Long distance team ups?

How hard can they get for stuff like this?

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like are you asking about one person coding, one person writing?

I often do writing projects with friends from across the United States, but it can definitely be difficult, what with time zones.

It really depends on the people involved.

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As long as you utilize technology it is doable.

I’ve worked with people across the globe from China, Europe and the US.

The timezone issue is a concern if you must have live sessions but things like Google docs will help a project.


Something like that. Though we might be co-writing the monster manual while we’re at it.

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I am very familiar with the time difference between here and Paris when it comes to talking with my artist friend (it’s six hours). It was definitely an adjustment when communicating with him about the Nuclear Powered Toaster commission, because when we were doing webcomics and things together back in the day, he lived in Ecuador, which is actually in the same time zone as Georgia.

Beyond syncing up communication, it is hard because of accountability. If you collaborate long distance, you are vulnerable to being left in the lurch by the other party if they decide to go radio silent. It’s not like you can go talk to them in person about whatever the issue might be.


I’m thinking we co-write the source materials and split the work from there. I think I’ll at least comb out the bugs and typos.