Life of a Mobster



Oh good stuff, i must have f*cked up somewhere, thanks man, just got the boss of bosses ending.


Any one know how to romance Alex/Alexis ?


You can’t. You can have sex with hir if you’re attracted to hir and flirt at every opportunity (and have a high Rep with hir) but it’s not a romance.


Also maybe a list of NPCS we can romance?


Bought this today, first full playthrough, got the Suburbia Ending and had Good Fellas flashbacks. Wonderful range of options here. Kinda wish given there’s an achievement for sleeping about with people that you should get one for staying loyal to your partner like my guy did.

Also how does one get the Have Five Kids Achievement? I tried that with Christine but her heart didn’t seem to be in it and we just had the one daughter. I assume it has something to do with her parents feelings towards you? Or maybe him/her knowing about you being a mobster?


@dereckmetaltron Nope its just random i only achieve 5 in one play of 30 its just luck



Tyler/Taylor: Childhood friend.
Chris/Christine: Your high-school sweetie.
Jack/Jill: The movie star.
Ashton/Ashley: The victim you meet in the car accident.
Steve/Steff: Your mob friend’s sibling.


Best ending is the Oscar winning Hollywood couple :slight_smile:


I have noticed that I sometimes will not meet Steve/Steff if I am not in a relationship with someone. Not sure why that is or if I am guessing the wrong variable to trigger that.


How do you meet the car accident victim and the mob friend’s sibling ? haven’t encountered those, thanks.


Yeah I need help finding the mob friend’s sibling too!


You can’t fail to meet the accident victim. Just ask her to dinner when you get the chance.

As for Steve/Steff, you need to have befriended the mob guy you meet in prison and not immediately cashed in your favor for a racket.


Awesome game, as usual. A f


Ahh how are you supposed to get the Hollywood ending just wondering I’ve been trying to get it


Max persuasion, and either marry the starlet or take the script writing class, in a run in which you aren’t an FBI agent or snitch.


I have done that, his name is jeff right? the one you save from getting killed.
I never got Steve/Steff:


Of the possible romanceable NPC’s isn’t there also the tech girl in the money scheme which sends you to prison in the end? Or does that not go anywhere if you pursue her?


@jcury, I think you have to be married to get Jeff to ask you to pick up his sister.


I spent entirely too much time playing this game over the weekend. The whole game was terrific fun. My only complaint is that I wish it would have been possible to have an actual romance with Alex, since a more fleshed out storyline with him could have had such great potential for interesting drama. Still, I can’t complain too much, since I got the Senator ending and it was awesome. Is it bad that I now I kind of want a sequel crossover with House of Cards?


so I’ve got -
-The Good Life Ending

  • The Boss of Bosses Ending
  • The G-Man Ending
  • The Senator Ending
  • The Hitman Ending
  • The Suburbia Ending
  • The Bitter Boss Ending
  • The Riches to Rags Ending
  • The Big House Ending

Any one know how to get the -

  • The No Escape Ending
  • The Got Out Ending
  • The Big Bang Ending