Life in Ancient Greece (W.I.P.)

@SmartKid737 i mean that if you are back in time then wouldn’t you (the mc) know more then all of the people

Not necessarily. We know more science and other fields, but hardly any of us know how to apply our knowledge in tangible ways. Especially with a lack of the technology we are so reliant on (i.e. doctors - do they know how to treat illnesses and make diagnoses without modern instruments and medicines, and any other profession would have to make use of crude in comparison materials from scratch). Besides, most people would try to fit in when placed in an odd situation, not stand out. That would garner the wrong kind of attention if you’re spouting (what others would view as) “nonsense”. The saying goes, “when in Rome…” but I suppose in this case it’d be more a “when in Greece, do like the Greecians do.”


As I said before, the mc is in Greece without explanation, so it’s not a must that he has to be that smart.

*** Announcement***

I have now found two special people who will help me make this game.


ARTWORK DESIGNER: @trollhunterthethird
WRITER: @SmartKid737

As soon as I get the coded version from the GAME CODER and some images from the ARTWORK DESIGNER, you guys will get a little DEMO.

Ok so, I got a got a couple of drawings done, but I’ve been thinking that I should color them like the greeks did with their pottery? What do you all think of that idea?


Good job. I think you should do them normally in real color because this story is told like you are really actually there not through artifacts. And also I want you to paint some other pictures (three protraits of the following people: a hoplite soldier, and erlderly man and a very rich noble.) Thanks again

Ok, so I was stressing as I couldn’t get that ‘Greek essence’ So I decided to have a little fun:




I was stressing as I felt my drawings weren’t really what I wanted for the idea. And then my brain had sparked an idea…


Thanks. How soon for the other two.

The three people I stated above will be very important characters in the games.

Well, since I got one down. (This is the Nobel) I’m not sure for the other two. Infact, I’m searching for greek statue heads as we speak. And this took me 3 hours. So I can get another one done tonight.

Wait, I could get both done tonight.





Do guards always have a Blue left eye of Wisdom?

Why do the pictures keep getting bigger and bigger?

maybe your eyes are doing it.

@Happy That’s meant to be a glass eye cause by a battle. But that is something I hadn’t considered :stuck_out_tongue:
@Shoelip It’s not just you, The program wouldn’t let me shrink it down lol

So what do you all think of them?

The art style seems a bit… generic, the perspective on the soldier is a bit uneven, but it’s at a difficult angle to draw with the head looking off to the left like that. Overall, not bad. It’s clear you’ve got some experience. Keep working at it.

Do you think I should re-do it?