-test if you’d like. Can you give us at least one sentence that defines at least the general idea of what you’re going for?

I’m interested. I’m a UI/UX designer and familiar with testing practices.

I may also be interested, but as @violet put it I would like at least a sentence summery.

@violet @IlliterateSandwich
It’s a sci-fi kinda take on Hunger Games/Battle Royale. Different but the concept is the same, survive or die those are the only options. It’s a prequel game to a sci-fi world i wish to expand on. Didn’t include to much as i plan to repost a full WIP once i finis the first character path. There will be five total paths.

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Doesn’t sound too long .Okay I’ll bite, sign me up.

Awesome, let’s do it.

I like too beta test

I’m disabled so I have the free time.

Aint busy right now. so you can send me the link

Sign me up . I m free.

Thanks everyone who was willing. @moderators that should be enough for now, would you mind closing. Thank you!