Life As Ruler:Nexus Island.(WIP) Kingdom Simulator.170,000-Words!

I requested something like this a while back. Nobody indulged it. I have to admit, I never new English had these rules. Thank you @Wasil_Abbas for that feedback, it is very helpful. Loved the check and crosscheck illustrate. Please do tell if this reply follow the space rule you just stated in your reply.


Thank you @coal8, that is a very helpful detailed feedback. I love the examples, easily understandable.

I feel like I am back at high school again. And to me, that is a good thing, because I enjoy learning, and I do it fast. This is something they never taught us back then. Or maybe they did, but I wasn’t paying attention.

I will use the rules you just taught me here mates. And again, please do tell, if there are any grammar errors in my reply. That feedback can help me reprogram the way English is programmed in my mind.

Thanks in advance.

By the way, what did you mean by ‘the main menu could use some work’? Can you please state why and where it does?

I meant like at the beginning at the game like I stated in my orginial message(where you talk about the game how many words it has what you can do blah blah blah)


Oh, that main menu. Now I know where, but why ?:man_shrugging:t5:
An example would do like :
:x:. Play as King or Queen

:white_check_mark: . Play as King, Queen or Monarch.

So you will be telling, the crosschecked is wrong or needs some work.
Whereas the checked one is somewhat correct.

On the other hand though, you taught and I listened. Grammar issues has been fixed to the best of my abilities.

If you see something again please mention and give a solution. Thanks in advance.


I was mostly talking about the things I mentioned early, you could add “Monarch” if you want, for people who want to be gender-netural


Possible Changes

Merely my opinions on things, I was rereading and I was getting a bit confused on what you meant by certain things so here are some possible changes.

Example to what I mean:
“You can only learn enough from a front page, there is a reason you will have to build a library your leadership?” What’s this supposed to mean and even if you read it aloud it’s even more confusing.

My verison:
You can only learn so much from a front page, you will need to build a library to better your leadership.

It’s clear and straight-foward, even if you read it aloud it makes sense.

Reason for changes:
“so much” just fits better.
“you will need” is more direct and clear than “there is a reason”.
“to better” shows the benefit of building a library.

Other Fixes:
Play as a King or Queen → Play as King, Queen or Monarch.

Take council from various people → Seek advice from different advisors.

Or switch “council” → “counsel”

Decide how your kingdom operates(leave as is)

Decide where you will focus on most by your choices (leave as is)

Build, destroy, invade, protect, recruit and decide who goes where → Expand, demolish, conquer, defend, enlist and assign your forces and people.

What will you claim, will it be ports, a pass, territories, towns, or mineral veins? Only your choice commands will tell → Choose what to claim, whether it is ports, passes, lands, cities, or mines. Your commands are absolute.

Cultivate your relations with your subjects, kingdoms and others → Manage your relations with your people, allies and enemies.

How will you make good use of the most valuable resources? → Use your precious resources wisely.

What will fate decide which resources to spawn in your kingdom’s territories? Is this a question or a fact?:thinking: → How will fate affect the resources in your kingdom?

Will you believe Legends and seek to find closure → Will you trust the legends and pursue the truth.

You can only learn enough from a front page, there is a reason you will have to build a library your leadership? → You can only learn so much from a front page, you will need to build a library to better your leadership.

Final Note:
This is just changes you can make, whether you use them or not is up to you, even better if you get inspiration.


Wow! I have so much to learn here mate.
All of your possible fixes makes sense.

The second you mentioned that, it makes total sense. Comparing your fixes and what I wrote makes me realise, why someone said I need an editor.

I have to admit, you are better at English than I am. I will make sure to make those changes.

And if you are interested @coal8 , can we talk about you helping with editing my game. That is if you are interested and have time to spare. Thanks in advance.

I am running low on battery, so the changes won’t be immediate.


I would help but your game isn’t really my cup of tea, but like I said before you could use Quill Bot Online Grammar Checker(make sure to reread and touch-up) and don’t worry this is a forum for all, aswell as this is a WIP and I’m sure there will be other people to give feedback, after all that’s what we’re for


I be sure to check on that Grammar checker. In the meantime, thanks for all the help you have given already. Like you said, I hope someone interested might help.


What triggers the next part of the story. The game seems to go on endlessly. For my part I am stuck with activities after 25 Vaupor 170 N.E
Is it years or what?

I liked the Glossary by the way. Can’t wait for the Legends and A New Era options.

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There are events triggering tasks. Once those are completed , events and phases will come to pass.

Thanks for mentioning the glossarry part. I’m glad someone noticed.

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Save system

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Well I thought has that covered. But your suggestion is good at best, I will check it out.
I hope it is not hard to code

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I’ve never used it, but he designed it to be simple and easy to use. My guess is you just copy and paste a few lines of code from the link and reference them a few times. Idk.

Also, Moody has a save system, yes, but it will not be in the final version of the game. The Softly version will be, as you code it in yourself.

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In that case, thank you @ClaimedMinotaur. The save system I currently knew is that which you make save_variables in startup.txt, for every variable you want saved. Tiring tasks, and makes the game lag.

Unfortunately, Softly does not support *create_array. And it’s not going to be for a ?? time.

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Ask @cup_half_empty about technical stuff. He’ll get you set up.

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Thanks for giving me a heads up mate. A save system was or is inevitable in this game. Now, need to find which one works with *create_aray commands.

If you find one or better yet another idea, please do mention. I am open to suggestions.

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Thanks for considering my WIP @Loveless98

Does that error apoear when you play other WIPs on

When I play the game on my phone, it does not give me that error? So I have no idea what could cause that. If anyone can help, I will shout out “Help”

Try playing the game while you are logged into your account.

The site throws a couple errors if you play WIPs without being logged in.

If you don’t have one, you can create one. Sorry if I’m suggesting something obvious.

Can you add more explanations about task