Life in Ancient Greece (W.I.P.)

I am thinking of making a CoG in which:

Life in Ancient Greece

“When you wake up in the middle of nowhere and find yourself in the past with no way back to your own time, you must start life again in Ancient Greece. Will you align yourself with either Athens, Sparta or Olympia. But things will not be that easy. What will you do to make a livelihood: trade olives across the land and become a rich merchant or become a soldier to defend your city and participate in the Greco-Persian Wars or maybe even proclaim yourself as a god. Will you ever be able to return to your own time or remain here for ever.”

But for this game I will need a coder who’s name will be included in the game’s making, so that he will help me.
I appreciate any help and tips but please do not expect anything because I do not think game will be complete because I have school and I am very busy.

Please tell me what you think.


i like it

I also very much like it. One note though: if this a game that involves time travel? Because that’s what I’m getting from your synopsis. If so, will you have any moral exploration of the implications of your actions on past events, and how they might effect present development?

The game is not very much based on time travel although the intro seems to give that idea. Actually the person just suddenly wakes up there in the surrounding area, it’s not like a time travel machine accident, you are an average person in the game. So also I will not be telling about the past.

I think the game will take some time because I’m trying to get a lot of details inside like the currency you will use and the climate etc. But as I said before I’m looking for a coder.

I have one problem, the language of that time was of course Greek. So how can the player understand it.

Maybe skip the Greek and make them speak English? What can I do. Ancient Greece and English don’t fit together… :-? Any ideas…

Well, you have the POV suddenly end up back in Ancient Greece without explanation. I don’t see why you can’t just have them inexplicably understand Koine, too.

@SmartKid737 I doubt that many people would have a problem with you hand-waving the language barrier.

As an alternative, the Ancient Greek language is still taught in some schools and universities today, so it wouldn’t be impossible for a modern person to understand it. Although they’d be more likely to be able to read it than speak it.

Will you be including mythological elements in this game, or are you keeping it strictly historical?

I have finally decided that I will use English like @dreamshell and @Protagonist stated above. As if they used English


Strictly historical. and there will some events that happened in reality like the Greco-Persian wars. But no mythological elements.

Like I said before lot of details, just a little while ago I had to find some info on greek houses and a picture, find out the currency and things like that so do not expect anything.

i love greece so i am looking forward to it tell me if you need any help with choice script or anything else

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Sorry but as I said before no mythological elements


Thanks and I will

and if you need any editor or something u can ask me i am not a awesome writer but i am not bad either


Thanks from the beginning.

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POSSIBLE main art. Wanted to see what you guys think of it before I color.

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