Life of an officer (WIP) (Title in construction)

Alright, I’ve gone through the drawing board and decided to make a police sim game. OF course I will be working on different cases the player will be able to work on and etc. But right now I am taking in some opinions about the game you’d like me to put in.

Well the day has come! I am finally home and my friend has agreed to help me with this story, I am looking at some videos, tips, and whatever to help me with this stuff, I’m currently going to start with character customization and your/the players home. Expect the alpha/beta to come soon.

I’m so sorry everyone, for the wait, I’ve been having relationship problems in school, they’ve taken a big hit on me and I’ll be working again soon, I’m going to work soon


How many cases are you thinking of having in the game? Will they be connected in any way?

I am thinking about making it about a couple cases about maybe where some kind of gang is doing something and in the ending whatever Happens.

how corrupt can i be

Let’s just say for now. A lot.

I like to hear that.

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