Life as a Lich (#142, Steam page up, releasing 6th June?)

I think you should probably not make it so certain options take away time, like casting a spell or talking to someone, it gets really tedious losing time because I have to cast a spell, also yeah turn it down on the rats they are annoying to deal with.


I actually really enjoyed it! I just finished my first playthrough on the fantasy start and one bug I noticed is if you “assign 5 zombies to mining” it actually doesn’t use any of the unassigned zombies but still increases the mining number which you can then un assign them creating an infinite amount of them (I did this) - I also couldn’t create a portal or use the forge despite having it repaired and being able to assign workers there. Is this a bug? Or just not added yet .

I’m looking forward to replaying it with the Tokyo wizard start and for further updates!

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You know, the fantasy version is disconnected from the lich part of the game. The fantasy part isn’t bad, far from it it was my favorite part, the problem I have is that it might be to disconnected with the lich part of the game. Honestly, I am okay with the fantasy part being its own game with us traveling, learning magic, and trying to avenge our mother and friends’ deaths.


Thanks everybody so much for all the feedback!!! I am aware the game needs quite a bit of work to get it into a better state, and really appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

I just pushed an update, which has the following fixes:

-Sorted zombie mining bug (@Dandylion thanks!)

  • @Dandylion mmmmm that is odd about the forge. I added a new message to remind users to put some zombies and skeletons to work there… but, you said that isn’t the problem? I cannot see a problem with the code, which is:

*selectable_if ((repaired_forge =1) and ((number_zombies_manufacturing+number_skeletons_manufacturing)>1)) #Craft something at the forge. @{(repaired_forge =1) | (Requires you to have found and repaired a forge, and have minions working there) }

Can you please let me know if the problem persists? (I have just uploaded a new version)

@Itzthedapperlionyt I now made it so that talking to characters doesn’t take away time… hopefully this helps? (however, you can only talk to one character per turn, in addition to any other options you do then)

Rats have been nerfed down (in my previous nerf yesterday their number were limited to 5, 10 and 20 on Very Easy, Easy and Normal, respectively… I have now changed this to 2, 5 and 10. This means that on Very Easy they will at maximum eat one spell, and no minions… on Easy they would be able to eat minions). Does this still feel too much?

@Itzthedapperlionyt Indeed… the character creation part was cannibalized from another of my WIPS (“Wizard: Genesis”… which I may never finish making at this rate). The idea was that from there you could then become a Lich. So, there is indeed a disconnect there, as the part between you learning magic and becoming a lich is gone. My thoughts are to reuse this character creation in Raiders of Icepeak Mountain (which is lacking a real character creation), and then make a sequel or DLC to Raiders where you can go looking/avenging… how does that sound?

Also, the necroflux glyphs have been nerfed, as per the code below!

    *if (difficulty_setting ="Very Easy")
      *set total_capacity_undead +200
      *goto reduce_soul
    *elseif (difficulty_setting ="Easy")
      *set total_capacity_undead +100
      *goto reduce_soul
    *elseif (difficulty_setting ="Normal")
      *set total_capacity_undead +50
      *goto reduce_soul
    *elseif (difficulty_setting ="Hard")
      *set total_capacity_undead +40
      *goto reduce_soul
    *elseif (difficulty_setting ="Very Hard")
      *set total_capacity_undead +30
      *goto reduce_soul
    *elseif (difficulty_setting ="Impossible")
      *set total_capacity_undead +20
      *goto reduce_soul

I enjoyed it! I liked the structure of the game, and how we can learn spells and explore the underground complex at our own pace. I really enjoyed the fantasy character’s introduction – even though having both the modern character and the player start the story without any knowledge of the past adds to the mystery, I liked how the fantasy character’s history and quest for justice gives them a character arc.

However, there were quite a few instances where the narrative or options were just confusing. There was a moment where there was a massive drain of energy due to too many undead, but at that point I still only had the skeleton samurai and a dragon and didn’t have the army it spoke about. It seemed liked a disconnect between the game’s mechanics and what actually was happening in the narrative. Speaking of the samurai, right after I cast the Skeleton Hero spell the talk option was gone without any explanation, so I couldn’t access any character development he may have had. Furthermore, the option to manage minions was grayed out after I picked it once to see what it could do, and no matter what choices I picked permanently killing the rats and getting the forge seemed impossible to get.

So, even though I enjoyed the mechanics, by the end it was just a loop of rats eating pages that had already been eaten before, the notice of the resonant conjunction happening, and the MC’s exploration not finding anything new – I couldn’t really access the side quests, or interact with any possible ROs, or manage minions, or reach any of the endings.

But once I’ve figured it out, I’m looking forward to getting the interplanar portal! :smiling_face:


oi there @adrao does Akane get to join MC in battle against the living jewellery crystalline beings?!? The Demoness gets to join… Also there’s no advantage if MC refuse to give the Demoness the couldron except for tiny bit increase in mana limit. In fact giving it up to her gives us the choice to call her once to help on a battle. If so how? Also does Akane realise that she’s mad and dead and living and an undead Lich?

And lol what’s the point of Akane [or any if there are] when MC reaches the demigod-hood? Also there’s barely any, if we can call it romance [guess romance is pointless to an undead lich tbh].


fire and earth are mixed up?

I had the capacity and the bodies to raise more undead but for some reason the option just didn’t show up anymore


Thanks for those reports, I’ll try to debug those tomorrow (somehow no time today). I wanted to ask… Any thoughts about any side missions you would have liked to attempt? Currently there are 5 possible side missions on the fantasy setting (though they are series of 3 and another of two). I want to write some “standalone” missions to go through the portal… Any thoughts?


Why not make them to do with elemental planes? They’re also other realms and there’s a portal to go to other planes/realms… Why not something to do with elementals?!?


@Empress_Nightmare Akane does join the battle against the crystalline beings… isn’t she there? (she should be, if you asked her to join you in battle… did you do so?)

About the Cauldron, it gives a boost to mana, and it is a Primordial artifact (so it is one of the possibilities to cast the Ascension to Demi-God spell… but, there was a bug and it was not recognised as such. It should now be recognised as one of the possible objects. So, it is a difficult choice, as you have to decide to battle the demon, or have the possibility to call her in battle.

Akane is mad… I haven’t coded a possibility to have her realize her state… should I? What would that do to her? if it was not clear, she killed all her students… what would that realization do to her?

But yes… there is indeed barely any romance. If we can even call it that… I mean… yes, what can an undead lich do in that sense? But, I am open to any thoughts or suggestions! :slight_smile:

@yanphi sorted that bug, thanks! :slight_smile:

@Agatha_Cristine_Joly I found the same “problem” myself, and realized that there were a number of small semi-bugs that created a bigger bug. Maybe your soul or body weren’t that high? (anyway I sorted these bugs, and added a warning message, so hopefully now it will be clearer what is the potential problem). I also removed a bug that prevented going to the morgue more than once…

I’ve also further nerfed the rats to increase the effectiveness of minions assigned to control them, in the lower and even normal difficulty levels. Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile: (but, please let me know how the difficulty feels :slight_smile: )

Finally, I also sorted the bug that was incorrectly calculating the battle strength.


No, only the Demoness.

Actually yes.

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Yes I got that she’s mad [even MC has one of these types of madness, right? Laughter, Nostalgia and Denial]… I found in the conversation that she leeched of her students but I think it’d be an interesting addition to get her to deal with her madness and have a more normal-ish interactions… Lol at least that’s what I thought…

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@adrao What specifically are you looking for regarding feedback ? I noticed i do better when i test certain part,

anyway i tried certain testing tool and noticed this when using the tool. You sure this is bug on tools part and you dont have the variables for stats set in way that might break ?


Btw in character creation the custom name gives no indication its supposed to be both Name and Surname at once to be entered.

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For those that have interacted with Akane/Haruto (the other lich). Following the comment from @Empress_Nightmare what do you think would happen if she/he was made aware (for example by making them look into the mirror) that they are a lich -and remember, they actually killed their students… Multiple choices allowed:

  • Akane/Haruto would thank you for showing them the truth
  • Akane/Harutowould become even more crazy/delusional
  • Akane/Harutowould refuse to see the truth, and continue being crazy
  • Akane/Haruto would become suicidal, and destroy themselves
  • Akane/Haruto would remember that they killed their students
  • Akane/Haruto would continue to refuse to remember that they killed their students
  • Akane/Haruto would become aggressive towards you
  • Akane/Haruto would like you more than before
  • Akane/Haruto would leave the compound and never return
  • Akane/Haruto would refuse to help you in battle anymore
  • Other… please let me know below
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I’d say have trouble accepting it and thanking us vs going crazy would depend on how much we support them.

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I agree with @Dragomer - having a better relationship with them should make them better able to come to terms with the truth.


If we go with accepting or becoming sad happened, there’d be more actual interactions and activities with Akane/Haruto. Right now, the other Lich is too mad to interact properly imo, that character is just there to be there and there’s no impact from the character , especially since they’re supposed to be kind of an RO.

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I just got the first three sketches for “Life as a Lich” (they need to be fully fleshed out… also, currently the person sitting on the throne is the knight/samurai, which should be changed to a lich). Anyway, which sketch/layout do you prefer?

  • I prefer No. 1
  • I prefer No. 2
  • I prefer No. 3
  • I like them all!
  • I don’t like any of them…
  • Other (please let me know below in comments)
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I just uploaded a pretty big update to the game, now over 140,000 words. The game is now the “most complete” version yet, and I think also the most stable. I still have a few things I want to code (including confronting the other lich with her state and past, adding another option to travel to another plane, and the interactions with a Death Knight character -partially coded, but not yet accessible, which I will do in the coming days)


-Told the artist to go for cover No. 1, thanks to all those who voted! :slight_smile:

-There is now a “character creation” sequence for those starting in Yokohama.

-There is now a 250 word epilogue when you return home to your complex.

-So many bugfixes everywhere!


@Ragil_Zarqoo not sure I fully understood, could you explain better?

@Empress_Nightmare @AletheiaKnights @Dragomer Thanks, this really helps. I think I have an idea how to go about this. I have placed it on my list of things to do :slight_smile:

@CaesarCzech any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile: I am not sure about the tool you are using (which one is this?), but it seems to show ok on my end… can you check? About the name, doesn’t it now say “What is your given name”? (or, should I be more clear than that?)

@Empress_Nightmare Are you still having the problem of the other lich not appearing in battles? (hopefully it is solved, but let me know if it persists…)