LGBTQ+ and Feminism in Non-COG/Hosted Games


I think you’re constructing a strawman. Most folks who want more LGBTQ+ representation want that via fully fleshed-out characters.


in my experience, the ‘Stand out’ gay…is because someone is nit picking at said character. I mean…does anyone remember when someone hetero sexuality stood out ? in the zillions of games…and characters ?

At least from what I saw, usually when said nit picker start whining…they arent complaining about the character it self . But the orientation…claiming it’s ‘in their face’’ . Yet similar bad character would be standing right next to them…but noooo…this gay character is the worst . Why is it telling me they are gay! Oh why !



From what I’ve seen “by the way, this character (who has a plot function) is LGBTQ” is usually seen negative because it kind of seems like filter, I suppose, I never hear people complain about it in romance games or games about equality but mostly in games that are action packed with no romance.
I agree with them but for an entirely different reason tho. I believe in ‘showing not telling’ and I hate when developers say that a character is LGBTQ+ because then for me personally it feels like that character being LGBTQ+ is an afterthought.


I agree, but for a different reason. When the dev’s advertise gay options, it almost feels like that’s their entire identity. And, I mean, some of my gay friends do base a lot of their personal identity around their sexuality, but the character should be a character first, a romance option second (here’s looking at you, Gil).

Also @ me if this feels confusing or half-finished. I’ve been up for like 30 hours straight and am basically incoherent.


Aww maybe you should go snooze…

but Gil was gay ? the one from MEA? cose…thats the only Gil I know…:sweat_smile:


I haven’t played ME:A but from what I heard the gay romance option(Gil) in that game was disappointing he wasn’t that interesting or unique like the other romance options.


yup…he talk about Jill his other half and babies…and Jill…and babies…and poker…and Babies…and Jill…and Jill…and babies…and about Jill…and poker…and Jill…and babies…and Poker…did I mention he talk about Jill and making babies ? cose he does…thats all he does…between Jill and babies…he play poker…but…y’know…he was so interesting…I think I,m traumatized…:sweat_smile:


You would be surprised. I remember some visual novels with gay options where a common complaint among some users was about how the game was “pushing” same sex options onto them… which… no that’s not how I saw it. The thing was that same sex options where quite overt and the characters might flirt with you at some point… but you always had the option to decline. I mean, maybe those users thought that any mention of same sex options should be something that you should be completely able to avoid, which is quite unfair.

And that is the main problem with the “Stand-out” gay characters, not saying that characters like “Hi, I’m gay, that’s my whole personality” don’t exist, but a lot of the time people would just complain about a character stating their sexual preferences in a way that seems quite normal. Nobody says anything about a straight character talking about past relationships or who they find attractive, but when a LGBTQ character does the same thing… say it with me… “they’re shoving it down our throats”.

This is more likely because they are not used to seeing it, and when some people are caught off guard, they jump to a defensive position.