Life of a Space Force Captain (WIP)

I’m a big fan of Mass Effect and anything similar to that type of story.

Guess what, everyone? I finished it! Took me until the last day of 2020, but the rough draft is now officially done.

Don’t forget to look back at the first message in the post for more details.

Happy New Years, everyone!


Congratulations, Captain Lucid!


Congrats lucid. Happy new year.


May the Schwartz be with you.


My favourite version of the future is Warhammer 40k


Lucid’s games are objectively some of the highest quality interactive fiction that has ever been written. The Lost Heir was a revolutionary, epic fantasy trilogy that boasts the best character classes, setting, and ROs of the entire genre. A creative juggernaut, Lucid’s seemingly-endless inspiration and drive have allowed him to take on many genres and settings, and none of his games have disappointed. I absolutely adore the work of this IF king, and have formed strong emotional connections to his games and the Lucidverse.

@Lucid, I know you undoubtedly hear it a lot, but if any of your previous games are to go by, Starship Captain is going to be one hell of another ride. I wish you the best of luck in publishing your game, and thank you for being a lot of times the only thing I enjoy.

P. S.,

Lucidverse zombie game with magic. That’s all I’m saying. :wink::joy:


@Waylon_Royce Thank you for your kind and inspirational words. :slight_smile:

I try to make each game better than the last. The ROs and friends are much more developed than the previous Life Of games, as they were in Lost Heir and maybe more so in Last Wizard.

I think the replayability will be high again. Many big choices with even bigger consequences.

The game is big too. Over 300k words, although a single play is about 80k. I hope that translates to lots of replayability and more player agency. And at 80k, it shouldn’t feel short.

Probably the biggest thing change is the endings. There are 21 in total and they all have special scenes leading to their various ends which have been woven through the whole game. I sure hope it plays out as good as I envision it in my head. :slight_smile:


It’s crossed my mind. :slight_smile: I’ve thought of a vampire game, zombie apocalypse game, and a superhero game. The only reason I haven’t gone there yet is because all 3 of these have been made already, although I know that my version would likely be unique enough to still be doable.

I have a long list of ideas and partially started games. :slight_smile:


You can check out my detailed progress over here: February 2021's Writer's Support Thread - #24 by Lucid

I thought people might like to hear a little about my first playthru:

  • human male, engineering department
  • a rolling robo-pet named Bot
  • married my childhood sweetheart (and in one ending, ran off with her)
  • had a baby
  • got cybernetic eyes and skin/armor
  • my parent died, but that opened many interesting options
  • many other choices made. I may add a few things to this post later.
  • Endings Reached (using Savegame plugin): 4, 6, 7, 11, 20, 21

Thinking about my second playthru:

  • I think I’ll try an Orrok warrior. So, an alien species.
  • Psionics, not sure which yet.
  • Good at fighting and join the security department.
  • Save my parent, whom I will have a good relationship with.
  • I’ll have to decide if I want to make friends or try a rude playthru :slight_smile:
  • No romance and explore single life.

Hey, that was fun. :slight_smile: Makes me excited to try the next one, although I have to finish up the first playthru yet.


I can already build up a story about a lonely soldier having problems with socializing trying to take care for and connect with their parents, I think a mercenary would be better for a complicated social background :thinking: Sorry, I’m pretty addicted to drama


I can’t wait to play a four-armed cyborg scientist with a cute droid pet and an obvious attraction to biolumiscent people.

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That is a perfectly acceptable request. :slight_smile:


Its been… way too long since i played a new game by you man , i hope this project progresses smoothly and its a different genre from what you usually write so i am really curious and eager to play it. :grin:


I’m actually so excited to play this! It’s been far too long since I’ve played one of your games and I really love them! Thanks for doing this!!


I am also soooo excited to have people play it. :slight_smile:

I made a few big changes which I think are interesting. One of them is that I was very aware of the multiple endings (21 of them!) very early in the game, so they’ve been tied through the game with their own plot strands.

I also made a very strong ending, which I feel really makes the entire game better.

I also did some unique plot-story order randomization. I tried to build some plot arcs with the climax, but using your choices, so the order changes to fit your selection and hopefully means tension building and resolution. (Especially through school)

And, because there’s something wrong with my head, I made some more randomization (especially in the first chapter) which is skippable, or able to speed down, depending on what you enjoy most.

Replayability has always been very important to me, and I think this game has a lot of it, not to mention that it’s huge at over 325k. I’m an efficient coder (or not too bad) so my word count is content, not repeated text. A single playthru is about 75k, so that means only 23% seen per game. Even for those that only play once, that should mean a long game where your choices really matter.

Beta Testing is still in full swing. I have one week left of holidays, but I think I should be able to keep up with bugs/suggestions after that. Link: Life of a Starship Captain Beta Test (OPEN)

Very exciting!


Kinda disappointed that in the poll the game “Homeworld” wasn’t listed as an option :pleading_face: but regardless first time stumbling upon this and I would very much like to help and experiment witht he game (and later buy it when it’s because I LOVE SPACESHIP Stories!!!)

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With vampires especially there are always different takes. For example I haven’t really seen a vampire game set in a Vampire Diaries/Originals sort of universe and that would be so cool

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I agree. I think that all of these genres have room for more interpretations. I was ready to attempt something years ago when Choice of a Vampire was just starting out, but since its sequels and since @JimD started writing for World of Darkness, I’m not sure how much more I could add.

That’s okay. I have lots of other ideas. :slight_smile:


well i just finished playing Stellaren and Stellaren 2 ( they are visual novels made by Ninedux) so you have my full support on this scifi genre

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