Lex Talionis: Exordium (Feedback) 2.0

Lex Talionis: Exordium is returns to the public. With the current word count sitting at 32, 000 words, this excludes the chapters that will be added with each update. Updates will happen on a two to three week basis, with explanations being provided if any delays occur. Note, however, Exordium will return to being private upon nearing the final three chapters.

With this being a work in progress, many aspects of the interactive novel are subject to change. So keep an eye out for updates to make sure you do not miss out on changes made to Lex Talionis: Exordium.

Play the demo here: https://dashingdon.com/go/7187

Lex Talionis draws inspiration from multiple sources, though most notably My Hero Academia and Teen Titans. Thus, similarities to existing characters are deliberate and done with the intention of using their personalities as foils for the reader’s character.

Exordium is the first entry into the Lex Talionis series, with each that will eventually follow after this acting as direct sequels.

About the Game:

In the year 2118, the fictional depictions of heroes and villains have become a reality ever since their emergence more than several decades ago. With high school near its end, you find yourself pursuing the dream that many meta-humans have, enrolling at one of the numerous universities for heroes. As a citizen of the powered-made continent, Ignias. You have access to the world’s top hero universities, and you plan to enroll in Herculean University. A decision spurred by years of longing to avenge a father taken too soon. Though will taking this path lead to justice or vengeance?


  1. Play as male or female
  2. Romance 8 possible characters, each romance-able based on your choices
  3. Define your personality and powered persona
  4. Most importantly, see your goal through to the end
Characters & Romance Options

Naomi Pelletier

Physical Description: Half-British-half-Japanese, long brain hair, pale skin, hazel eyes, curvaceous build

Height: 173 cm

Powers: Sonic scream and opius (a knockout gas)

Yakeru Yamamoto (RO - Male)

Physical Description: Fiery red hair covering one eye, lightly tanned skin, pale orange eyes, slim yet muscular physique, sharp jaw

Height: 183 cm

Powers: Versatile pryokinesis - purple colored flames

Luca Raines (RO - Male & Female)

Physical Description: Long black hair, creamy skin, silver eyes, androgynous build, beauty spot under left eye

Height: 175 cm

Powers: Super strength (currently), super speed (later), hyper blast (later), tendrils (later)


Physical Description: Sleeked back hair, smooth skin, large-muscled build

Height: 190 cm

Powers: Super strength, super speed, hyper blast, flight

Thomas Sinclare/White Lynx

Physical Description: Shaggy bleach-blond hair, white lynx ears and tail, hazel eyes, lithe build

Height: 183 cm

Powers: Super agility, nullification (pheromone)

Byeong Ho (RO - Male & Female)

Physical Description: Short duo-colored hair (yellow and indigo), creamy skin, brown eyes, athletic build

Height: 183 cm

Powers: Transformation (werewolf) and heightened senses

Sunny Smith (RO - Male & Female)

Physical Description: Blond hair with a blue streak tied in a high bun, fair skin, brown eyes, supple build

Height: 170 cm

Powers: Invisibility and light control

Dillon Moore (RO - Female)

Physical Description: Short black hair, fair skin, blue eyes, buff build

Height: 185 cm

Powers: Body morphing (mech)

Czar Rasputin (RO - Male & Female)

Physical Description: Long half-blond-half-blood-red hair with some tied, pale skin, different colored eyes (blue and green), burn scar (left side, shaped like a hand), lithe build

Height: 178 cm

Powers: pyrokinesis and versatile cryokinesis

Ninette Bisset (RO - Male & Female)

Physical Description: Black-to-brown bob, brown skin, black eyes, petite build

Height: 173 cm

Powers: Creation (creates organic and inorganic objects)

Nevaeh Williams (RO - Male)

Physical Description: Long black hair, chocolate skin, brown eyes with yellow smudges below them, black shadowy wings, athletic build

Height: 176 cm

Powers: Flight, detachable feathers (act as blades)


Feedback provides me with the chance to improve the first entry to Lex Talionis, which leaves you with a better reading experience. Coding errors, continuity issues, the need for more choices, story suggestions, and so on qualify as feedback.

Contact me via email: jrmrooy@gmail.com, if you prefer to do so rather than reaching out through the Choice of Games forum or private messaging.


Hiii I like your story’s


Thank you.


A thing is the part when you choose to study for the written exam the end for that part or no?


Does the scene end there and not take you back to the main one?


Yes demo ends there.It does not goes to main scene

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I’ll attend to it now. Try again in a few minutes.

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Story is really cool really enjoying it. Just noticed a couple of things while playing, during and after the exam/results names have switched over to a numerical value and that when going to speak with the individual that flirts with lynx before the combat exam it skips straight to chapter 4.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I will sort it out as soon as possible.

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The game doesn’t start for me, I get this.


Try again. I think it was a once off issue.

Weird I tried it twice, but it works now Thanks :blush:


I played the game, after deciding to reconcile with my two friends the game then sent me right back to meeting the Korean guy and then the game had a game ending error.


I managed to remedy the issue. Once you reach the end of the chapter you’ll be taken to chapter 4.

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I recommend saving during the cafeteria scene in chapter 4. There’s an error that avoids the loop meant to take you back to a series of choices.

I will sort it out later, given that it’s 1:45 AM where I stay.

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I keep getting an error after the receiving the results of the tests or something

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That’s just the end of the demo I believe there isn’t a end card there at the moment.


I hadn’t seen this before, but from what I’ve read I’m definitely interested now.

I like the premise, very reminiscent of my hero academia in parts, guessing that’s intentional.

Only one minor complaint, at the start where you pick the color(which doesn’t become apparent until later) your power has, there’s nothing telling me what exactly it is I’m choosing. It just says “you snap your fingers and…”(paraphrasing), basically had to just guess what it was.


I added an end card, so you the issue will not come up again unless I forget to add it with the next update.


I’m glad to hear that.

It is intentional, as I found the premise of My Hero Academia interesting and wanted to attempt something in the same vein with a more grounded and gritty atmosphere. Though I should admit that Teen Titans and Community College Hero were also inspirations.

Thanks for pointing that out, I will see what I can do.