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This happened today
My Friend: “Dude what are you thinking about?”
Me:“I just saw MIB3”
Me:“So think about it like this… If Will Smith went back in time and stopped the crazy guy from killing K then in his time it would never of happened in the first place and he never would of went back. So how does he end up having to go back in time in the first place if he already did it?”
Friend:“Sometimes I worry about you…”
Me:“I will call Will Smith, go back in time and explain it to you.”
Friend:" No thats okay…"
Me: " Then shut up"

Is it just me or is my friend a idiot X3
Feel free to post the funniest moment of your day too!


The grandfather paradox basically?


Or the 3rd men paradox?


I think quantum fisics found a way to fix that the multiples dimensions and multiverse


Basically the grandfather paradox. (I am about to post our conversation finisher ww just had)


Me:“So about MIB3…”
Friend:“Dear god no…”
Me:“No don’t worry I just want to say someth-”
Me:“But i jus-”
Friend:" Shut up!!!"
Friend:" Fine, keep talking"
Me:“I dont think you deserve to hear it now.”
Friend: “Okay I didnt really ca-”
Me:" Fine I’ll tell you… I realize why Will Smith was able to do that"
Me: " Well because he is awesome like me"
Me:“So if he was able to go back in time because he was awesome then anyone awesome should be able to! So my time machine will be here in 3…2…1…0”
Both of us:…
Me: “Guess my theory was wrong…”
Friend: “Nah, its just that you aint awesome”
Me: :frowning:


I broke my grandparents wifi…


lol i am lmfao


the thing ur friend said at the end was hallarious


but uve got a point bout him going to the past


You know you have a real friend when they troll you when your down


We had another chat today posting now.


Friend: What came first the chicken or the egg?
Friend: What???
Me: Well its obvious without KFC chickens would have no meaning of life.
Friend:… You sure?
Me: Well maybe it might be Chick Fil A but im pretty sure its KFC
Me: Dude stop with the awkward silence.
Friend: Whatever.


Ha owned…






Kfc beaches? Whats that mean? XD


It’s a beach where they hand out free KFC


… but i dont like KFC…


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