Life as a Lich (recruiting playtesters willing to play from Tokyo Wizard or Raiders of Icepeak Mountains)

Hooray! Hope you have a lovely celebratory weekend!


Congratulations! It’s impressive that this went from DLC to an entire separate game!


Congrats! This was a lot of fun to playtest!

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Congrats adrao! Enjoy the long weekend :blush:

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@expectedoperator @Jacic and thansk so much for all the detailed feedback! :slight_smile:

Still not the finished product, but got an update from Tiffany (my artist) about the cover, see below (hopefully final cover will arrive by Monday Canada time)


gives off final boss vibes


Oooh loving the undead dragon in this!

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I was just writing the description of the game (see below). Any thoughts on any of this? (did I miss something important? Is it misleading? Should I emphasize more the management aspect?) Any thoughts are welcome! :slight_smile:

Embrance being a lich, living an immortal life to research powerful spells and manage your underworld domains and minions. “Life as a Lich” is a sequel to one of the endings of both “Tokyo Wizard” and “Raiders of Icepeak Mountains”, or it can be played as a standalone game by creating a new character.

You awake as an undead lich after performing a powerful ritual, and will have to recruit undead minions and manage your underworld domains, exploring to discover the dark secrets within them and travel to other planes of existence to interact with other immortals. You will have to carefully balance the pursuit of your research of new spells with the logistical challenges of managing large numbers of undead minions and cultists, and the threats originating from your own world and other planes of existence.

Life as a Lich is a 200,000 word interactive novel by Adrao, where your choices control the story. The game is text-based, where your choices control entirely the outcome of the game.
Will you dedicate yourself to the research on how to become a demigod and abandon your skeletal form?

Or, will you decide that life as an undead is not something for you, and seek to reincarnate yourself once more?
Are you an evil lich, seeking to kill and enslave all in your path, or a benevolent necromancer trying to help those who worship you?
Is companionship and love something that you seek in undeath, or will solitude and the search for power fill your soul?

- Import your character from either “Tokyo Wizard” or “Raiders of Icepeak Mountains”, or make a new character in either modern-day Japan or a fantasy world.

- Learn or research over 50 unique spells.

- Explore and expand your underworld domains, or travel to different planes of existence.

- Raise large undead armies, composed of a mixture of skeletons, zombies, ghouls, necrodragons, golems…and even a rat army!

*- Battle or befriend an array of different creatures, including demons from other planes and demigods! *

- Try several different difficulty settings. Start as a mighty lich on “Very Easy”, or struggle to overcome the challenges in “Impossible” mode!

- Manage your underworld domains, allocating your minions to various tasks to develop your economy…or focus on the story!

- Play as male, female, or non-binary, and romance other undead!

- Enjoy a variety of different game paths and stories, with multiple side missions and endings.


Personally I think this looks pretty self explanatory as a summary for this game. You do mention that you’re “managing” your domains etc which does indicate at least some level of a management sim happening. It’s abundantly clear what it is from the start if someone is interested enough to download the demo as well.


So, just received the final artwork from my artist. Tbh, I think she has done an absolutely amazing work… so good that I actually cannot decide between them!

  • Option 1 -little lights-
  • Option 2 (without title)
  • Option 3 (title version 1)
  • Option 4 (title version 2)
  • Option 5 (black and white)
  • Don’t like any of them
  • Like them all! (well, it doesnt help me, but it is the same feeling that I have!)
  • Other (let me know in comments)
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I like 2 best.
I like 3 with the title 2nd best. (4 with the title feels too unbalanced with it off to one side and draws too much attention away from the lich imo.)

(In saying that, as in ingame illustration, the black and white white go well, but for cover art I’d go for eye-catching colour :blush:)


I vote for no.3


no. 3 is really cool, shout to your artist!

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Totally agree – even though I think option 3 is best for the cover, the black and white is my favorite, and would be great to see in-game!


@adrao obviously 2 is better but the 3 is same with title,so that’s good too.

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Random fanart. Thank you for letting me build an undead rat army. That’s something I never thought I was going to do in a game but there you are :grin:



Looks amazing!!!

Can I use it in the game?



I’m so glad you like it :smile:
Of course, feel free to use it however you like. I’ll save a higher res .png file for you and send it over :slightly_smiling_face:

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I want to say that this is possibly the coolest cover art of any Choicescript game I’ve seen


Yeah, the artist does awesome coverart :slight_smile: