Life As Ruler:Nexus Island.(WIP) Kingdom Simulator.320,000-Words! (New update 120k words)

"What lies ahead of you could be called an exprience of a lifetime. Let me guide you through this world you have come to know as your own.”

Life As A Ruler:Nexus Island is a interactive midieval fantasy novel.


As a yet-to-become ruler of one of the so-called kingdoms of Nexus Island, you have a heavy burden on your shoulder.You are but a krill in the biggest pond on earth. What is it called again? Hmmmm. Oh yes! An ocean.
It is filled with sharks, whales, supposedly krakens, serpents and megalods! Are some of those things real or just myths? Mmmmm…one can only wonder.

It is up to you, to paint your kingdom to the image of your liking, with the provided paint of course.
For now.
• Play as a King or Queen.
• Take council from various people or do your own thing.
• Decide how your kingdom operates.
• Decide where you will focus on most by your choices.
• Build, destroy, invade, protect, recruit and decide who goes where.
• What will you claim, ports, a pass, territories, towns, or mineral veins that are fated throughout the Island once a certain period? Only your choice commands will tell.
• Cultivate your relations with your subjects and other kingdoms.
• There are Big fives in here too, will you know all about them?
• What will fate decide which resources to spawn in your kingdom’s territories? Is this a question or a fact?:thinking:
• Will you believe Legends and succumb to it’s tales.
• You can only learn enough from a front page, there is a reason you will build a library your honour.

Finally I have a working demo fellow forumers. Since 2021 I have been working on this game. Never thought it will be played by others.
Your feedback in making the game more interesting and less boring, will be appreciated very much. This includes errors and bug issues.

I’m planning to update it on weeekly bases, if I get some spare time since I’m not a full time writer.

What inspired the Game

Sometime in early 2021, I was bored and did not have phone to entertain me. Then I remembered a mobile game I played some time before. Kingdom And Lords.
So I went to on to create a board game similar to it, in a 72 page book. The board game’s engine was and still is a 6 sided dice. I could play it alone.
Then after I had a phone I got introcuded to hosted games. I had a way to see the code before knowing of the forum. And the programming was easy enough to copy so I thought, why not make my board game using the choicescript.
I just realized last year that anyone can write using choicescript.

All this and some of unsaid details led to the demo below.

Accomplished Ideas from other Forumers.
  1. An Objective Tracker - @Valda_Reehux
    Now you can keep track of your main tasks through the stats screen.Ongoing constructions is a WIP.

  2. I’m looking forward to have more than 1 item in this list. So feel free to drop in any suggestions.

Features Available in detail
  1. Assigning lands and workers to certain productions.
  2. Training different skills , millitary and technical.
  3. Forging different materials and making some.
  4. Completing the tasks leading to your coronation.
  5. Building facilities that gives you access to the above items.
  6. Viewing which of your 4 territories has which resources.

Here are some things you can’t do yet, they will be unlocked once you are Coronated.
These are already in the WIP. BLOW
These are going to be in the WIP. VOW

  1. Assigning your defense system and invasion force. BLOW
  2. Expanding your territories
  • Through invasion or taking unoccupied areas. BLOW
  • Through diplomacy. VOW
  • There are 36 territories that can be occupied on the Island.
  1. Viewing which territories has which resources in all territories. BLOW
  2. Using different means of transport to other Kingdoms.Travelling.VOW
  3. More advanced facilities.VOW
  4. Building walls, gates and more.VOW
  5. Annexing peasants towns.VOW
  6. I can use your suggestion.!And you can do this now if you feel like it🙂.
Fantasy Elements

First and foremost you are believed to be a dragonborn because you are a Stonebearer


  1. Dragons-
    Currently the Apex Predator.

  2. Intelligent Gorillas-

  3. Griffions-
    A flying lion no eagle head just a lion the whole body.

  4. Pegxus-
    A flying horse with some abilities.

  5. Unicorn-
    Was the Apex Predator.

  6. ?Uknown- Potential Threat.
    Vies to be the Apex Predator.

For more info visit the Library in the WIP.

These are the rarest minerals that are found amongst the most valuable resource in Nexus which are Sparkles.

5.White Pulsar- An Oynx.
The least rare mineral amongst pulsars.It cures sea water if used by experts.

4.Red Pulsar- A Ruby
Revives Valhallas those who have only died in battle.Requires an infirmary.

3.Green Pulsar- An Emerald.
Replenish the the MC’s sense of time.

2.Blue Pulsar- A Saphhire.
Forms a shield barrier in all of MC’s owned territories.If used by an expert of course.

1.Rainbolic Pulsar- The Alpha Pulsar.
Contains all the powers of the other pulsars.It also gives one the ability to look The Grim Reaper right in the eyes and say “Not today!”

Now to every one of these elements there is a Legend tied to it.
In this game novel legends are ancient lore that aren’t believed by most people. But the truth is as the saying goes “At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth.” ~ Michael Scott

To learn more one would have to visit the library.

I will be happy to consider your feedback in making the game more enjoyable.

To play the demo, For a working link go here: COGdemos

Link no longer working.Moody



Well, I didn’t get far but:

…ind you,you are an al…,OK,ok.
“What lies ahead,is an exprience of a lifetime,” so one might say.What will be your opinion?Don’t tell me now I will take your feedback later your MAJESTY!, and so the honors begin.Now let me guide you through this world you have come to know as your own.

Here’s how this looks to me, with Grammarly.


Ok, I have been trying to download grammarly but my network speed is not fast enough.
So the underlined words must be where my grammar mistakes are right?

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Most of the mistakes seem to be missing spaces. I hope your network speed improves :slight_smile: This will take only a couple of minutes to fix with Grammarly.


English is not my first language either. But:

It’s not only a matter of fixing grammar to be honest. There is a serious need for rewriting of several paragraphs throughout the game. From the moment I started playing the prologue, the very first paragraph was confusing to me:

Clouds blurrs your vision as you are moved from one to another at a soothing speed.As if they have a mind of their own your hands are willed to your face and you can’t see their colour,just outlines showing they are hands.Part of you already knows what this is and some part of it does not have any clue on what’s going on.

What are you trying to convey?

The game concept is good but I’d consult with someone who is better at English to fix the problems with the story.


Welcome to the forum @Pleuratus,
The first part of the prologue focuses on the MC making sense of theirself in the clouds or rather some kind of waking up.They are human so there is no way they can be flying which coveys one thing that they are dreaming
But this dream is unique that it is informing the player about what they need to know.

If you would and anyone else be so kind to finish the prologue you will get the full sense of it.

@Pleuratus thanks coz that’s a great idea.

So if anyone reads this and be interested in helping a fellowman I did appreciate it.

The paragraph was just an example of how the story confused me reading it. I can understand the gist of it vaguely. Of the story too. Yet it’s a problem if the reader has to reread it several times in order to understand it clearly.


Well I think my mistake occurred when I was thinking of how to write my prologue.So I envisioned myself in the clouds soaring like some flying specimen.
I wanted my story to start that way.Kinda like what they do in movies and tv shows.

I did not think it will be hard to understand.

But to spoil you ,the player is sleeping and this dream they are having will help in customizing their profile.Also making the player learn about some things that happened before their time.

The game stopped with the message “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘line’)”.

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Which option did you select?
All the options work fine though.

congrats on your WIP, not many can pull off this genre
as others have stated, there are some things that need your immediate attention

my suggestion: add an “Objective Tracker”

I believe most of us would get lost or forget what the current objectives / goals are, a tracker will serves as a reminder that players can check from time to time

anyway, good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you @Valda_Reehux for your feedback.

Add an Objective Tracker ,you mean like in the stats where you get to see the tasks you need to fulfill and ones you already have finished.

If so I have to admit I did not think of that.It is a good idea,thanks.

A question of interest if I may friend?
Did you reach a part of the game where you speak to your advisors.

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“You are anal” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


:smile::smile::smile: It was only a matter of time.But it finishes in many ways.
How about an alien?
not saying that how it’s finished just suggesting

Why aren’t save/load working? I thought has them in built.

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Mine are working ,but there is this way it is not
It is working when I play the game using the playtest option.
It is not working when I use the link in the introduction.

I don’t know what’s going on.
But there is this warning at the top of my browser it says

Warning: Undefined array key "HTTPS" in /hid/gamehead.php on line 14

See this?

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yes I saw it