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Bonjour forum, I’m back again to bring you 10 songs I think you should listen to this week:

  1. I’m Caving In- Leopold and his Fiction

Daniel Leopold brings back his delightfully dramatic sound in his latest album Darling Destroyer. The album mixes garage rock, blues, Motown R&B, and Detroit rock to make an album that feels familiar, but still sounds fresh and exciting.

  1. Gay Human Bones- Harlem

Harlem brings back the 60’s with their 2010 album Hippies. Gay Human Bones takes the soul of the free love era, and expresses it through indie rock.This song is just one example of how Harlem shows their love and respect of the 60’s counter-culture.

  1. Two Weeks- Grizzly Bear

Two weeks is an amazing song off of Grizzly Bear’s 2009 album Veckatimest. The song should be a cacophony of chaos, but the piano and harmonies make everything seem to fit into place.

  1. The Game- Gabriel Garzon Montano

While it may not seem like you have never heard of Montano, chances are you’ve listened to him before without even knowing it. Mantano has worked with a lot of big names in the industry, most notably he is sampled on Jungle off of Drake’s 2015 mixtape If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late. The Game is a shining example of the modern age’s take on R&B and soul.

  1. I Remember This Place Being Bigger- Dead man winter

I Remember This Place Being Bigger is a nostalgic, yet somber ode to lost youth. David Simonette, of Trampled by Turtles fame, sings mournfully about the loss of his (and probably everyone else’s) innocence. This song is just one gem off of the latest album Furnace.

  1. I’m Not Falling Asleep- Andy Shauf

Saskatchewan native Andy Shauf’s 2015 album, The Bearer of Bad News, took two years to create in Shauf’s basement of his Regina home. The album takes after the Canadian winter, frigid yet beautiful. I’m Not Falling Asleep is held together by the slow piano, and shows itself to be one of the best songs off of the album.

  1. Ballad of the Dying Man- Father John Misty

Father John Misty’s upcoming album, Pure Comedy, is an introspective satire on humans in the modern age. Misty tackles big topics such as life, love, and politics. Ballad of a Dying Man shows Misty’s perspectives on death, and how we react to it.

  1. Catamaran- Allah-Las

Allah-Las takes the best aspects of 60’s garage rock and psychedelia and updates them for the new millennia. The funky guitar plus the joyful percussion makes you feel like a modern day hippie.

  1. Dawning on Me- Villagers

Villagers is the solo project of Irish singer/songwriter Conor J. O’ Brien. Villagers plays indie folk pop that is atmospheric and sprawling. Dawning on Me displays O’Brien’s talent for singing and acoustic guitar.

  1. Blindside- Hunter Hunted

Hunter Hunted, the duo consisting of Michael Garner and Dan Chang, make fun and melodic indie pop. Their song Blindside combines sprightly guitar riffs and upbeat synth.


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Bad Apples is :fire::fire:and a good intro to Aussie hip hop thanks.


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I listen to mostly American hip hop some UK and African. Do you have a favorite artist?


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I’ll check out her songs. My favourite would be Jidenna love the lyrics on Knickers and Long Live the Chief and it doesn’t hurt that we both have Nigerian roots.


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Meh since we’re on the topic I’ll list one of my favourite songs by my favourite hip hop and favourite non English hip hop artist.

Still much prefer metal most of the time though, really depends on my mood :stuck_out_tongue: but since I’m here, thought I’d also share a song I’ve been listening to a lot recently by slipknot, who are my favourite band.


Found this on youtube the other week. And since Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was released recently, I thought I might post this here.



I’ve been listening to Jon Bellion’s music these last few weeks and I’ve no clue how I managed to miss out on the outro of his latest album. The choir joining in at the end is just phenomenal.


I’ve found myself listening to the beautiful music in BoTW ever since I saw that trailer. I honestly can’t wait for the game. The music, the graphics, everything-just looks(and sounds) phenomenal.

My wallet is ready :money_with_wings:.


me. die. so. happy. yet. wont. be. able. to. play. without. pain!
(talk about at the games thread now)


Here’s a cleaner vers. of the song plus download.



Come to the music thread @Poison_Mara for the battle of the 80s!

Be a Goodie Two shows! Don’t post it in the other threads


I am a lover of 80s music I can’t help it all those clothing and Boys with make up!!

@FairyGodfeather Try to beat this SPANISH POWER


I don’t know what I’m watching or listening to but it scares me!


Jah We are more crazy and I am posting the not weird links


Meh, I’ll join in with the 80’s too :stuck_out_tongue: . I love the petshop boys, this is one of my fav songs by them though, quite personal to me, so always hits me in the feels.