Let's Talk About Music!


Its a shame that gems like these dont get the praise that it deserves.


Oh, a lot of Rituals of Mine right about now. :lesbian_flag:


The best cover ever made.


Classic Rock mostly.


I’ve been binging on Type O Negative for the last week or so and since sharing is caring…


Love Leo! He is the king of covers.


New gorilaz song came out

It’s pretty good


Peter Steele had the sexiest male voice I‘ve ever heard


That was a fantastic video


Any Tom Walker fans here? Hope to make a few new ones by sharing this - it’s excellent.


I listen to 90’s grunge for the most part


I like all kinda music it mostly depends on my mood, but if I’d have to pick a favorite genre then that would be electro swing.


…I probably wouldn’t be interested in that, but I’m curious, just look at my username! :stuck_out_tongue: And I’ve never heard of electro swing, so yeah, what is that?


Try Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar or Caro Emerald or just look up the genre on google I’m sure you will easily find other artists too. I hope once you give it a try it’ll be more to your liking.


not sure what you want me to write here, but i do love pushing my opinions down peoples necks, so list o’ songs i’d recommend so, blam

  1. “im writing a novel” - father john misty, i just like the song, these arent really in any order, just some songs i like. plus it fits well, especially on this platform.
  2. “the ideal husband” - father john man again, nice bit of a mental breakdown in song form to put it bluntly. very nice, and depending on my mood definitively makes it into the top slot.
  3. “dumpster world” - band of horses, no kind of meaning or mental breakdown in this one, just a nice song really.
  4. “who’s in control” - British sea power, bunch of English hippies who make good songs sometimes, got a nice drum beat too it. was really good live. as were the others but eh, sue me.
  5. “way we won’t” - grandaddy, just a good song in honesty, which is more or less the description for all of these, but they wouldn’t be on the list if i didn’t like them.

so yeah, out of the five the guy i’d recommended for a listen is father john misty if you haven’t heard of him, a good song to start with is “pure comedy” if you’ve never heard his stuff, is a good cover piece on the sort of topics and themes, but stylistically or more musically, depending on which album you listen too. so yeah, opinions, worlds full of them, and heres some music ones.


Father John Misty’s songs are biblical, definitely one of my favorite solo artists. His new album is pretty good too.


So, I love all music genres. Literally, give me the name of any band and I most likely know about them. From Country all the way down to Hardcore. However, I can never stay with one genre for a long period of time. Literally, I will listen to that specific genre for around two weeks and then by the third genre, I’m already listening to another.

Which is why, at this moment, I am currently jamming out to the Gorillaz.

  • DARE
  • Saturn Barz
  • DoYaThing
  • Ascension (!!!)
  • Busted and Blue (!!!)
    …And so much more.

I’ve also been listening to Disney and Sesame Street music. Alright, don’t judge me. Toddlers just really really love jamming out to Cookie Monster sing about losing his cookie in a disco and a group of cats sing in an abandoned penthouse.


thats definitely true, his new ones not my favourite but its definitely been growing on me, alot of his songs are better live, which, is neither here nor there. but i think the album i like most out of all of them has to be i love you honneybear, which, while pure comedy has a full roster of great songs, ive listened to it a few too many times to like it as much as i did.


I like metal, two of my favourites are Sabaton and Powerwolf. Sabaton do songs about historical conflicts whereas Powerwolf writes Christian songs.


I consider myself to be one of the ‘anything goes’ type of music listener, though I do have my preferences in genres and musicians. I’m usually mostly interested in anything hip-hop or jazz, recently I’ve gotten into more J-Rock types of bands.

Gesu No Kiwami Otome is my personal favourite currently:

The jazzy and chill vibe made me fall in love with them easily. That vibe, however, clashes with my all-time favourite group: Death Grips. As their name suggests, they are extremely hard and polarising. They mainly specialise in hip-hop, noise, industrial and punk.

I’m going to link one of my favourites, but Warning: Potentially Extreme strong language and potentially triggering themes

Death Grips