Limitless (WiP) (Minor update two and a poll)



Hey you.
I do not personally mind waiting longer for content.
It seems your worried about your relatively inactive thread and that I believe is mostly due to the fact that you are but a new lad, your WIP has yet to gain proper traction as what we currently have is fairly limited and you are still the new kid on the block and what not.

If we get larger and better chunks of contents I would personally be pleased but the best way to foster an active viewer base would most likely do lots of updates, as it would bump the thread up and also give more content for people to satisfy their urges and more people consistently reading, more comments, the more active the thread is, the more people to see the thread. Etcetera.

Anyway I do not mind waiting for you to do what ya gotta do.
Since the premise is unique and definitely intriguing, but what ultimately matters is the execution. So I will be observing to see how well this is executed, if not piping in occasionally or possibly often if you properly invest me.


hey it’s your friendly probably-not-neighbourhood gay here

》minor update 2 on wednesday, with;

  • all new book title!!1!11 finally a better one lmao
  • some fixes to chapter one, such as Questions One Would Actually Ask In the Current Situation

》guys poll

  • yes i would like some drawings of the characs from time to time
  • no i’d rather imagine them the way you’ll describe them

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thanks uwu


wait so this is kind of wrong what i meant was im gonna move the questioning to another part later in the chapter so the flow of the story is kinda natural


kevin here uwu

minor update two is here!

  • questioning has been moved to another later part of chapter one and currently replaced with the saddest (a.k.a. worst) transition ever
  • the title of the game is now “limitless”! the name in the demo link, however, is stuck to “blooming” as i need to upload a new version of the game to change its name and i’m too lazy to do that lmao
  • eddie has phone

uh please tell me if anything in the game (besides eddie’s personality :wink: ) is odd/unnatural

thank you for reading!



Better safe then sorry, you think. Or you think you think, whatever.

“So, now that ya know who I am,” Eddie

wait a minuteeeeeeee…

yeah just read the Summary…:sweat_smile:…I never do usually

and maybe even some kind of love with your protagonist
Eddie you mean ? Aw man…does that mean we are stuck in his mind forever ? Nothing wrong with your chosen character…but I was hoping we could…jump body at some point . And as a Lesbiana…the choice with eddie would be either kick him…or smother him in his sleep…oh wait…those tentacle…gonna turn into an ardat yakshi…lol

and with everyone else they know
So live trough him…sort of ? Doesnt that have consequences ? or should have I mean…like Eddie personality get eaten by us…and they become the ‘voice’ and we take over the body…or something ?


eddie watch out. oh my god he has airpods in. he can’t hear us. oh my god


ok so if i answer any of your questions, id be giving away a lot of things that are major plot points

yes you can jump bodies but how??? what will it take??? that will later on will be revealed

EDIT: R.O. spoiler xd

theres gonna be like 2 female, 2 male, and 1 nb R.O.s! one person for everybody! how youre gonna date them? thats in like, 2 chapters away i think so major spoiler >; )


i have a new favorite comment and thats yours jdbdhjNDNSHS


Soooo… will Eddie be an RO? :wink:


@forestnymph oh sh¡t i forgot my boy f@ck

yes! he’s an R.O., and for now im gonna put him in with the males so the available R.O.s will be 3 males, 2 females, 1 nb! though hes prolly the hardest to get lmao


so i read through what i currently have and i realized a thing, so here’s a poll because im a) scared and b) in need of some feedback

  • The story is going too fast!
  • The flow of the story is okay.

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and um here’s another poll that’s purely for my pleasure + to help me in character development
The protagonist (Eddie!) is…

  • Annoying
  • Weird
  • Adorable (??)
  • Childish
  • Has a flat, unbelieveable (in a bad way) personality
  • Has a well-developed personality

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