LGBTQ+ and Feminism in Non-COG/Hosted Games


I actually had pretty much the opposite experience - though I don’t doubt yours nor anyone else’s, whatsoever! - I grew up gaming, with my (hetero) parents running a guild across multiple MMOs. They introduced me as their daughter, and the guild was always pretty progressive, with a great deal of diversity.

I didn’t actually really encounter sexism in games until I was much older - around 16ish (mind, I played MMOs with the 'rents from about age 8) - and then, it was mostly flirtatious, because I usually voice-chatted, and, as many people have told me, I have “a voice like a Disney princess” :roll_eyes:

In the last 8 years, I have kinda just stopped caring. I still sometimes correct people online, if they I assume I’m male, but I mostly just ignore it, if for nothing other than to hear their shock if/when we jump on Discord. “Wait, you’re actually a chick?!”

me: “last I checked, yep.”


There’s more content, otherwise yeah. There aren’t committed relationships, just various hookups of either sex and you can choose which ones to participate in. They don’t effect the plot (this IS an Assassin’s Creed game, not a Bioware RPG).

As long as we’re criticizing Bioware’s LIs, I want to hop on. It makes me crazy that they keep designing female characters who are total gay bait and then making them straight. Morrigan, Cassandra, what’s her name from Andromeda with the undercut. I crush on enough straight girls IRL I don’t need more of that in my fantasy video games thanks!

I know I shouldn’t complain about rep given that most companies don’t give one single shit about me, but here I am.

LGBTQ and Feminism Issues


lol I know the feeling…cassandra totally was looking at my Quizzie in a no holy way…ARGH! lol



I remember the BSN forums after all the dudes there kept complaining about Cass being unattractive. Pearls before swine :unamused:


Not to imply that Japanese RPG makers care more about gay guys like me. Cause they don’t but they generally aren’t afraid to design prettier male characters in nicer outfits. Which is a visual win at least for the eye candy.


Cullen is really cute eye candy with that fluffy kitty armor of his… Yeah… Hetero… Sorry. Not only that only human and elves… I think Bioware does terribly the vibe some characters give to players. Some are clearly flirting with you hard and then BOOM friendzoned … Like tali… Like Jack… Like KAIDAN Like Bastila … Really only Dorian and Serah are well done both let’s clear and very realistic .


SUBMISSIVE YOUR MOTHER BULL go romance your hand. I ended so angry that i don’t talk to him again.


lol…well Dorian and Sera were mean to be gay…if they screw up there…the ship will be sinking lol

what? well BULL is supposed to be in BDSM stuff…and he is a dom…so any player who is ok with that kind of stuff…will accept to be the Submissive…

I think…I resented Blackwall more…I didnt romance him mind you…cose no interest for me…but…his whole character was such a let down…you have to role play a moron during his dialogues…for the flow to fill right and if you don’t…you just sooo frustrating…


My problem with bull is how terrible dialogue is. He FORCES ME to be submitting i agree to bang a character. Then I found He want me be his sex slave. I don’t sign to that as i am more dominant than him. No choice to storm of saying WTF YOU WILL DOMINATE YOUR ARISOK. really if i had control of thaat scene he would ended hornless. Seriously. Let me choose my dynamics in a BDSM lol


some companions couldve used two scene…or a switch somewhere…that was my issue with cassandra too…


My bet cullen dorian and sera get all writen time and the rest were like doing for a secondary team because the different in quality is BIG


couldnt stand cullen romance…too much annoymen in there…

though I admit , the voice actor worked wonder on his voice…back in DA2 I couldnt even stand his voice . in DAI…he may look good…but damn…boring personality…


I hate Cullen as an RO.

Under a cut because oh boy I had some things to say.

I was hyped for DAO back when it came out. I messed around with the character creator they released and I was ready to go day 1. I talked to every single templar in the tower. I don’t remember Cullen but I must have talked to him and then forgotten.

So my first memorable encounter with him was in the besieged mage tower, where he considered my character a lust demon tempting him with “what he always wanted but could never have” and then proceeded to demand the deaths of all of my character’s former friends against Greagoir’s recommendation.

Then at the end of DA:O, because I asked for a boon for the mages, I got an ending slide that Cullen murdered a ton of kids and booked it to the wilderness (this was retconned years later with DA2, but w/e. I remember it.).

THEN. In DA2, when he meets my Hawke, he got all misty eyed about my warden Amell and how great she was. :oncoming_police_car: :oncoming_police_car: :oncoming_police_car: I went and made a new import with a Surana just to keep him from talking about my warden. Anyway, he proceeds to be terrible throughout DA2 and support all of Meredith’s abuses up until she is clearly under the influence of red lyrium, at which point he decides to side with Hawke. Whatever, better than never but he doesn’t get a cookie for being dragged to doing the right thing.

Then in DAI they give him a total romance novel makeover and try to sell us this soft traumatized boy who never did anything wrong ever in his life? Never address his participation in an abusive dehumanizing (or de-elf-izing?) system? No. Gross. Keep it.

Oh totally. I’m not really into BDSM, and I’m a more dominant person, so Bull was not an option for me. I’m just not remotely submissive.

Sera seemed a bit too childish… Solas pissed me off in under five minutes…Luckily I liked Blackwall a lot otherwise I would have been doing a no romance Bioware game for the first time ever.


I am 100% into BDSM, but Bull’s romance felt like a half-arsed Vega romance. I think a lot of people complained about not getting a Vega romance, so they forced Freddie’s next VO gig to be an RO, but he’s just…disconcerting. It portrayed BDSM very, very poorly, from what I played of it.

And don’t get me started on options for straight females in Bioware games. Cullen, boring. Solas, fantastic but chaotic neutral. Beardy dude, forgettable. Kaidan, kind of a dick. Garrus, alien. Guy from ME2, married someone else. Liam, over the top. Jaal, friggin’ alien. Fenris, angry boi :tm: . Anders, an insult to his character from Awakening. Zevran, kind of a creep. Alistair, honestly perfect, never change.

Like…the female romance options are better made, but I’m generally a heteroromantic person, bisexual though I may be. I just want to have a half-decent male RO ffs


:scream: We’re going to have to fight. I loved Kaidan, Liam, Blackwall, Zevran, and Fenris…

It’s funny, because I’m also bi, and I usually sadly resign myself to a male LI every time because there either is no female option, or only one and I dislike her (no offense to Leliana but I’d rather shoot myself in the face than talk about shoes).


Take out Liam (who isn’t bi anyway) and Blackwall and I agree. Though still sore over the Kaidan in ME1 thing.


Kind of a creep is my aesthetic.


Totally agreed, although ME1 came out in a notably anti-gay and anti-video game time in the US so I’m not surprised. Is there a restoration mod putting the m/m dialogue back or did that never make it into the game files?


Audio was cut, as in actually not put on the disc and confirmed by some ex dev somewhere, you can have silent voice “restored” but the romance scene was only half-finished and animated, so you can either have clumsily restored one or one that cuts to black. I think seeing the gay romance scene in progress and being worked on is what might have caused the Microsoft exec to axe it.
Maybe I should have started a petition back then to present to Bill and Melinda Gates. Ah well…no use now.

Not really seeing that, while the times may have changed the mindset of the big corporate executive still seems to be a generation behind the times. As manifested in that Odyssey DLC people talk so much about that treats gay attraction as a phase of “teenage” rebellion to go through before settling down and making babies. Feels exactly like some of the same crap the activists of my grandfather’s era were already fighting. :unamused: So, to be honest while there may be more (token) representation now the revolution in how we’re actually treated as persons and fictional characters seems a good while away for now. :disappointed:


I love cullen and Kaidan to death because They are cute and calm and submissive. I cand stand dominant agressive guys due well I don’t trust them and I will be fighting with them. I am just not attract to slightest dominant bulk macho guys. Sadly most of media is obsessed with bulky testosterone machines. That for me is like bleaching. So Cullen Kaidan and Allistair are my style. for once my Mara could be dominant in a romance game lol.
Solas is a wonderful written no romance. I don’t see that as a romance is more He looking at you creppy in the fade. Great villain reminds me a lawfully evil Mara.
Dorian is a romance I adore because he is fun and there is a real romance there and that ass Glistening fist aka Fenris is amusing is like a emo kitty and his rival mance is Hilarious amusing. Still the fact no trio with him an Isabella big boats was sad lol


I liked both Thane and Garrus in ME2.

Edit to add: the game I wish gave more options for female characters is Baldur’s Gate II, my favorite game of all time. Before the enhanced edition came out, in the original you had three romance options if you played a male character, and one as a female. The enhanced edition changed those numbers but still only with the new characters they introduced, there are so many of the original characters in that game I’d have loved to romance.