Life as a Lich (Post-release discussion thread)

@adrao is there a ending where you invade lizardfolk to avenge our village being killed by that kin ?


Anyone else keep getting error codes that force you to restart you whole game on hosted games? I had to restart my game twice already

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You might want to send this to

Hi, thanks for reporting this :slight_smile:

I have just looked into it… did you use any of the cheat codes? (anyway, I am sending a quick fix to CoG that will hopefully solve this issue, regardless of cheat codes being used… let me know if the problems persist!)

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That is… actually a very good suggestion! I don’t want to immediately add to the game, as I am currently in bugfixing mode, but I may think about writing this once the game appears stable :slight_smile:


Yes. I realized this continues to happen if you use 2 or more cheat codes

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@adrao you may think? :grin:You must add in the game i was only waiting to destroy the lizardfolk for real it would please many of the players of that game :grin:

I will be waiting for that !:smile:

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Sorry if this is the wrong place but i wasnt sure where to put this, having an odd issue with the cult, so i set one up so they give offerings then around day 30 they just kinda stop doing so and instead i just get told about how some died for one reason o another and donated their bodies and never goes back to donating, its happened twice now


I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I can’t assign any skeleton to do the mining job.

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@Invader_Grim do you have any screenshots for this? How are you counting the days? (I cant seem to find the issue, but if you can give me more information hopefully I can identify the issue…)

@Barroth_the_Mage do you have any screenshots of this? (could you send me both the page itself and the stats page?). Can I just check, is this something that persists… like if you continue playing the game it still doesn’t let you? Also, did you survey the ground or get any other “GAME MECHANICS NOTE” message?

Screenshot (874).html (81.0 KB)
This is what it changes to after around day 30 or so, they go from giving their donations to this every time, or rather then a natural disaster its from old age or something similar

I’m currently at chapter 8, and I can finally assign them to mining. I didn’t see any “game mechanics note” messages. The option was grayed out.

@adrao I tried using the CoG save manager to adjust what day I’m on so I can have some more time to do my own thing before any story events happens that’ll force me into a endgame situation but no matter how many times I change it in the save manager, it progresses like nothing changed. Was that intended or is there something in “Life as a Lich” that somehow makes that null and void? I think the only thing I was able to affect using it (that I can remember) was stats involving my imported save from TW (Tokyo Wizard) since I even tried giving myself minions and it didn’t work but when I changed my stats, it worked.

If you’re changing your stats yourself, it’s worth keeping in mind that it may cause issues outside of authors’ control - authors may be able to help in those cases, but not always, as it’s not a bug in the game itself.

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Yeah I figured that, it just that being unable to affect something like the passage of times in IF games has never happened to me before. Even if I couldn’t affect them perfectly, I could affect them to an extent that satisfied me. I wish this game had it to where you can toggle some events to not trigger yet until you feel like you’re ready.

Iv gotten the lich ending twice now and attempted to save it. From the tokyo wizard game yet it didn’t transfer over either time. Either one of the two has a bug somewhere in the coding or am doing it wrong. It be nice to know which.

@adrao Hello, counting the current progress so far, how many endings are there in one full game, and what are all the mechanics of Life as a Lich? Maybe I might have ideas on how to add more or improve them

Can’t believe I haven’t read Tokyo Wizard yet. Both titles look like something up my alley - I mean a necromancer in Tokyo? Sign me right up. Bought both yesterday, I’ll happily leave a review once I’m finished. Congratulations on your new release! :hugs:


Tokyo Wizard is probably my favorite Adrao game. It definitely made me want to hop on a plane to Japan.