Life of the Boxer (WiP)

Alright, so new to the choice of games and a new artist. But anyways, I will be working on a boxing type game. And unlike most authors on here who write up work in progresses that are good but they go inactive and never come back to them. Anyways I won’t be doing that. I will be sure to finish this all the way. Anyways, a dropbox demo link will be shown soon.


Could you provide more details on the game prehaps?

I will be sure to provide more details. Here’s what I have right now:

You are the daughter/son of a legendary boxing fighter. Zack (surname here). But theres the problem, he never has time for you. It leads you to think that he dosen’t want you, or need you. After going into a tour in Japan, your mother and him have a big fight. She says if you don’t make it to (character)'s birthday they’ll divorce. He makes it and tells the character he has a surprise for them. The father trains them and they go on all these journeys, one of them being finding a best friend. You’ll get the chance to fight them for your first amateur championship or fight him for your last fight before you back it to the professionals. Then you will have the chance to fight a top fighter and after that you move on to the league where your father is. You have a choice to move up your weight and fight him for the championship or stay at your weight and fight a big mystery…


And also, for females this will be big because they’ll be able to show everyone that it dosen’t matter to be a female and you can fight any one. So winning as a female against your father brings a big difference in boxing.


Ok it sounds promising good luck!!!

This reminds me of one of my favourite sport manga’s, “Hajime no Ippo” when your story is based on boxing, and the mention of going on tour through Japan…:laughing:

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I like the general concept, but why does the MC have to not like their dad? I think it would be better to give the MC a fake choice on how they feel about their dad so the player can better shape their character. I would assume that the dad was only working so hard because he loved the family and wanted to provide for them, yet I would also understand the mom being upset that they don’t spend enough time together which is kind of like Bob sagget’s family relationship in The Unauthorized Full House Story movie.

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If you need help with the writing/conceptualising the fights, I’ll be able to help.
I used to train under a fighting Anglican priest back when I was in Sydney, and that is as manga-like as you can get in real life I think. Hahahahah


The MC, or FC don’t hate or not like him at all. At the end, if you do win or lose against your father, makes more sense to win for this story. You can give him respect, disrespect, or just do the I dunno neutral type. And if you choose to fight the guy in your division in the ending, your father will approach you before your match and ask why you chose not to fight him. Once again you can give respect, disrespect, or tell him “After the match…” And he will approach you after the match, he will ask why you didn’t want to fight me and he said he wanted to end his career by fighting your character. Choices will be added there, and I might add a fake choice about that later in the story.

I feel the need to post this:

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I really do hope this wip gets finished because it sounds mighty interesting :3

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@Stevens150 So are you a boxing fan or a actual boxer?

@Elimajor I’m a big boxing fan myself.

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It will get finished, just need someone to help me in stats department. Like helping with the stats and figuring out how to make choices to upgrade stats and etc. If anyone can help me with that, a demo will hit soon.

Okay cool definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with. And I hope you find someone to help you code this game, always been a fan of boxing, especially since sport CoG’s are a rare site that I gladly welcome :smile:

Another fighting game? Dope. You can never have too much of these. :wink:

I know it’s been brought up already, but, I actually train in boxing, along with Jiu-jitsu. If you ever need any help at all with writing fight scenes, hit me up.

Also, good luck. :smiley:

@IamBatman Sure you could help me with the fight scenes, we can do it when ever we’re both avaliable.

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@Knightstrike Sure you could help me with the fight scenes, we can do it when ever we’re both avaliable.

Still looking for someone who can help me in scripting this damn game. :slight_smile:

My advice would be to have a crack yourself, I actually had zero coding experience (and depending on what you characterise as “code” you might say I still don’t) when I started my first WIP but ChoiceScript is a pretty common sense language which is easy to get in to. And hey, better that than sitting on your hands waiting for a code monkey to drop from the sky.

And if, after you’ve got some of the work done, you still feel like you’d benefit from having a partner then you might have more luck once the community has seen a proof of concept.