Let's Talk About Music!


Tomorrow something special will happen, I am not sure what exactly but if my speculations are correct then EDEN will be releasing his new album. If that happens, then… I don’t know.

Music plays a big part of my life, to a point where at most moments pf the day Imd rather listen to music than actual people. And there is one artist in particular who means more to me than anyone else, and that is EDEN. A year or two ago, I don’t even know when, one of the music channels I’m subscribed to on youtube uploaded this song name XO by The Eden Project. I listened to it, and I fell in love, just the pace of the song, the power, desire, and desperation in the guys voice, the electronic drop, the lyrics, it was perfect. So I decided to look up more of his songs, and with every single one it was the same thing, the skngs were just perfect. Every song he kept releasing, it’s just amazing to a point that I could probably no longer live without his music.
Some time ago he decided to start over again, he went away, came back under a new name, a new style, and it just is better and better. And if it is correct that he will release his new album tomorrow, heh, it be quite nice.

Now, I should go to sleep, didnt sleep last night and its already 1am this night, and I start doing weird things if I stay awake for too long. <3


If you want to feel happy then listen to the Happy Song!! and look at a cute penguin… what could be happier than that??? XD XD <33


I like most forms of music. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Wax the rapper. If you like underground hip hop you should check out Capital Steez, Joey Badass, Madchild, and Snak the Ripper.


This is still one of my favorite song from Nujabes. Been listening to it a lot these past few days.


I’m on a K-Pop spree again, specifically, Girls Generation/SNSD. And funnily enough, for the past 7 years that I’ve been listening to them, I still don’t know who’s who. Except for Jessica. I must be the worst Sone ever…


“That we may fall in love every time we open up our eyes.”


and a lot more but o well


I recently discovered a band called “Wagakki Band” and instantly fell in love. They combined JPop, rock, modern instruments like guitar, bass, drums with traditional Japanese instruments such as wadaiko (traditional Japanese drums. Known as Taiko outside of japan), Shamisen (basically a 3 strings banjo a.k.a that instrument they used in Kubo and the 2 strings), shakuhachi (a bamboo flute most often associated with wandering monks) and koto (a string instrument). Even their singing is perfectly anachronistic, the lead vocal is trained in Shigin, a form of singing poetry recital, when she was young. But, she thought just that would be boring so she decided to throw in speed metal in there. They also wear super elaborate costumes when they perform as well. Here’s their most popular song:


The Kings of Moster-rock


Most of the music I listen to has been featured on a video game, so that’s how my music taste has widened.

My favorite bands would be the Beatles or Tortoise, and my personal recommendations would be:

Parliament- Mothership Connection
Tortoise- Minors
Tortoise- In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men
The Pointer Sister- Automatic
Knower- F*ck the Makeup, Skip the Shower
Billy Idol- Rebel Yell
The Chain Gang of 1974- Sleepwalking
Curtis Mayfield- Eddie You Should Know Better
…and the list goes on :stuck_out_tongue:


Weezer, anyone? :slight_smile:


It’s the end of the world as we know it - REM


Were they watching the US election?



Team by team, reporters baffled, TRUMPED, tethered, cropped


Since I’ve been making a lot of playlists lately, I thought I would make a top 10 list of my favorite songs of the week.

Top 10 songs of the week:

  1. Baby Boy- Childish Gambino

This song makes you want to groove along to the soul-filled bass and guitar. Gambino’s latest album “Awaken, my love!” is a funky mix of soul and psychedelic rock.

  1. The World is Smiling Now- Jim James

Introspective lyrics mixed with a delightfully down-tempo beat is what makes The World is Smiling now a great song. This song is just one reason why his latest album Eternally Even is worth listening too.

  1. House of the Rising Sun- The Animals

This is straight classic that is lead by the vocals of Eric Burdon. This song has been covered numerous times, most recently being the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

  1. Chill Bill- Rob $tone

The melodic whistle plus a hard beat make this song hype.

  1. Smile- Portugal the Man

Smile, off of 2013’s Evil Friends, is eerily happy song backed by acoustic guitar. The the production quality is very high due to Danger Mouse producing the entire album.

  1. Breaker 1- Interpol

Interpol’s 2014 album El Pintor is their best in my opinion. Breaker 1 creates a dark atmosphere which leads into a a raging mix of guitar and drums.

  1. Crazy=Genius- Panic! at the disco

Even though Brendon Urie is still the only member left of Panic! at the disco, he still brings an incredible mix of Broadway, jazz, and rock n’ roll in Crazy=Genius. His latest album Death of a Bachelor is a delightful romp left with Brendon Urie’s signature touch.

  1. Lisztomania- Phoenix

French rockers Phoenix’s blend of 80’s synth pop and indie music, come together in the catchy Lisztomania. It’s almost impossible not to tap your foot to the infectious beat.

  1. Nude- Radiohead

This terrifically trippy song shows off Radiohead’s distinct sound. Nude is off the 2007 album In Rainbows, which upon its release allowed fans to pay what they liked for it.

  1. Fear (Feat Imagine Dragons)- X Ambassadors

This song’s mix of rock and electronic make for an upbeat anthem with an awesome drop.


Imagine Dragons, Zedd, Ellie Goulding, and an embarrassing amount of Nightcore stuff for the late-night binge-gaming.

Aside from that, I pretty much live on youtube.

Popushi’s got this adorably cute voice that’s really hit-or-miss with everyone. It’s cavity inducing, aaaaand I love it.

I stumbled across NateWantsToBattle because he did some pretty good english covers for Anime I really enjoyed. He also does some really cool collaboration, and his passion is contagious.

Like it or hate it, JT Machinima’s got some scary good original songs. I can’t ever really get these out of my head once I’ve listened to them.

Gavin from MiracleofSound is basically a genius. Anything he does. He’s awesome. And didn’t feed my addiction to Deus Ex or the MalikxJensen fanfic I wrote from High School on into College. At all. I swear.

LeeAndLie does Anime covers. That’s it. I throw them on repeat.

I don’t have a problem. :’(


Just going to throw this out there, Sabaton is incredible.


Eh, it’s hard to explain - my favourite artist gets a lot of hate, but at the same time she’s so popular and so many people like her, I’m not sure what the majority of the population think of her. All I do know is it seems to be a very widely used trend to make fun of her.
Although I do seem like the kind of person to like more unpopular singers and bands (seriously, ask anyone I know) I do tend to end up liking people that are a bit more on the popular side. It’s not my preference, it’s just what ends up happening. :joy:

So my number 1 favourite artist is - Taylor Swift (pop, used to be country), definitely. Now you’re either thinking nothing because you don’t care, you’re thinking “OMG I LOVE HER!” Or you’re thinking “ugh only 12 year olds listen to her.” You’re entitled to your own opinion so even if you’re thinking the last one, I don’t really care :joy:. I think she has a beautiful voice, singing or not. She gets very misunderstood and one of her biggest fears is being framed, which I would be afraid of too if I was her - she’s basically the media’s go-to-gossip and they’ll make up anything to get some new readers. It doesn’t help that such a large majority of the world believe it. My favourite song from her is a duet with Gary Lightbody called The Last Time from her 4th album RED.

My second is probably… Melanie Martinez (alternative pop). My favourite song of her’s might be, hmm, Sippy Cup. The hate that she usually gets is that she overdoes the whole baby theme. But honestly, she has such an amazing voice, you NEED to listen to her.

3rd - Selena Gomez (dance pop). Yep, another pop one. She’s not my favourite but, I do tend to listen to these three more than any other artists. My favourite song is probably Same Old Love.

I wonder how many people now think I’m basic as because my three favourite artists are all pop singers… I don’t know. :joy: This was fun!




She was decent back when she did country.

I grew up in rural Nebraska. I don’t mind, and in some cases enjoy, country music. Sue me.

But her recycled use of “Boyfriend broke up with me” songs quickly turned me off.