LGBTQ+ and Feminism in Non-COG/Hosted Games


It’s even worse for gay characters… :sweat: No options in the original game (and I’m not as disappointed by that, given how old it is), but what do we get in the enhanced edition? A single evil character. :confounded: Yay for progress. :expressionless:


oh BG serie was great…save for the romances choices. Annoymen was just awful…Aerie was so whiny…Viconia was such a liar…and Jaheira was a widow…

I think I liked the serie more due to the many mods of romances I could install and play…

but without them…the story is good and the romances choices sucked big time .


To me, the greatest thing about the BGII modding community (and there are lots!) is how it informed Bioware’s development of Dragon Age.

Back on the old, now-gone Bioware forums, pre DA:O release, the developers were discussing with fans how they didn’t necessarily think that there was an appetite for LGBT romances - and fans were able to link them to all the BGII mods that added these romances. (Disclaimer: my now-wife and I made the first gay man NPC mod for that game, so this is a subject close to my heart!)

They listened, considered it, included Zevran, and have built on that each and every game, trying to be more thoughtful and inclusive and give a wide variety of romance options for any player.

I mean, Zevran’s not my cup of tea, I’d enjoy Cullen being bi, and I thought Andromeda only really hit the target after releasing Jaal’s bisexuality, but seeing how things are changing - and how the change has been driven by positive and creative fan action - is really heartwarming.


yeah now…if they could stop copy pasting male sex scene on Lesbian…we all be on happy street…:rofl:


I would actually think Aerie personality is realistic , she had been gone through terrible experience since being capture by humans and chain plus torture in a curcus, and all these while she had to wait for the MC to arrive as a person who can understand and care for her… How could anyone realistically expect Aerie to act lovely adorable without " whinning " , i could understand in real life , there are people who are less caring and compassionate as well…but on neutral perspective , Aerie personality is as real as one can get … if one day we fall with the same fate as Aerie , no one will dare say we won’t be as whiny as her :slight_smile:


Jaal is kinda awful though. He already wasn’t that great for female pc’s and with male he’s just another of the very obviously female preferring bi male ro’s.


Ha, I guess I’ve opened up this can of worms! Nathaniel, the Luxleys, and Faren. So a range of sexualities of male characters. Baldurs Gate modding is where both Hannah and I cut our teeth on IF!

Note: for those of you who may be inspired to investigate any of these, Faren is definitely the best one!


Oh Sithys I HAVE PLAYED THOSE MODS there are cool but not Mara alignment. Still perfect for common alignment. I am more a Neverwinter nights kind of person.


I 100% played romance-adding and -enhancing mods for NWN2. Gann was the first in-game romance that really tugged my 10 year old (or so) heartstrings. Casavir and Bishop were both waaaaay too polarized.

I never find anyone who has played those!

And, to stay on topic, Neeshka would have been great for my li’l gay heart. I adore her, but she was straight as an arrow, sigh.


Bishop lol he is so amazing… However in my headcanon mara poisoned him in the night wedding To sacrifice his soul nothing personal Bishy. It is a mara traditional conduct Husbands and wifes are sacrificed like inSkyrim For Boethiah


Kind of reminds me of the opposite situation with Anders. Canonically, he had a relationship with another man but he will not admit it was romantic to a female Hawke and the devs said no bi dude would realistically admit to a woman that they had m/m experience. But discussing their m/f relationship history with their new boyfriends is cool.

Which was weird to me, I don’t see why Thedas should have the same homophobic hangups we have IRL. But I also don’t see why they would have the level of misogyny and gender roles they do when they have a female dominant religion (Andraste led an army but every general is still male why?).

I do appreciate when devs/authors try to include LGBT+ or feminist themes but for the love of god. Please use a sensitivity editor if you personally don’t have experience on the subject.


Yeah, if they don’t discuss their previous boyfriends then please have them shut up about previous girlfriends too. I mean I get that a stoic “strong, silent” type of RO might not want to discuss any previous relationships with the mc, but then please also don’t discuss your opposite sex history in detail. :unamused:


Seriously that threw me way off. It feels like it was a poor, tacked on excuse to pretend Anders was straight if he actively dated a woman. I know I’ve admitted to the guy I’ve dated that I like women and dated women, is that experience not the same for bi men?


hey I loved Jaheira…and…to a certain extent…Viconia…

But Aerie drove me batty…the endless whining…omg…too bad…cose she was the best mage around…

Honestly…I always though these romances were…disfunctional . And always assumed that it was BW trademark…make them somehow…disfunctional lol .

Like annoymen…his best pick up line was to say ‘You remind me of mah sister!’’ …oh the incestery :sweat_smile: then he was such an asshole bipolére…one sec he is calling Jaheira ‘My lady’’ and the next he is calling her a ‘wench’’ …wanted to force choke the fuck outta of him so bad…

I loved Jaheira…but it will be forever akward that you romance her while her husband body is still cold…

As for Viconia…the ‘‘lying’’ and the Promescuos shit…I’m still waiting for the gorgeous dark elf…that doesnt have to whore herself to the surface…

wait…there was Nathyrra…in NWN1 lol…I loved her so much…:kissing_heart:

I can like a character…doesnt mean I wont judge it…

Viconia was very cliché…saved from being roasted …all she does is lie lie lie…and the whole ‘’‘all 3 ladies will fight over the main character like cats in heat’’ …thats the worst part…I never romanced 2 characters at the same time for that reason…I dont think my insert self here…is a prize and I dont love watching my romance fight over meh .

Aerie whining is justifiable to a point . She was tortured , she lost her wings in the most horrible traumatic way . BUT…when you tell her she is the most powerful mage and she could teleport her whiny butt back to her peoples and her answer is ‘‘You were always bound to the ground…what would you know from my pain!’’ and just keep on whining …till the damn epilogue…God…thats way beyond my limit to whining . And I’m a pro whiner :sweat_smile:

@Eric_knight hey I’m caring and compassionate! But Aerie wasted all her coins whining way too much for far too long…every member of your group had a problem…and they didnt whine as much . Why should she get the spotlight to sing her whining ? not fair…give a chance to everyone to Karaoké their whining! :smile:


he murder the daughter of the other merchant . Who was innocent…

then go totally hostile when the Paladin order boot him because of it…it all become YOUR FAULT! and he goes berserk…and you have to kill him.

His whole story was crap…’‘I wanna be a paladin…so I sit in a tavern and judge everyone! while my sister sacrifice herself for our drunken father…! I need hand holding to be anything…but when another older paladin join the group and wanna give me advice…I shoot him down cose I dont need help!’’ …Urgh…

I played ‘Most’ females romances mods…no dudes . I also played Icewind dale 1 and 2 romance mods which I highly recommand .

Tsujatha and whats her name…a paladin lady mod…those were great .

Sarah is a lesbian romance…

Amber was great too…think was a tiefling .

Ajantis is a paladin romance mod…and omg…so much sex…lol whoever made it was horny like hell :sweat_smile:


I am a really critical about DA2 romance not because the Homophobes reasons. It is how they are handled.


Okay Whats your name?

I created a character who hated 2 in 1 (Anders) And Moaning Daisy (Merril) REALLY hated both to point never going with them…

BOTH LAUNCH OVER ME LIKE HYENAS. And get pissed hard what I say go romance your hand. seriously i have not talking to you in two years. I say you are shit… OF COURSE I WONT BANG YOU… go moaningelsewhere


Oh for sure, I don’t think her personality is unrealistic, I just think she falls under the category of characters I don’t react to the same way in fiction as I would in real life. I’ve talked about this recently with someone on Facebook after they’d posted an article condemning the concept of ‘the cozy mystery’ genre, that basically said someone died, you shouldn’t find that cozy. And basically I said: I think to some degree (and the degree changes for everyone) we judge things a little bit differently when it is fiction. We are able to accept that something is not real and therefore do not necessarily bring all (though certainly some) of our real world values when judging or reacting to it. An author can certainly try to evoke all our real world values, and push for that level of realism, but if they don’t we can more easily suspend them. So this can take the form of rooting for a couple in a romance who, in real life would not be a great fit or might not have the healthiest relationship. Sympathizing with a villain who in real life, again, we would not be able to overlook their deeds, or enjoying a cozy murder mystery for the atmosphere and the unraveling of a puzzle without letting the very real horror of murder and death of a living breathing human being (some times two or three in the same book) turn the story into something unbearably tragic.

The same applies to characters and how far I care or sympathize with them. I think a great example (for me at least) is Dawn in Buffy. I 100% get where she is coming from and the issues she is dealing with, but season 6 onward she annoys the heck out of me and I don’t sympathize with her character, because she never wins me over the point that, even though I think her issues are justified, I am okay with her causing more emotional problems for Buffy who is a character I already know and love.

I think Aerie falls under that a bit for me. It’s not that I don’t think she’s behaves in a way that is convincing or realistic, just as a fictional person she doesn’t manage to earn enough good will with me. I don’t dislike her, and as a kid I loved her, but shrug over time she’s just dropped to the bottom of the romances for me.

My love for BG2 is vast and unending. I’ve been playing it for about 14 years, and is my most replayed game. Probably about once a year I go back to it.

I’m not super keen on the new characters (except for Wilson the bear of course) but I rather suspect that’s due to them just being unable to live up to my nostalgic love for everyone else.

I love Valygar! He’s such a great character. And I think he and Haerdalis (another awesome character) were the two cut due due to the developers running out of time. What a shame! I’d have loved to have seen them.

Best mage after Edwin :smiley:

Or you talk him into sparing the merchant’s kid and he turns out to be guilty after all.The guy’s guilt switches based on your decision. I’ve actually always wanted to see how the romance plays out exactly when you kill the kid and he fails joining the order, I’ve always ever done it ‘the good way’.

I have a super soft spot for Anomen actually. He was the first video game romance I ever played, so I still quite a nostalgic affection for him even though replaying it I always want to give him a bop on the head when he starts bragging to me.

Okay, I’ll stop enthusing about BG2 now :smiley:


well the merchant being guilty…but so was Annoymen father . That drunk bastard wasnt an innocent prick…

the innocent here were annoymen sister and the daughter of the merchant , neither ones had anything to do with this never ending rivalery between the two .

oh…no enthuse(?)…all you want about BG2…just not annoymen…Gag…I may end up making corny jokes about him :sweat_smile:


I think the Best Mages are Nalia d’ Arnise and Imoen …
It is strange that i make the spell options and tactics for both of them similar to myself, so including my MC, we were the Deadly wizard trio … when all 3 of us unleash “Disintegrate” together, the demon or dragon will just vanish within round (s) :wink:

If given choice , i think Nalia is a good romance option especially her background story is very interesting …


Urgh…not Nalia…

‘‘I give to the poor! give me a medale!’’