Limitations of adding images to stats screen?


I was wondering if there are any limits to the amount of images one may insert into their game (specifically in the stats page in my case), and if there is a way to have the image vary depending on a choice made by the player? For example; a player who chooses A would receive image A in their stats page, and a player who chooses B would receive image B. Another instance of this would be an image the player already had in their stats page being altered after a choice they made. Is this possible?

I’m not super familiar with the use of images in CS, but I believe it’s as simple as uploading all the possible images and hiding them behind different *if commands.


*if A
  *image A.png
*elseif B
  *image B.png

And so on. “Altering” an image would be accomplished by uploading the alternate version and displaying it if both the original variable and the “modifying” variable are true.


No limit. The only limitation is the player’s RAM.


So if I were to have 30 or so images uploaded and let’s say 15 of them would be shown in a single playthrough, how bad would this be for the average player, or on a mobile device? What kind of issues should I expect?

My game would rely heavily on these images so I’m a little worried.

It’d depend on what images you’re using and the specs of the player’s phone. Simple pictures you take with your average smartphone, on high res (which is usually 4K, I believe), is .jpg file that can be as big as 5MB. Phone RAM nowadays can reach 3GB+, but obviously only half of the number is available.

But do keep in mind that not every country is going to have the same phone model available. I’m sure lots of 3rd world averages around 1~2GB.


No offense, but I live in one of those “third world” countries as you so arrogantly refer to it, and our mobile phones are EXACTLY the same as where you live.

If you’re planning on having an image-heavy game, I recommend having a toggle to show the images or not, as well as working on the alt text for the images to make the game more accessible.


I’m not arrogantly relating 3rd world with 2GB phones. My parents are still using older phones and my next-door roommate still uses that small brick Nokia handheld with 3x12 buttons. I just wanted to point out that some people will be still using one of those older devices and you’re missing them out if you don’t account the weaker devices.

I don’t think RAM really matters here. If a phone can handle Instagram and Facebook, it should be more than capable of handling a CS game.

However, whether the game is currently displaying the image or not (unless you’re playing through the browser) the game file itself will contain all images. The more images the heavier. And some people might not have the storage space.

About people with older phones (eg nokias), I sure they are aware of the limitations of their phones and don’t expect to have it run everything.

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Realistically, if your image is on the lower-end of the dimensions (less than 2k, which generally covers resolution with the width 2000px on 4:3 ratio), you should be fine with a handful of them. Keep in mind 2k is super HD and already considered as “great quality” when it comes to media design, while 4k is industry standard grade.

Perhaps you’re an artist and draw in photoshop or other programs? What you usually draw should be fine to put in a single page of stats screen. My other input would be it could be hard to navigate a screen full of large images.

And so the good 'ol advice applies here: put up a demo and let the community test it.

I do believe that there’s certain devices that may run into issues with tons of images because they load the images online instead of storing them locally, but don’t quote me on that. There was another conversation about this topic somewhere but I can’t find it.

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You hit the nail on the head! I will have little illustrations and whatnot made in photoshop and while I imagine they won’t be too large or super detailed, they will be somewhat numerous. As you said the best way to find out whether it flops or floats might just be to put out a demo and see it in action. I will be working on that.

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