Life of a Mobster



How do you get the Hitman ending?


30 athletics and perception and 90 or 100 firearms, and the gun with the silencer.


No matter what I do I can’t get the boss of bosses ending I always end up in prison


did you pay your taxes ?


Pay your taxes, Al Capone. Also, keep the cops well-paid. High Heat will get you arrested, and only a loyal police force will keep the heat off your ass.


I can’t get any other endings.
Although i just got Jeff’s syster as romance option

  • The Big House Ending 2 times
  • The Big Bang Ending 1 time
  • The No Escape Ending like 10 times


I couldn’t think of a name for my character and his romances child so I typed in Alex and “Alex, my childhood friend, never mentioned the fact that I had given my son the same name as him.” got a laugh out of me.


A very nice review:


Congrats on the review Lucid, it’s very well deserved. :slight_smile:


Lloyd’s made a review on all your titles, now :D.


Nice review. :slight_smile:


Okay I think some of the intimidation checks in this game may be mathematically impossible. After failing several times to get to 80 in time for some of the post-prison checks, I did a playthrough where I ignored every priority other than scraping up every intimidation point I could find, I still couldn’t bully an Oscar for Jill.


@Wonderboy: Got to 80 by the time I exited prison. It’s hard as hell and kind of stupid, but you can do it.


@Ramidel Yeah I figured out a couple of places to grab some extra points, but it kind requires shooting yourself in the foot. It’s frustrating how much easier it is to get persuasion upgrades when you’re trying to play a hardcase.

Now does anyone know how to get police rep down to 40 before the Sato attack you? I can’t get below 45.


Attack the cop who messes with your girlfriend.


Whew. Done with every ending except The Riches to Rags and The Bitter Boss endings.


Riches to rags , you need to be addicted to drugs.
Bitter boss, take over being the don from Nelson and fail to have the other bosses surrender to you


What do your cellmates do if you get them jobs? I know Percy/Polly can trace the phone when your kid gets taken, but what do the others do?


I just had the thought that it’s too bad you can’t punish your own crew for failing to earn.

Also, it’s kind of funny how being a capo is actually a drain on your assets rather than a help, because most of your crew are useless.


Actually you can, if you are romantically involved with Jeff’s sister you can select get advice from Steph and she will tell you to make your guys work harder. But I think that option should have been available based on one of your stats rather than a romance option.