Life as a Lich (#142, Steam page up, releasing 6th June?)

I want my lich to be able to eat people


Which of the following do you think are the most useful for spending your starting CGP points? (like, if you had to advise a completely new reader, what would you advise them to choose?)

  • Other (please write)
  • Increase soul
  • Increase mind
  • Increase body
  • Start with familiar
  • Strength spell
  • Ray of water spell
  • Ray of fire spell
  • Ray of air spell
  • Fire armour spell
  • Air armour spell
  • Mirror images spell
  • Raise skeleton spell
  • Raise zombie spell
  • Levitate spell
  • Necroflux Glyphs spell
  • Raise Ghoul spell
  • Fly spell
  • Fireball spell
  • Lightning bolt spell
  • Giant Strength spell
  • Start with 1 skeleton
  • Start with 2 skeletons
  • Start with 1 zombie
  • Start with 2 zombies
  • Start with 1 ghoul
  • Start with 2 ghouls
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I don’t think the Necroflux Glyphs spell is available during character creation.

Besides the three attributes, I chose start with familiar because it actively adds to the narrative, and raise skeleton because how can you call yourself a lich if you can’t even raise a skeleton!?

Although a lich that can only raise rat zombies is pretty funny. Is there an achievement for that? Actually, looking at the achievements, are all of them for this game? :thinking:

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The job my mother tries to teach me has only lore consequences, right? I don’t miss anything if I choose a custom career?

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@expectedoperator not adding the Necroflux Glyphs was a bit mistake on my part, I have now added it as one of the possible spells. Indeed, the achievements are not the correct ones, they were copy-pasted from Tokyo Wizard. I need to go through them again, and adapt them to this game (this is something I want to do tomorrow).

@8Milkpower8 Yes, the job is just cosmetic really…

And… there was a BIG bug in the game, that was actually preventing most of the choices in the I would like to cast a spell or do some other activity. from showing at all! This was rectified and should work now, providing you all with far more agency! :slight_smile: (even one of the endings of the game was blocked…)


Perfect, the owo bloodline shall continue to have the illustrious trade of being a useless lesbian.

For those having played the game in the last 2-3 days… how does the middle/late game feel?

  • There is too much to do! I am lost as to what I should be doing…
  • There is a lot that I can do. I like this feeling of having freedom to pursue my objectives.
  • There is enough to do. I am happy enough with the choices presented.
  • There is not enough to do. I feel slightly bored, just waiting for the game to end.
  • The game becomes incredibly boring at that point. Not enough happening.
  • I finished the game early (traded my soul for that of my friends/mother)
  • I finished the game early (reincarnated into human form)
  • Other (let me know)
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Congratulations.Will be waiting for the release.

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I’ve been bored lately. I’ll play through the WIP and buy it on release if it catches me.

Are you still interested in feedback or are you considering it done and ready for the 9th? Grats on being so close to your submission date!

Edit: The first thing I’m curious about is if the difficulty is just creation points or if it really weakens enemies. I’m typically a fan of cheating after my first run (sometimes the first, because I’m a weak man), so I love the idea of having a buffed character without weakening the rest of the story.

@adrao I think after this game releases, you’re going to add a Lich ending to RIPM (Raiders of Ice peak Mountains) right? Are there any other stuff you’re planning on changing or adding to RIPM? I have the game but I haven’t played it much cause I was waiting until that new ending gets released but if you’re planning on adding or changing stuffs, can you add the Lizardfolk and Triton races as playable? I really want to play as a Lizardfolk.

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Yes, I am planning to add more stuff after I get over my burnout (I have been working like complete crazy to get this out, and I realized I’ve gotten myself into a serious burnout now… noticed yesterday once again).

Eventually plan is to add new endings to RIPM, including the possible starting point for another book in that series, importing the wizard intro, possibly new character classes, and new side missions… ufff… that is a lot, but I want to also move forward with HoV Armageddon…


So, basically after your burnout, you’re left with a dilemma between working on RIPM and adding all those stuffs or resuming working on HoV Armageddon? Can I give my opinion?

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You can indeed, I am always happy to hear everybody’s opinions! :slight_smile:

(I am aware that the overwhelming majority of people who like my games would want me to work on expansions for HoV: Genesis first, maybe HoV: Armageddon second, possibly hoping that the main character will quickly return to Earth and continue their life… I am aware also that RIPM is my least popular title by some stretch! Just…sometimes I have to work on what my heart wants to work, rather than what my brain things is best, or I don’t get anything done… that is somehow how this game went from me just wanting to release a DLC to becoming a full game… and ending in me burning out! :wink: )


My opinion. I think you should work on RIPM after Life as a Lich because HoV: Armageddon is another big title you’re working on and even though you have some progress on it, I’m pretty sure that after the Supercharged DLC and Life as a Lich, you got some new ideas for what you want to put in HoV: Armageddon which might includes major changes that will make the game even bigger. While the stuffs you’re thinking on changing or adding for RIPM is somewhat big in scale but compared to what you probably plan for HoV: Armageddon, it’s small time since that game will be a big one.

Basically, RIPM’s changes will take less time to implement and HoV: Armageddon will take longer to complete cause of how big it will be before you even get to RIPM. And there will probably be some players complaining on why they can’t import a save from RIPM and will have to wait a long time if you decided to work on HoV: Armageddon at that time.


Yeah. HoV is my favorite series from you. Anything adding to that is what I would want first. I’m super bias though. HoV was one of my first COG games.

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@adrao I seem to have hit a bug in the new update?

Edit: I have a soft spot for icepeak mountains. Either option would be good but would like to see more endings for it first personally. (Although I know most people probably want more Hero or Villain instead first.)

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Just pushed another update today. Not so many changes from yesterday in terms of game development, bug fixed many bugs:


  • Some achievements will now show when playing the game (not finished with those)

  • @Jacic Thanks for the bug report, hopefully that is sorted in this update.

  • @expectedoperator Thanks again for all the bug reports, which should be sorted now!

  • Coded cheat codes. Will later make a video about them, as usual…


And… it is submitted!!!


Once again, I want to thank everybody who playtested and gave comments. This game started as a DLC, and greatly grew due to all the positive feedback! I am really grateful to all of you, as it was your energy and response that kept me going. :slight_smile:

So, going to truly take the weekend off, play some boardgames while drinking some beer and/or wine (long weekend here in Japan, so there will be 3 days of that!). Next week I may lay low also, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something or made some obvious mistakes, will rectify those but other than that will try to stay off writing for a week. But then hopefully the week after I will have replenished my energy and will restart work on one of my other WIPs.


Congrats! Cannot wait to play the full game once released. Is Tokyo wizard getting a save system so we can bring it over to lich?