LGBTQ+ Media Recommendations


Ah, fair enough. I’ve always thought it was really neat that ME2 and ME3 were coded in such a way to legitimize a modded ME1/ME2 save.


Name: All About Lust
Type of Media: Manhwa (Korean Comic)
Type of Representation: Gay, Asexuality
Content Warnings: None that I can remember, although asexuality is once again treated the same as being aromantic :unamused:
Availability: To read it online legally you can go to the website Lezhin Comics
Short Description It’s not all about lust, despite the title.
One day, college student Wooseung is deeply moved by an art made by his senior, Sunjin, that he believes the feeling to be ‘Love’. Following up on his ‘love’ for his senior, he confesses to Sunjin, only to find out that Sunjin also ‘loves’ him…just in his own way.


Name: LongStory
Type of Media: Video game/ dating sim
Type of representation: All characters are romanceable by everyone so a whole bunch of bisexuality & pansexuality! There’s also an NB character I think & the MC can choose their pronouns.
Content Warning: Homophobia, bullying
Availability: The first chapter is free however from then on it’s paying. It’s available on steam, the playstore, the switch & the app store.
Short Description: It’s a dating sim set in a high school where you play as a “new” student. It’s very cute and endearing, really good for anyone who wants to play something relatively light.


I played that on my mobile too years ago, it’s very nice! :smiley: