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A lot of people have struggles with patience when singers have a certain thing they sing about more often than other things. She’s admitted herself that a lot of her song are about love, but for the few of us who’ve been able to closely relate to some of the things she’s been through have found a deeper connection to her than just liking her because what genre music she plays/sings or how repetitive the topics are. A lot of singers write about the same things as she does, it’s just there always has to be someone that people go to for the usual shaming and belittling. Jokes about her are used in casual passing and no one minds. Lots of other singers are hated on too, I get that, it’s just I notice Taylor’s hate more since my ears prick up when I hear her name. :no_mouth::joy:
Thanks for your opinion.
And no, there’s nothing wrong with liking country xD


I’ve always love the JPop/JRock feels of the Persona series and they’ve done it once again. The soundtrack from Persona 5 is just great, it seems Lotus Juice started experimenting a bit with nujazz in these tracks and I’m totally loving it


I’m back again to bring you 10 great songs that I think you should listen too this week. After some thinking, I have to decided I want to include the community more. Even though i personally feel my music taste is broad, I realize you cant’t listen to everything. So I encourage everyone to PM with music suggestions.My music taste, as you can tell by the last list, is more on the alternative and hip-hop side. So feel free to suggest songs to be on the list.

Top 10 songs of the week:

  1. Two evils- Bastille

Bastille’s unique take on the pop genre is clearly shown in this song. Two of Evils is a slow and brooding song carried by a haunting guitar. This song is off of Bastille’s latest album Wild World.

  1. Ball and Biscuit- The White Stripes

The White Stripes give us all they’ve got in Ball and Biscuit. The combination of amazing vocals and face-melting guitar solo makes this one of the best songs off of their 2003 album Elephant.

  1. Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)- Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar’s soulful voice is accompanied perfectly by the beautiful tones of Kali Uchis. Daniel Caesar’s take on on R&B result in a relaxing ballad.

  1. I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty

I Love You, Honeybear is the title track from the 2015 album by Father John Misty. Father John Misty is the stage name of Fleet Foxes member J. Tillman. This song is very reminiscent of 60’s pop, and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

  1. Hummer- Foals

Hummer is a rocking romp with great guitar and amazing drums. The youthful hedonism of the song is shown off in this music video featuring the cats of Skins (U.K.).

  1. Sacrilege- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Sacrilege is the most popular single off of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2013 album Mosquito. Karen O’s wistful yet somber voice rises up to a gospel choir-filled crescendo. Sacrilege is an look into Yeah Yeah Yeahs satirical take on pop.

  1. Under Cover of Darkness- The Strokes

The Stripes 2011 album Angles is reminiscent of the new wave era. Under Cover of Darkness’s staccato fueled- guitar makes you wanna rock out to this song.

  1. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now- The Smiths

The Smiths are the benchmark for 80’s alternative rock, and have left a lasting mark on all of the alternative and indie pop genre. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now is accompanied by a funky guitar and Morrisey’s melancholy falsetto.

  1. God Save the Queen- Sex Pistols

If you want the quintessential example of punk rock look no further than the Sex Pistols. God Save the Queen is an anarchic anthem that call for the downfall of the British aristocracy.

  1. We the People…- A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe called Quest has never been afraid to be political and that’s no different on their latest album. Their latest album We got it From Here… Thank You 4 Your service is in reaction to hate speech and the rise in racial tension in the post-truth era.


Personally I like EDM (electronic dance music)
My favourite artists are

Noisy freaks
Fat rat
Far too loud
And pegboard nerds


Knife Party.



I like Taylor Swift’s music, and I can barely remember being 12. My music geek friend Josiah is also a fan, thanks to his young son Hank: http://www.citypages.com/music/taylor-swift-steals-twin-cities-child-on-instagram-7665977


Alan Walker is goooold… You can make a story out of his music videos, really. But this “story” is not mine, got it from a YT comment.

  1. Faded - Alan Walker didn’t have a wifi connection and he went to find one. He only found a crappy house.
  1. Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker went to Hong Kong to find the Wifi Connection, but again, he didn’t find one
  1. Alone - Alan looked for other Walkers to find a Wifi together!

Or they’re just all playing Pokemon Go. Whatever.




I like rap and Hip Hop, mainly J-Cole, 21 Savage, Drake, etc.


Hello once again forum, i’m back to share 10 of my favorite songs you should listen to this week:

  1. 3’s and 7’s- Queens of the Stone Age

3’s and 7’s is the second single off of Queens of the Stone Age’s 2007 album Era Vulgaris. This song is the perfect example of Josh Homme’s ability to make the discordant sound sprawling and epic.

  1. Heart-Shaped Box- Nirvana

If Nirvana is the symbol of the 90’s grunge era, then this song is the anthem. Kurt Cobain’s brooding voice builds to a rocking chorus that make you wanna head bang.

  1. Wat’s Wrong (feat. Zacari & Kendrick Lamar)- Isaiah Rashad

Top Dog Ent. is anomaly in the music industry with its oddly introspective artists, and Isaiah Rashad is no different. This delightfully down-tempo song, off of Rashad’s latest album The Sun’s Tirade compliments Rashad’s lyrics and flow. This also features, what I believe to be, one of Kendrick Lamar’s best verses.

  1. She’s American- The 1975

The 1975 are the Schrodinger’s cat of bands, existing in a state of both popularity and obscurity. The band is very self-aware of this, with lead singer Matt Healy even saying "we’re the biggest band in the world that nobody’s ever heard of,…” She’s American is a beautiful blend of 80’s synth mixed with funk that pokes fun at the ignorance of Americans in the ways of UK culture.

  1. Sippy Cup- Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez’s 2015 concept album Cry Baby, follows the titular character and her dysfunctional family. This song fits along with the albums theme of deception, and is catchy to boot.

  1. Devil’s Haircut- Beck

Beck has always been on the cutting edge and that’s no different on their 1996 album Odelay. The guitar riff that underpins Devil’s Haircut make you wanna bust out the air guitar.

  1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief- Radiohead

If I could use one word to describe Radiohead’s latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool, it would be ominous. Thom Yorke’s vocals backed by a melancholy violin creates an eerie atmosphere around the song.

  1. Loud(y)- Lewis Del Mar

Lewis Del Mar, the New York duo consisting of Danny Miller and Max Hardwood, have an amazing knack for taking disparate ideas and making them one cohesive concept. Loud(y) mixes hard electric and sweet acoustic guitar to make a modern folk jam.

  1. Diamonds Talking Back- 2 Chainz

2 Chainz gives us this banger on his latest EP Hibachi for Lunch. The dope beat mixed with 2 Chainz’s swagger makes it easy to imagine this as an essential turn up song in the club.

  1. Aphrodisiac- Bow Wow Wow

Bow Wow Wow was odd, even for the new wave era, and yet they were successful in their time. Aphrodisiac is a bopping rager that celebrates hedonism and calls you to indulge the pleasures of the world.


Just came by to say I’m a fan of The Tallest Man On Earth, Mac DeMarco and Syd Matters. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just recently discovered this band called fox capture plan and they’re absolutely amazing. The first time I heard one of their song I was left completely speechless. The way their sounds just weave together and build on top of each other is simply mesmerizing. This is my favorite song from them:


All things Goldfrapp
Try them, you won’t regret it :slight_smile:




Just a random share on my end. I’ve had “Breathe” by RHODES on repeat for a while now.


Hey forum, back again to give you 10 songs I think you should listen to this week:

  1. Minimal Affection- The Vaccines

The Vaccines have come long way since their 2011 album What’d you expect from the Vaccines?. 2015’s English Graffiti is a magnificent mix of indie rock, 80’s pop, and post-punk. Justin Young’s ethereal sounding vocals are backed by melancholy synth, and climaxes to an almost Strokes-esque chorus. Minimal Affection is only a taste of what The Vaccines have in store on their latest album.

  1. Fall in Love- Phantogram

Phantogram is hard to recommend to somebody. Not because they’re bad (I wouldn’t recommend them if they were), but because they have no set genre. Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter combine electronic, alt-rock, and hip-hop/trip-hop to make something new and wonderful. The mixture of violin and and electronica is just one example of how thus duo refuses to be boxed in.

  1. All about me- Syd

After the success of Ego Death, The Internet’s lead vocalist, Syd, utilizes neo-soul and trap in her first solo project. All about me is the first single off of her upcoming album Fin, and comes out on February 3rd.

  1. Creeper- The Acid

The name of the song says it all, the bass and the vocals are just creepy. Adam Freeland, RY X, and Steven Nalepa each add to the The Acid’s particular version of electronica.

  1. Cold Cold Cold- Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant pay homage to the late 60s and early 70s with their latest album Tell me I’m Pretty. They invokes the sounds of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, to make a groove -filled track. The music video also fits the theme by being based on Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

  1. Something to Believe In- Young the Giant

Young the Giant bring their special brand of indie pop back to the 70’s. The brooding guitar plus the angsty vocals make the atmosphere feel airy and sprawling. This is one of the many amazing songs of off Young the Giant’s latest album Home of the Strange.

  1. Cavalier- James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow’s angelic voice underpinned by a delightfully down-tempo beat is what makes this song amazing. The song is off of his 2014 album Post-Tropical, which is beautiful and I highly recommend.

  1. I Give You Power feat. Mavis Staples- Arcade Fire

No matter how you felt about the US election, you must admit it has already been a great time for music. Artists and groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Joey Bada$$, Father John Misty, and many more releasing Anti-Trumps songs. Arcade Fire’s protest anthem builds to the chorus saying “I give you power, I can take it away.”

  1. Gold- Lund

As the name implies Lund makes Gold sounds opulent and luxurious. Lund has a knack for playing with your expectations, and this is no different. He combines traditional hip-hop/trap ideas with almost somber samples to create a decadent hybrid.

  1. Elephant- Tame Impala

There is no better example of psychedelic alt-rock at it’s best than Tame Impala. The terrifically trippy beats combined with Kevin Parker’s detached and echoey vocals, can make the most sober person feel like they are tripping. Elephant, off of their 2012 album Lonerism, is a bit more edgy but still has their signature touch.


Favorite all time group would be SHINee. If you like energetic poppy stuff with unique twists I would recommend them. They have a pretty varied discography with some really interesting songs.

If you like EDM/House I would recommend giving View a listen. There’s Tell Me What To Do too, which is a weird mashup of a ballad with acoustic guitar and EDM and somehow comes out sounding great. If you like fun kinda funky stuff I would recommend Married to the Music. They went dubstep with Everybody. And then there’s Sherlock, which is I don’t even know how to describe it. They went retro late 90s/early 2000s with 1 of 1.

All of this is of course if you don’t mind listening to music in another language that isn’t English (it’s Korean). I would really give them a chance though, they have quality music.


DJ Okawari is back with a new album and boy what an album it is. His timeless beats and peaceful melodies will be able to soothe anyone mind. This is the lead single of the album (and the only song available on YT right now. don’t worry its from the record label so its not illegal). Check it out if youre interested and check out DJ Okawari if you need to do homework, cause his musics is perfect for that. Alternatively, you could also check out Nujabes for similar, yet different type of music


I’ve got another song I’ve kept on repeat lately, haha. “Salt Song” by How to Dress Well.