Life of a Mercenary / A Mercenary's Life [WIP]

yo wth how can i use the save system ???

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Pretty sure you can’t

Unless something changed in the update, the way it works is if you lose control of your company or your character dies, rather than restart everything you have the option to restore to your last save. It gives you a small score penalty to save / load a checkpoint. On the last scene (the one where there are multiple campaigns to choose from) , you have a third option called “More Options”, if you click that it let’s you load a previous checkpoint without having your character die or losing control of your mercenary company. It still has the same penalties, however, and acts as if you character lost for score purposes.


Does anyone know the answer to this? It’s always greyed out on me aswell?

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I know it’s still soon @Jerieth will there be another addition to the great tournament series/swamp castle? Love them games.


Just wanted to take the time to tell you that i love you!
as soon as i started the game i knew it’s going to be a good one, and when the references to swamp castle started i knew it was a great one from my favourite author!
you are the best in this community and i’m your greatest fan, keep up the good work :heart:


Very good game 10 out of 10
Would crusade again


What the unit “mercenaries” actually does?
It said you can bring them to battle, but in the early missions, no option to bring them

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It’s Arlo and Sir Borne the Lord of Eastborne

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Their Zombies…just kidding.

That’s weird…how did you manage that? :thinking:

Regardless, I believe there is a check that will fix it that the next day or the next time you try to hire guards. If you are able to repeat it again, send COG an email.

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Is the game anding still the same where we need to retire?

Yes, though I have been considering updating it. Not sure what the best way to do it would be. I added several campaigns near the end. If you have any suggestions please let me know.


I think nothing can be done with how the game end, adding additional content will not change it. For me i think why people don’t like the ending is because they cannot relate with the commander. From the start only know about commander background from our choice and it’s also pretty limited description. We don’t know how the commander starts its life, also in the entire game we only pick contact so it’s like the commander don’t have it’s own motivation. Different from your previous game that make the protagonist have motivation and and problem to solve like in great tournaments 1 and 2 and swamp castle, the protagonist in this game is pretty blank without story of its own. So for me the biggest problem of this game is not the ending but how the protagonist not having a story for the ending. I think for the next game it’s better to back the original formula. I hope you don’t mind about my sudden review @Jerieth .

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I totally understand what you’re saying.

At the time, there was some criticism on the forums that there were too many of the same protagonists in hosted games. A few people even said if they couldn’t play a customized protagonist that they wouldn’t play the game, so I focused a lot of giving you the option to customize the main character; the more you allow a player to customize the main character, the more variables you have to worry about. It made it quite a challenge.

When I did a survey, Character Customization and Open world were some of the top features people wanted. Perhaps there is a happy medium you can find between character customization and story. A lot of the story is focused on the character development of two of the main characters, Arlo and Anne. Your interactions with them not only affect them as a characters, but the mercenary group as a whole.

No, I don’t mind your sudden review. :smile: I actually find it a little ironic, because in my attempt to make the main character more relatable by allowing you to customize it anyway you want, it looks like I made it not as relatable to you, haha. I would say that the main story is really focused around Arlo and Anne, and you are both an observer and driving force to their character development. Glad you enjoyed the previous ones, as you create you sometimes need to experiment with the formula to see what makes it better, so I will keep what you said in mind.


Zen1 is correct in that the MC does fall a bit flat in development. I believe you had some very fun storylines, especially the war campaigns at the end (my favorite was the pirate, there was a lot of options that made you think strategically). There are definitely both ups and downs, but over all it’s still a stellar game. Good job

Thank for not getting angry. I also like all the mission at the end, it just how its end that leaving us hanging. In the end i still love this game.

First wanted to say, this has been an awesome playthrough. I keep going back to do different approaches, so a thumbs up for replaying potential.
I did run into a potential bug, I believe? I just finished the war campaign, ‘flame among the frost’, was prompted asking if I wished to use a checkpoint, accepted, and after it saved I got a brief statement saying, ‘when you wake the next morning you feel nauseous [•••]’ ending with a line about something you potentially ate. Sorry, I’d of taken a screenshot, but I was a dork and thought there was more to the mission. Instead, afterwards, it takes me back to the ‘home screen’ to select the next campaign/train/manage finances.
Perhaps it was just a stray page or something, since I’ve found on the Google Play mobile version after save checkpoints the screen has to reload after an ad. Maybe it was that?
I don’t know, it was random and for a moment I got worried my MC was about to die by poisoning or some random string of events and was glad I just saved.

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That is a event (somewhat rare), it depends heavily on certain things your character did, so you might have triggered it though some interesting steps. It might come up again later, but your character is safe, so no worries. Glad you’re enjoying it! =)

Ok, good to know. I literally have two campaigns left before I’m assuming is the end of the game, ‘tribal disputes’ and the story campaign where you go south to help the governor. Just was worried I got to this point and my MC was going to end up with a death scene where either her colon fell out of her on the side of the road or some eldritch abomination crawled out of her on some Lovecraftian level. :sweat_smile:
Good to know they still got a chance, and kinda cool it was a somewhat rare string. Definitely want to keep this MC alive and see this ending now, thanks.


my character is galamencian and I spoke the language at the start of the game, but at the part when you join the galamencia war campaign the game acts like I can’t understand them at all.