Locked Lore in Stat Chart

The title kind of explains what I need.

Basically, what I’m asking is how would I go about having the lore for my story being locked in the stat chart on a separate page at the beginning as to avoid any possible major spoilers. After a reader reaches a certain scene, I want the lore to become unlocked so they could read the brief explanation of the important events that has happened throughout time in this universe I’m developing, so what kind of coding would I need to pull this off? I am assuming that I would need *if to do this.

Please do keep in mind that I don’t have any content for this idea yet but I’d like to be prepared ahead of time. Thanks in advance.

Just put it behind an *if clause and tie that to a boolean variable that gets set to “true” at the desired point in the story’s progress.

Edit: I do this in my WIP with the names of characters that the reader is not yet supposed to know (or dynamic names for characters that are set by player choices).


Thank you! I was pretty sure that I would need *if to do this but I wasn’t sure about the rest.

Just if you still needed some ideas, this is how I set up my “codex” page:

*if (Arum_Maculatum_lev_one_unlocked)
    *if (Arum_Maculatum_lev_two_unlocked)
        *if (Arum_Maculatum_lev_three_unlocked) 

(thank you @Carlos.R!!)

So on my startup, I’ve got Arum_Maculatum_lev_one_unlocked set to False, then it changes to True at whatever point in the story I want it to and I’ve got my actual entries (Arum_Maculatum_lev_two_unlocked, etc) set to strings to what I want them to actually say so that it stacks as they unlock more info. I mean there’s probably a more efficient way to go about it but that’s what works for me and maybe will help out a little?


Just use the preformatted text button. :slight_smile:
It looks like this: </>

An alternative would be multiple stats pages, that unlock bit by bit

Thank you for the helpful advice everyone. I think I’ll do a bit on multiple separate pages as @MeltingPenguins suggested

So long as you keep the number of pages down to something reasonable. Two is okay. Four is okay. Eight is sketchy.

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