Link to Review of Wayhaven Chronicles

Felt like there was… quite a lot that needed saying about this.

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This is an independent review and your opinion, so I’m not sure why you state multiple times why Choice of Games would IP ban you for writing it. I’m just going to make it clear that any personal attacks or sniping here is going to result in a suspension, for any party. Keep it civil, folks.


I moved this to the general category, so that every member in the community can access it and comment if they wish and since this is not an HG product.


You sure you want to open that bag of worms on the forum that literally broke Dashingdon with how excited it was for Wayhaven? :sweat_smile:

Personally, I dislike the series. I almost never mention it because last time I did, albeit not on here, I got internet yelled at into oblivion, lol.


Yelled into oblivion by fans or people who disliked the series? It’s a little unclear from your context. :laughing:

EDIT: I guess it’s more likely to be fans with the wording. I was somewhat creatively interpreting it, in my exhausted state, to be possible that it was just a thread full of people who were dogpiling/getting much more negative about the series.

EDIT#2: Oh, sorry, Eiwynn. I’m not trying to spread cross-site drama, I’m merely curious. I can drop the line of questioning if you think it’s inevitably leading that way. Should I delete the comment?

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Please remember to keep outside drama outside.


Hey, to make someone care so much about your story that they write thousands of words in response is still a win, even if it isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation. Apathy is deadlier than hate in this regard.


If you dm/pm a person, that would be fine; just please do not continue this tangent in the reviewer’s thread.

I believe he is seeking review of his blog, so we should keep this the focus here.


I agree with you in some sense. But also I don’t know that that’s entirely right. If they’re writing thousands of words because they’re calling my work and possibly also me problematic/heinous in some way and they feel passionate about my career’s downfall, I would probably be crushed.

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I mean, the review says they’re still going to buy future installments in the series, most likely, so I’m with @hustlertwo: it’s still a win for Sera.

The sad part is, I’ll probably blow five or six more dollars when and if part three ever happens, too.

Rest assured, however: once I’m done with Wayhaven Chronicles, however far in the future that may be, Mishka Jenkins will never see another cent of my hard-earned money.


Remember to never take reviews personal.

Your job, as an author is to pan the gold from the silt in the reviews made. While there might be lots of silt in a 12,000 word review, there are some very good actionable feedback nuggets Mishka can take from it.

My biggest take-away from the review is that “SC” mistook the genre for these games as a detective series, instead of the otome/vn genre it is in reality.

I do find it fascinating that SC is going to continue to purchase all the future releases (does he realize the number of books there are going to be?) … this shows me that the reviewer may not do the research that I would expect anyone writing such reviews to do.


Changed the thread title on the grounds that the original would be unfindable and was too general. As I tend to do.


There’s also some great perception-based feedback in there that confirms that Mishka’s writing came across as she intended it (basing this on her blog posts). For example, the reviewer does an excellent job identifying the character flaws Mishka meant for F, A, N, and M which shows that she did her job in writing in those flaws.


I don’t particularly like Wayhaven, but others do so I assume it’s alright

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I saw a review in Steam with the same opinion. The first few paragraphs of TWC game summary really gives you the impression that it was supposed to be a detective game unless you follow her Tumblr or read the forums here.


I confess I struggled with Wayhaven a lot on my first read through because I made the exact same mistake (which I completely own was my fault: I didn’t read the description carefully enough). But I don’t think the review can entirely be written off as deriving from this mistake. Even when I did reread the book on the understanding that it was a romance, I still failed to catch the Wayhaven bug, in part because of how the ROs are written (a lot of what the review says about the ROs did resonate with me).

Overall, I find the review excessively vitriolic and excessively long, written by an author who seems to have spent an excessive amount of money on games which, judging from the introduction, they really don’t enjoy much. But in places it definitely does touch on some (but not all) of the flaws in the Wayhaven series, flaws which don’t often get discussed because of the series’s popularity.

As for myself, I’ll refrain from going any deeper into my views on the flaws of Wayhaven. I know how passionate the fandom is, and passionate fandoms aren’t always great at hearing dissenting voices!!


This is great to reiterate, but a review writer attempting to communicate those viewpoints should not muddy their review with destructive and toxic feedback which only serves to turn those viewpoints personal and non-actionable.

I do not think it does either, but it is hard to pan through the silt stirred up by the toxic chaff throughout, especially if you are the author and subject of such destructive practices.


If what you truly are after is a review of your review though, or at least discussion of it, I’d say that before finishing the whole piece, I have some issues with it. And as I said, I dislike the series, so there’s no claiming fanaticism is why.

I believe it is a reviewers’ job to be as unbiased and respectful as can be expected in subjective territory. I believe it is anyone’s responsibility to be respectful of their peers as member of the society we all must exist in, but that’s besides the point. Sure, have your opinions. Be witty. Kick back a little with the audience in mind. But in this situation, Mishka didn’t actually do much to merit the whole “I’m not nice when I’m angry” spiel that you’ve thoroughly ground into our brains. They are games you voluntarily bought and apparently are planning to continue doing so in the future for…the pleasure of wasting time hating them, I suppose.

Which leads me to another talking point: you seem to be aware that you are turned off by CoG and HG in general, not just Wayhaven. Possibly even so much so that it would be fair to say you might be seeking out reasons to dislike it and tear certain games to shreds. You say multiple times you’ll be banned, it’ll be a horrendously unpopular opinion that will be hurtful and earn you disapproval but you’re posting it anyways. Again, why so hostile? Why look for a fight where one did not exist? You drew attention to rather extreme vitriol directly aimed at an author from this forum and on a much lesser level the entirety of CoG itself on purpose. I don’t remember which thread, but there was a discussion on here about using “I’m not a nice person” and the concept of being purposefully provocative as a shield to simply avoid having to choose words more carefully, or reflect. This review and subsequent thread smacks to me of that behavior, honestly. Especially since it was clearly your intention from the time you wrote it to post it on here and garner heat. I’m not sure why you’d feel the need to revel in potentially stomping on toes, but here we are.


But, at this point, if I haven’t made myself clear in the span of almost 12,000 words, then you’ve either stopped reading already, skipped to the bottom to tell me it was too long and you didn’t bother to read it, or you’ve skipped to the bottom

Guilty as charged. You see the nice thing about free will is you can choose to read something that really interests you, or not. Why are you still reading Wayhaven a few installments in if it seems as if it makes you to quote “angry”. Seriously dude, when it comes to optional extras in life do what makes you happy and don’t waste time on things that are just going to upset you.

So you don’t like Wayhaven? It’s certainly a very popular series, but not for you. I’m personally not a big fan of every really popular game on the site, and really like some of the ones that get little attention. It’s a boring world if everyone likes the same things. Live and let live, say your piece if you must, then let it go.

I’ve enjoyed are a very small handful, with standout names like the Heroes Rising and The Hero Project trilogies and the aforementioned Evertree Inn and Sordwin topping my list of favorite games, while the rest run the gamut from being boring and forgettable, to eye-rollingly bad, the kind of badness you would expect to see from a high school English Language Arts student who doesn’t give a shit about proofreading their work, to so bad that I find myself driven to rant a little about them. These are stories which may mechanically read very well, but the story, itself, is so rife with tripe that it pisses me off.

Genuine question. Why are you here? If you believe 95% of COG and HG work is trash, why not just follow the authors you like on their accounts and ignore the rest. (See comment above about doing what makes you happy :slight_smile: )

Anyways, it’s your review. Linking to it won’t get you banned I suspect. Attack the author using harsh language and without being constructive directly on this forum possibly will, so you’ve been warned.


All of this, 100%. Despite my love for the series, I know it isn’t perfect because nothing is. But this honestly just felt like an angry person wanting to lash out and hurt Mishka personally. It was in no way objective, and it was certainly not written from a non-biased point of view which a reviewer should honestly hope to strive for. All in all, it felt like mostly wasted time to read, not because of me being a fan, but because it was an almost entirely unproductive and unprofessional review.