Life As Ruler:Nexus Island.(WIP) Kingdom Simulator.210,000-Words!

I’m having another error:

menu line 797: Invalid option; conflicts with option ‘Level 1.’ on line 763

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Thank you again @Quartus_Fillius. That choice was supposedto say level 2. It should be fixed by now.

Once again the second part of the game has been reviewed and revised. Find anything amiss, please point it out. Though I hardly think there will be any, considering who helped.


Hey, I thought this would be worth mentioning. So I have seen how the resources in the kingdom are Extracted or produced. All them are easy to find execpt one. Water.
There are no options that mention how to get it, and looking at how equipments are forged in fineries, water is an essential component.

All I’m saying is, there isn’t enough water to sustain the kingdom, even if the Mc choose to not give any to their subjects.
Is this intentional or not?


You are right it is.

Well not exactly there is this


You find it by first clicking this one first

#Visit my advisors.

were you visit Tarlia the Labour Master. When you select monthly payments fir her services, she helps in bringing water in the kingdom.

It is not. I am yet to make an update, that will allow the Mc to acquire more water. And then some. Thanks for reminding about that @Stargazer.


I knew of those options, and they work. But it still does not change how much comes into the kingdom.

If you say you are yet to update something to do with it, then that’s a good thing. Loved your new updates by the way.


How do you get stonebricks and stoneblocks?


Choose the next options.

  • #Industial Activities
    Once selected , choose any territory available, I prefer T4 it has abundance of graphite and iron.
  • #Open iron mines
    Make sure you have assessed ocres in the selected territory. After opening certain mines.
  • #Allocate iron mines to level 2 or more
    As the level goes up, the number of required mines does the same.

Stonebricks at level 2 and up.
Stoneblocks at level 3.

Stone bricks at level 1 and up.
Stoneblocks at level 2 and up.

Gold and Sparkles
All levels.

If you pay attention to the details like I did, you will get the hang of it, that is if you like micro-managing.


I also having trouble finding, iron and steel equipments, without them I can’t build other facilities like Steelworks. :confused:

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I figured that one after my 9th playthrough or more so, Your Mc is rewarded with enough equipments, once they have finished building a school. You get these rewards when you visit The Craftsman specifically, under the option #Achievemenys and Rewards.

With the gained equipment, you can use to build other facilities. I guess @LibtechMk needs to add a guide or sonething, it would be a lot easier. Unless if someone decides to play the nearly impossible level.


Will see if I can get those, thanks.

A good idea. I chose to play on easy, and it wasn’t.


I think what I need to do is recode the way things work , especially how many things are obtained, If you had played this WIP you have noticed it takes a lot of work to obtain things like steel equipments,compound machines and some. I made the system, but I am having a hard time to finish the the building of bridges and roads.
So I’m thinking of making a new system, one not too complicated. Maybe I would keep the current one for a very hard level.


That would be a unique way to set your game. In the game I have been promised to interact with my Father or sibling, so far I haven’t seen that yet. Does personal relationship matter in this game and if so, is romance possible? This is a part I love about choice of games, many novels do not miss this part, I hope this one won’t be an exception.

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Hie there Author. I have also noticed a bug or an anormaly don’t know what you call it here. More than one actually.

1.I can’t build a level 3 bridge at once, to any of the three kingdoms.
• You provided that option, but it’s impossible to use it.
• It requires 5 engineers as additional workforce. The game gives you only 2 engineers at the beginning. That leaves me with 3 more to acquire. In the school there is no option of enrolling an engineer. So I assumed they are enrolled in the university.

  1. I can’t build a University.
    • It requires 3 engineers and an elite blacksmith as additional workforce. Remember, I have 2 engineers only. Considering I need 1 more to build this, that is impossible. I know not how to get them.
    • Now if I can’t built a university because I don’t have enough engineers, I can’t build a level 3 bridge, because I can’t enroll engineers, because I can’t build a University.

  2. I can’t access the steelworks, even after building one.
    • After building one I tried accessing it, the message was there are no able blacksmiths to work here. I already had paid more than one blacksmiths, so I assumed you meant to say elite blacksmiths
    • Now considering I can’t have a University up and enrolling. You see what I did there.:laughing: I can’t access the steelworks.

  3. I have no way of acquiring irrigation equipment.

  • Irrigation farming, which I am again assuming is the highest level of farming, requires Irrigation equipment.
  • I clicked every possible option in the game, courtesy of @Stargazer , but couldn’t find any that allows me to acquire it. I don’t know if this is related to the first 3 anomalies or something entirely different.

It’s a good thing I like simulations, otherwise I wouldn’t dwelve deep in this.

If anyone knows another way around this, kindly share.


Way to go @Cecil_Tk .Those are more detail errors you have to reslove @LibtechMk. You are also still to do something about what I posted here. I am still seeing that error.


All your assumptions are true Cecil. Check again tommorow around this time.

I think it’s fixed, I can’t test it right now to make sure. You will have to restart the game though.

About equipment of advanced production like irrigation is not available. I am yet to put it in code.

And @Tigerian_Prime, haven’t forgot about the issue you posted about, It’s a bit tricky to fix but it will come around.


It is indeed.

Those are gaps I will have to fill, but I can’t promise when. On personal relationship, I am going to release something that will cover that. It’s kinda like a Barry Allen a.k.a Flash thing.
Also this game has no exception on romance.


since we are starting from the beginning, it’s gonna take long to verify that

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