Life of a Space Force Captain (WIP)

To tell you the truth, I don’t follow the forums much and I didn’t know about the “Sci-Fi Curse” until long after I’d started writing Starship Captain. :slight_smile:

But I’ve always been a rule-breaker and a trend-setter. I agree that there should be a HUGE market for a good space game.

Well, I’m about 70% finished, so there’s no turning back now! Hopefully this game will draw in both sci-fi lovers and story lovers. If it’s half as good as I picture it in my head, I think it’ll be awesome.


Woo i cant wait to try this game out. Always love the life of games :heart:.


i have played all 8 of your games enjoyed them all i have no doubt that this game will rock lol


As I sit down for day 5 of the quarantine, I wonder how much my writing gets influenced by what’s around me. Not just Covid-19… I’ve been listening to Irish Pub Songs for 3 days straight. I think all of my characters are starting to drink too much and dance jigs.


I hope they confine such antics to the holo-deck!


So happy for the news, and I can’t wait to return to Daria…but in space this time! I’m really curious about the choice of being a synthetic humanoid, and I wonder if it’s something similar to Westworld or Detroit: Become Human.

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I just like space dragons? Lol😂 i can’t wait to see what race’s we can pick from either and all the new lore!

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You have been absent on my emails

Lunch break! So many distractions, but I got a few hours in and I’ll do more after lunch.

No holo-decks here, although there is still a VR option. No transporters either, we use fightercraft and shuttles. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… :slight_smile:

I hope to have my own take on it, but there might be some similarities to existing concepts.

I’ve been filling up my mailing list for over a year without a single use. I’ll send something when this game is nearing the market (summer, perhaps?)


Seriously if you basically let me play as Lockheed in Star Fleet I will love you forever.

…also include an Ensign Tilly style romance and that doubles. :grin:

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Are their any aliens like Tilk from Star gate: sg1

I wonder if we’ll have contact with the Gods but this time called big bad/good alien entities

Ah, been waiting for this since it was announced! @Lucid Always great to see one of my favorite authors back at it again, and this time with something to mix it up!

Already sold at “future Lucidverse.” Any details on the playable alien races at this time?

Please make combine star wars, mass effect and star trek😁

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The Darian Empire, obviously.


How about space eels, like from the game, “Master of Orion 2”?

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Welcome to Day 7 of Quarantine!

So many beloved sci fi characters and shows that I don’t know about. Tell me a little about what makes them special and why you like them. Obviously, I won’t put a previously made character/concept directly into my game, but if I can catch some of the reason why you like them, I might be able to incorporate something interesting, fresh, and new.

What do you like about Lockheed? I haven’t played any of the Star Trek games, but I’ve seen all the movies and shows, old and new.

What’s special about this romance? I have 6 romances in the game and they’re all VERY unique. I’m curious about this one though. :slight_smile:

So many great shows that I don’t know much about. What kind of alien is Tilk? I loved the original movie and I know that I’d love the shows too, but with only so much time in life, I haven’t seen them.

Couldn’t really be Daria without seeing The Four. :slight_smile: This game is being made to appeal to everyone, so any Darian references will be bonuses and Easter Eggs to those in the know. So, although you don’t need to play the 8 (wow!) games before this, those that know the games should see a few interesting things along the way. :slight_smile:

Not quite yet. As it is, chatting over here is a huge distraction, so I keep holding off on sharing too many specific details… yet. :slight_smile: I’ll do an info dump soon enough, and that would include sharing the details of the 4 alien races in the game.

That was strange to say. In my head, I keep thinking that there are 6 races, but that includes humans and Synths (robots!).

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek my whole life, so yes, these works will have heavily influenced my vision of the future. Right now, I’m halfway through the Mandalorean, and it’s awesome, but so short.

Mass Effect, yet another game that I know I’d love, but that I haven’t had the time to play. (An unholy number of hours into Skyrim is probably to blame for my lack of time with other games :slight_smile: ). So, in a nutshell, what does Mass Effect have that makes it great?

I was fully caught up with Westworld until… was it yesterday that the first episode of the new season was released? :slight_smile: There might be some influence from this great show already, we’ll see. I don’t know Detroit: Become Human. What’s the key concept that you like about this one?

Another good one that I didn’t see. It seemed to have a Star Trek vibe to it, but I could be way off.

@adrao and @el_coracero and @Eiwynn The Expanse is pretty good. I’ve started it and the timeframe matches my own very well. I need more time to see all these shows!

But, I did finish Altered Carbon season 2, so that frees a bit of time. (It was still good (Poe is awesome!), but not as good as season 1)

I played an obscene amount of Master of Orion. :slight_smile:

Well, now I feel the need to include a space eel! :slight_smile:

Oh, and on a non-sci-fi note, Ozark season 3 starts next week sometime. But, Animal Crossing comes out on the Switch today and I think I’m as excited about it as my kids. To make matters worse, I’ve been a news junkie lately.

Okay, back to work. So many distractions! :smiley:


Lockheed is actually a character from the X-Men comics! He definitely fits the space dragon type. But anything Star Trek’y is awesome.

Ensign Tilly is in Star Trek: Discovery and I am fond of her because of her adorable chatty nature and nervous brilliance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy to hear you have some distinctive romances in mind. A nice mixture of human, alien and android/synch/robot romances works for me! Also can we have achievements for playing the game like iconic captains of science fiction? Make it so!

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You’re a fair ways off. ^.^ Deep Space Nine was actually Star Trek’s attempt to do Babylon 5.

It’s a mix of a sci-fi series about diplomacy and politics, and a mythic space opera like Star Wars, with a splash of Lovecraftian tropes but none of Lovecraft’s pessimism.

One of the best things about it is how it handles alien races. There’s a bunch of them, they hit all the expected tropes, and yet each has a fairly well-realized and examined culture and the games show individual members as people who may or may not live up to the stereotype, but will be affected by it and the expectations it brings.

In Star Trek, if you see a Klingon, you can expect “warrior raar.” In Mass Effect, the Turian Hegemony are a Rome-in-space state whose people form the most powerful and disciplined military in the galaxy, but Garrus Vakarian (the party’s turian) is a cowboy cop who couldn’t fit into the turian-dominated Citadel Security and turns into Space Batman instead. Meanwhile, the krogan are known as a horde of invincible barbarian landsharks - but while Urdnot Wrex is absolutely a hard-edged, ass-kicking mercenary, he’s also been around for a thousand years, and is as intelligent and well-educated as you’d expect for someone who’s survived that long in the business.


Detroit become human is a game where you play as a humanoid robot