Life with a werewolf

The protagonist meets a puppy at a really young age and ends up with this boy by their side for pretty much their whole life.

Will we show the frailty of humanity or our potential?

Will we try to tame them, leave them wild, or teach them how to blend in?

Will we be friends, siblings (sworn or registered), or something else?

I’ve been sitting on this idea for… I think at least a month now.

Characters (not finished. Might change in progress)

Grandpa: Works for a group that defends the wilderness. Always has some story to tell about strange creatures.

Dad: Seems like a typical office pushover but isn’t surprised by monsters being real and won’t let big claws and gnashing teeth intimidate him.

Mom: Works a job that leaves her plenty of time and energy for the gym. Former gang member (real one instead of one of those member by proxy girlfriends).

Ms. Chamo: A young friend of Grandpa. Mysterious info dealer. Keeps making weird drinks.

Protag: Pretty much raised on Grandpa’s stories.

Companion: Escaped some over armed anti wolf idiot that didn’t quite know what exactly he was shooting. Sure werewolves have super healing but they aren’t wolverine. Not saying the rest of them are unquestionably dead.

General flow or my current idea of it:

Ill timed trip: Get the family a bit introduced and have some basic character creation here.

Diner dog or getting home: The companion stuff starts here and a quick choice whether to keep them in or out.

Education: First day of school and dealing with our puppy in public.

Adolescence: Getting into our interests and maybe some relationships.

Prom night fight: going or not our life is about to change.

Grown decisions: Choosing whether to follow grandpa, focus on a career, or other and deal with what comes from it.


Write it. The community is open to supernatural games, and I personally have no quarrels with the Idea. But no one can tell you much else before we see the writing.


I know there’s interest. The thing is that even after all this time I have no structure to keep the story on track.


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Ask yourself what kind of story you want to tell the reader. Do you wish to tell a story of anguish, or a heartwarming story that tangles with tragedy? What do you want the reader to feel when they follow your story?

How do the main characters meet? Are they in a meadow on a warm summers day and the pup is injured? Or does the child run out of the house on a cold raining night to escape the scrape of a belt buckle only to huddle next to the pup for warmth and comfort?Having an idea of where you might want the story to go helps for getting your feet on the ground. And if that fails look at other works that have tackled the same issue, it’s great for brainstorming.

Why does this person continue to interact with this creature?I always personally start with the conflict of a story once I establish setting and the main character, this creates motivation and everything will follow. Asking yourself questions about your story will help further plot and deepen your characters through understanding the situation and awareness.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.:blush:

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I am not a writer, however, as a reader I love the idea and give my support.

Maybe dramatic comedy?

The encounter could be out by a restaurant sometime around a late dinner after getting back from a family trip and after getting the food they needed to recover from some internal injuries they followed the trail of perfume (or whatever dad is using) from the car window? One of those edge of town sorts of places that were put there to expect passing travelers.

Right. I need to solidify the protagonist somewhat. As for the creature: he’s pretty clingy at least at first.
I was considering some kind of society showing up at some point. Hunters maybe?

Was that a good boy joke or will the werewolf be male only? Also,sounds interesting bro!

Do you mind if their human form stays as flat as their wolf even as a female?

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Looking forward to seeing this!

Don’t mind at all mate! As long as I can choose!


Intriguing concept. I would love to see what you can do with it.

Thanks to @IlliterateSandwich I think I got some sense of direction on this.

Still trying to work out characters and organizations. Names for one thing.
Oh. There’s room for romantic interests outside the companion if anyone wants to propose any. Should I really be inviting that though?

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No problem.

And don’t sweat the romance ,just set up the story and the romance will come later.

I’m thinking the setting could be pseudo modern with a secret cold war going on with some “social purity” faction and their monster hunters versus the eco faction.

Too much?

I’m going way too slow aren’t I?

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Will the protagonist’s gender be changeable? Or will it be gender locked?

If I had it locked I couldn’t really decide what to lock it to so I don’t think I’m doing that.

The companion however when I set out was going to be male but I got a workaround idea for that.

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… Should I ask for a cowriter? Or someone to consult with?

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