Limitless (WiP) (On hiatus!)


hey guys!

so for now all i did was fix the errors mentioned in the posts above!
thank you again to those who spotted and mentioned them! ; )

i’ll try to update again this week,
thanks for reading!

note: it would do me a lot if you voted in the poll on post 71! thank you so much!



Love the new update…


so nothing is open at 3am but eddie still has somewhere to go ? where does he live ? Come to canada!!! everything close at 10PM lol but there are pizza place open all night long…well…at least…it was…in Montreal lol Oh and we have store that are open 24h…they have good coffee and sandwich :stuck_out_tongue:

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@pastel that’s really, really okay!

i love him too

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@keeevin so more than anything the story is really good. Just a couple of paragraphs that are a little to long that I just wish were a little smaller. Like this.

Also some of the dialogue has two people talking in one paragraph. Or has weird spacing.

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oh okay, i see. when i test my code, i always run it on pc, so i guess that’s why i thought the paragraphs weren’t too lengthy. i’ll see what i can do for that, and for the weird dialogues!

thank you so much!


@keeevin your welcome! The game is seriously so good and I cant wait for the next update! :heart:

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no updates for this week; i didn’t realize there was so much to write for what is currently the last choice in the demo.

when i do update, you can expect:

  • the impacting choice to finally be implemented ;0
  • more dialouge depending on what you choose for the choice mentioned above :))
  • eddie finally makes his way out of the park
  • first :clap: unlockable :clap: bonus :clap: scene/s (might be in next next update)

i might post a little doodle of eddie tomorrow, though ;9
EDIT: y’all my profile pic is actually a drawing of eddie eheh

thank you for reading!


kevin messed up, everybody

clarification: this is the third physically impacting choice! i was a dumb@ss and i hadn’t really read through everything until, well, today, and i realized that :V (i can’t actually reveal the first and second because those two are real spoilers now)


No worries Kev, we love you! :grinning:
Can’t wait to read the update, but don’t stress yourself too much about it. I’m more than willing to be patient when I am promised such a good work from an author. :sparkling_heart:

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i love this so much n for some reason im really worried about eddie like he doesn’t hh seem mentally stable ? i jus wanna give him a hug pls BUT anyways your writing is so fucking good im in love w this


Welcome my friend!!!

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Yeah welcome on the forum @maixoi , glad you decided to join us! :sparkling_heart:


ashdsaj welcome to the forum maixoi and thank you so much for your comment!

ok so about this i was trying to give off an impression that yeah, he isn’t stable, so i’m glad someone mentioned it; don’t worry i’m making sure i’m gonna tackle his being not okay properly : )
also hugs yes i like hugs i’m gonna make sure there’s a way you can hug him :3

aaahsdjk thank you so much!


hello guys here’s the drawing of eddie ahah!

i drew an eddie without his trenchcoat

i hope it isn’t too blurry my phone’s camera is absolute sh@t ahahah


Oh god, if I thought I likes our unstable cinnamon roll before…
Look at him, he’s a baby, let me love and protect him! :heart:


hello! kevin has news eheh but he doesn’t have an update :<

so apparently my schedule is full–really, really full. because of this, i won’t be posting any updates until the second week of may. sorry if you were expecting something!

may update will contain:

  • maybe i’ll draw rigel
  • eddie runs, three unlockable scenes, either he loses his phone or doesn’t, and you interact with rigel
  • i remember appearance being a big thing when i first posted so i have a surprise ;))
  • i promise i’ll handle eddie’s entire state of mind with care

thanks for understanding! <3

kevin is a chlidish adult (unrelated to limitless i just like saying words)

ohoho do people on this forum watch anime because oikawa tooru is fucking precious and also hq s4??? yes please
also yuri plistesky from yoi! and maybe kenma kozume from hq! look like eddie in case it’s still hard to picture him!



i’m so sorry for not being active!
the thing is, i want to change the way the story is written–i won’t be changing the plot, just that. and it’s kind of taking me a really long time to do that.

so sorry for the long update delay!
thank you for reading <3