Lex Talionis: Exordium (Feedback) 2.0

I like some of their reactions but it felt that the conversations between them were VERY short… Imo a bit more fun or spunk would be nice.

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That is something I will be working on.


I was wondering if there would be maybe something relative to the sports festival. I think it would be fun to spar against Yakeru, Luca, Byeong Ho, Dillon, and Czar. I would most especially like to beat Luca to show him how far he’s gone and Yakeru to become friends again. Kind of want Luca to fight Dillon for Sunny.


First ever sports festival in second entry and it will include a battle portion.

There may be a chance for that, however, it would be spoiling the first entry.

When I get the update done then there will be choices to set Sunny up with either Luca or Dillon, however, if you are pursuing any of the three the choices will be unavailable. For example, pursue Luca then you can set her up with Dillon.


Love the story so far.3 quick questions:
1.How heated will the rivalry between Luca,Yakeru and the MC be?
2.Since you drew inspiration from MHA will there characters like Tomura Shigaraki and the league of villains? (please say yes.:pray:)
3.Can the MC said characters mentioned in question 2?(please say yes.:pray:)

  1. The rivalry will depend on the choices you make at key scenes and your overall performance. With the former I will mention how you can identify said scenes in the update and the latter is determined by you excelling or averaging in tests and practicals.

  2. Yes, there will be a League of Villains along with other groups. Though the others will be introduced with each new entry with hte LoV being the central threat to a point.

  3. Yes, though in later entries and the select NPCs only.


Yay!(Im doing a happy dance)


I just need to power through my head cold and get the update out to keep you dancing. :joy: