LGBTQ+ and Feminism in Non-COG/Hosted Games


Spawning off from the LGBTQ and Feminism Issues post…

A place to specifically talk about feminist and LGBTQ+ issues in non-COG/Hosted games.

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LGBTQ and Feminism Issues

So, you want this thread to be Bioware specific? If so, you might want to adjust the title… if not maybe say “games in general” …


Fair! Changed it. It seemed like that was the main discussion topic/why we got sidetracked before, but I think it makes sense to keep it open to games in general.


Rock Boy from mass effect best boy.


I can totally understand the anger at being forced into a relationship that in unwanted. I chalk that up to very poor planning with their marketing. They should probably have advertised the game as you can play as bisexual and not strictly gay. That would have given them an out at least.

I know there is adoption, but one of the founding premises from the 1st game has been that it’s unlocked through your DNA. And you can’t get that through any other means than biological.

Is it really called that? That is really demeaning.

I’d be more surprised, but honestly, it’s Ubisoft. It’s what I’ve come to expect.

LGBTQ and Feminism Issues

it really is…or at least from what I read.

I didnt touch this dlc…and not going either .


I mean, the present-day protagonist doesn’t have to be related to the past protagonist any more (as of this game?), and you do have a sibling, so.

I was so happy about my gay Kassandra running around, flirting terribly with women. They’ve acknowledged that it was a mistake to do, but it’s disappointing.


It was a little more Obvious in assassin’s creed syndicate, where the mc is Bi but he ends up with a woman.
But I can see why everyone would be upset about it, and it really doesn’t make it better since from what I know Ubisoft really doesn’t have any LGBT+ games or really any game with LGBT+ characters(who don’t end up in a heterosexual relationship.)(with the exception of South Park but those games were parodies.)

But this isn’t the first time a game allows you to name a character and make choices but when it comes down to letting the character be Bi or allowing the player to end the game in a Bi relationship it’s a no go(Persona(Atlus), Fire Emblem(Nintendo), and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons would be the kings of that title.)

/ Though I do think it was also(besides the first point) backlash that also made them not go that route, definitely since in the first game there wasn’t a Bi main character (if you ever been a part of the Gaming(and this is now going on in the comic community as well) community you probably know right now that most of them hate change or anything progressive they pretty much call anything that has those two things “SJW” and “Feminist” games unless it was like that from the beginning(LIS or The Sims) or the company is well liked(Rockstar) Sadly.) /


I had a tactic in Mass effect 3 multiplayer Just played Mute and make best score and when they accuse other dude of being a damn pussy or girl and rest of anti women lgtb words they can muster . Say something go home rat a pussy just have beat your score asshole.That makes then really fucking mad and crazy!! Then I went log off badass :sunglasses: I have teared their stereotypes.
Vut really I tried playing on ps4 The elder scrolls online impossible … OH MY GOOD THERE IS A CHICK PLAYING JEH JEH I listened… What is your breast side…? Certainly not friction muffled noises I returned game next day. SERIOUSLY WTF happens in rat teens mind?

LGBTQ and Feminism Issues

I blame the dev…

and any idiot who is against ‘censorship’ for the sake of freedom . Yeah right…plz…

When I think about it , if I go to a store and start acting like an ass…I probably get the cop…get kicked and get banned . So why would such a behavior be acceptable in a virtual game ? You pay for that virtual space…clean it !

they have been catered to for far too long…it become a beast that labour for breath…(yes kotor 2 quotes which fit so well here) . Its like a kid or a dog that for years you just let it misbehave on and on…everyone around just watch . So when the day you try to discipline it…because enough is enough (even though YOU are the reason it become the worst ass ) , you have those same hypocrite whining about freedome…and pandering…and censorship…and weakling and what not . And the reaction is often the same : You are afraid of disciplining after they opened their mouth…so you let it be . So it keep on being the worst ass ever…cose you created this monster…you let it roam…and when you tried to discipline…you caved on the pressure of peers…

we are in an age of entitlement and hypocrite…and psychopath . Oh sure…you can find good peoples in MMO or multiplayer…but do you know how much trash you have to go trough before you find that good sane person ?


Lol Totally all we here know how it is . I don’t want to know what happens if some lgtbg says so online… That people are cowards rats. Because I don’t see anyone of them telling me those in the face . I can’t help to feel my blood heat with bullies and cowards. And there is a damn bunch in hardcore gaming. And they are trying Hard to no single lgbt or women trying games to they still being masters of universe.

I have been playing elder scrolls since launching in 1994 with 7 years old a copy my Belgium when it was never released in Spain. It was my first game in English and I remember playing it with my dad and a dictionary. That good old times.
I played Dagger fall at launch I did played in house of my cousing the Red guard adventures that were crap. I had never played Battle spire because it was a dungeon clawlwe and i don’t like that but i know the lore And I have played all the Bethesda mainstream games I have played mods… and read lore. So the fact that a guy was never alive when Arena came out and It never knew that Elder scrolls travels was a game that launched only for Nokia game console Dare to telling me A girl can’t talk about role playing lore.

And another stuff i you are a girl and enter in a role playing forum You will have a guy send you a post This is the rules and terms of role terms to you could participate and understand…
A list where stuff like morality reputation etc If you are a male or not say anything nobody send you the tutorial everyone assume you know because Penis is a tool that makes you know about role playing.

It is SO offensive that if you’re a girl are just assumed be stupid and inferior …


from what I understand , womens playing games is supposed to be a Myth . So sharing is a big no no .

Some still insist its a myth and rather it stay that way . Its a boy only club , where they can misbehave as much as they want .

Its ridiculous !

well gay peoples dont go around broadcasting their orientation . I mean , we get shit for being a women…say you are a lesbian and it just get worse .

PVP for exemple…are toxic by default . I never go there , cose all the sore loser hang in there lol you dont even have to do or be anything! they just screesh at you like a banshee over the smallest thing . I wish there was a rule when it come to PVP…for throwing tantrum ! get banned…

Alot of peoples would love to PVP…but wont…because of these cry babie…god .


Ugh. You know I play a lot of online games. I play some of them with you, and I have to share a positive story, because most of them are so negative.

I did a raid the other night with a group of strangers. Strangers to me, they knew each other. One of the leaders of the group called me “he,” and I gently, and politely corrected him. He made some stupid remark about how he was going to keep assuming I was male until I got into voice chat. (Something I almost never do)

I was getting very uncomfortable. I was about to bow out of the rest of the raid, but faster than I could type my goodbyes four other members of the group spoke up to their leader, and made him apologize.


yeah thats lucky…

the old guild I was in…

Its either the leader is utterly useless…or just dont care…or just never is on when it matter :sweat_smile:

Thankfully…for exemple in GW2…I have my own guild…with me as population lol perfect Parking spot…where nobody bother meh .


I was so pleasantly surprised.

Of course for every story like that I’ve got 10 more that end with me being threatened, bullied or harassed, but that was such a rare and positive moment I had to share it.


you are so mushy :relaxed:

kinda make me miss the old heroic+4…where we could get revenge the old way…:sweat_smile:


Okay, people…what’s wrong with just saying, “Okay! cool to know you’re a girl/boy/person!” Like…some people are only out online and have yet to start transitioning. Some women have deep voices. Some men have high voices. You can’t always “tell” with voices.

When I was little, I was convinced that “Kiss” by Prince was sung by a woman!


I’m not sure what you are asking here… are you saying Camille should have gone into voice to give the guild leader the satisfaction he wanted?

If so, I have issues with that position.


No. I’m asking what’s wrong with just responding “okay!” when someone tells you their preferred pronouns.

I thought my intent was obvious by the rest of my post. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:


I am trying very hard to stay out of this convo. If I were to enter it, no doubt it would get side-tracked.

I am just going to say that for many years, I had to hide the fact I was a girl gamer, both in testing and in normal play of MMO gaming. When I say, “had to” I am not being hyperbolic or exaggerating.