LGBTQ+ and Feminism in Non-COG/Hosted Games


I hope i manage to stir it back to topic with this attempt … about the issue of Feminism

Well, Nalia’s father being murder and as the sole inheritance of her father’s Name and keep , Nalia had been force to marry to that murderous Nobleman if i am not mistaken , which is the sole purpose of her father’s demise , when a Noble family doesn’t have a male heir , they are vulnerable to be “absorb” by other Nobles with the aim of extending their power, and in this case, stage a murder to the d’Arnise knowing practically well Nalia could not inherit her father’s fortune …

It was sad that the only solution was for her to find a “Regent” or “Protector” , just so the Regent could be her guardian to help her manage her estate , and the Regent had to be a Warrior too … hence further discrimination to the wizards …

and even so, Nalia need to hope that the Guardian is an honourable person who won’t take advantage of her , so that’s the reason i find Nalia’s character sad and intriguing at the same time… Nalia would herself hope to help others but at the same time receive the gratitude she deserve , nothing wrong with that especially she want to continue her family legacy in the political scene…

Performing good deeds without staging an acknowledgement for herself is a poison chalice, take example from Aragorn’s Rangers who never being treat fairly for all they done for the people and King Miguel in Infinity series who never get the credit he deserve as well…

I would be happy if Baldur’s Gate story could be continue where we help Nalia and other women in the story fight for their rights and equality , and that’s the reason Nalia’s character is interesting , since she is the female character who brought up the issue of gender inequality within the game :slight_smile:


don’t remind me…

a gender equal thing would mean that Nalia would have a choice if she wanna get married or NOT…and rule the estate with the choice she made without any noble pressuring her in something she doesnt want to .

still…take confort in knowing of all the characters (or companions) , she is one who when you summon her back in Throne of Bhaal expansion…she come off as someone who actually really grew into something . Dunno but she felt like she brough the ‘how long time passed between SOA ending and TOB begininning’’ …

y’know…she kinda remind me of Miranda a bit…:smirk:


Nalia had to take the route as the Council Member of the Wizard council , yes she had elevated due to fact that most of the wizards heads were dead and she was one of the most powerful wizard in the land after her adventure with us…

Sadly, her d’ Arnise estate stay ruin if we are not warrior … i am sure Nalia would want to rebuild the family estate had she be given power to, unfortunately even as wizard council member, she couldn’t expand her political influence to restore her family …

Would love to romance her type of character in other story …


The worst part is these were done with those editors. David Gaider was behind most of the games listed, and he’s very progressive, as well as being gay.

He just got shot down in a lot of cases, and even gay men aren’t fully aware of every facet if problems in the LGBT and female community.


Double-posting, sorry -

How does everyone feel about the Odyssey DLC update?

It supposedly keeps the forced hetero ending but removed the required romance aspect, allowing it to be just simply continuing the bloodline, if need be.


as I said back in Gaaaaaameeeeeeeee thread…

the ship sailed…well my ship…sailed…as in Uninstalled…



I appreciate they are trying. I don’t want to make it seem like there’s no win condition. But it still killed my motivation to finish the game and I would refund the season pass if I could.


I didn’t buy the DLC, and had no plans to buy it even before all this. I appreciate how quickly they responded, but I’m still side-eyeing the fact that it happened.

Odyssey spoiler/question: Alexios lived in my game, but is there a condition where your sibling dies? If not, MC-having-kids-for-bloodline purposes is still unnecessary.


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Lol I was sleeping Sorry I could have been more helpful… And yeah That title could be funny. However; That could make the topic of the thread unclear. :wink: Like some sort of Mara role play feature


So, first off, I didn’t play the DLC of AC:O but i have heard about it so correct me if i’m wrong but

I get the whole deal with needing to continue the bloodline… what i don’t understand is there’s so many ways they could’ve gone around it. Like, maybe have the mc agree to having a child but not entering a relationship? Like many gay/lesbian couples already do. does that make sense?
Maybe it could’ve been with a good friend of Kas or Alexios who agreed with it.


well 1st , neither did I . Homewhever I like to say that not ALL lesbian-gay are into the whole ‘yeah sure…I can sleep with dude-dudette to have a kid but ewww…no romance thanx bye!’’ .

I for exemple…would say to hell with this bloodline nonsense .

The issue was the choice , wasnt there at all .

They could’ve given us many choices and they didn’t .

1- have baby with X and Y as Kass and Alexio
2- Dont have baby at all and kill X and Y
3- Have baby and entered into a romance with Y and X
4- Dont have baby but enter romance with X and Y…(baby happen without your consent hurr durr they are evil that way)
5- the Gods answered ya prayer and a baby is born of thin Air just like the Medusa and what not…hurr durr…
6- have a baby but not with X and Y…you choose who will have it…Barnabaaaaaaas! get over here!
7- Have the baby and the romance and throw both from a cliff! if they survive…Hail SPARTAH!
8- Make sure your sibling is alive and have them enter into a romance and have a Baby! done…Alexios get ya knicker over here!
9- Uninstall the game and sent a recommandation for the achievement to be renamed to ‘Regressed down’’ …


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They’re editing the DLC to make that option more prominent. Initially, they said that it was intended to be roleplayed that way (ew phones suck), but LBR.

Anyway, I haven’t actually played the DLC, but I don’t take enough offense to it to go so far as to uninstall the game. I’ve put hundreds of hours in and romanced every character I’ve come across. I’m not gonna let a shitty PR blunder ruin my enjoyment of the game. It’s not like the (creative) director was just revealed to be an alleged serial creep who likes kids. spoiled for an off-topic, possibly triggering, reference to current events.

That said, the creative team really screwed the pooch on this one. Like bad. They’ve already had bad press over the quality of their game and more hardcore fans are mad about Kassandra the element of choice within the game…Like, while I don’t think this is gonna be enough to really affect them, I do think this could cause a drop in their sales.


I heard that Ubisoft tried to sell game as progressive and Lgtbq friendly in several forums and social media. Then presented this dlc with terrible mocking achievement.

This has born of have absolutely no idea how implement choice in a rpg or in a CHOICE game.

Any writer here or reader have more idea of entire Ubisoft team apparently. It is not as complicated made a way to integrated choice in the plot device of have to carry lineage You could accept a political marriage and have a baby

You could if you have choosen be bisexual just get a poliamory relationship with both romances .

etc etc… It should be player CHOICE matters and Any writer should present at least 3 ways of development a scene. IT IS A TRIPLE A GAME hell anyone here can why not Ubisoft. The fact is they can. But they don’t care as considers lgtbq and women a minor audience they should not care about. The achievement name is like a direct f*ck you into the face. Grown up your mother who are you to decide my character has to have a baby and be love with random dude I didn’t choose


Wait, why are were people salty about Kassandra?
I mean… It’s just dlc anyway. The game at it’s core was rather good. But from what I’ve gathered you’re right.
I wouldn’t be surprised if their sales plummeted. They’ve pissed off older fans (I heard a few bitching about how there’s a gay OPTION because options are apparently mandatory it mean they MUST suck ALL THE DICK) and now pissing off newer ones.
I guess they were trying to please everyone and you know what they say “Try to please everyone and you’ll please no one”


Well, I felt that Tali doing that made a fair amount of sense - she’s kind of a dork when it comes to social relationships, and it’s perfectly in character for her to accidentally give off the wrong vibes until she suddenly realizes that she’s just asked to effectively get naked with Shepard. (Also, Lair of the Shadow Broker indicates that she mayyy be closeted bi-curious.)

Kaidan, though, there’s no excuse - he is bi, they just flaked at making him a same-sex romance option in 1 at the last minute but left a lot of the suggestiveness there anyway.


i Belive its all about how you put those characters in the game. me i dont want a stand still character who brings nothing to the game except saying: (im gay) like wow so inclusive and immersive doesn’t feel like your trying to push an agenda at all. but then there is characters like Dorian from dragon age inquisition i loved his character and truth be told i didn’t even think about him being gay cuz i didnt care he was a good character and fun and gave more insight to the lore of the world aka he had a reason to be in the game he wasn’t just a waste of space just existing to remind you that in the real world there are homosexual people.


Dorian being gay was a major part of his character arc, though.

I’d love to have more incidentally queer characters, and I don’t see how “by the way, this character (who has a plot function) is LGBTQ” is a bad thing.


i get what your saying but i guess what i trying to say he felt like he was a part of the world and had a place in it he has personality and motives and conflicts like a real character has he wasn’t just standing there saying he was gay and letting that statement be his entire personality being gay it a sexual preference not a personality. it feels like he is not there only to be gay hes accully there to be a good companion