Let's Talk About Music!


I’m a big fan of Cosmo Sheldrake’s songs :heart:


So I actually went on a date last week (Which was, ha ha, all kinds of panic, because I’ve never actually dated anyone before. Every other relationship it’s been relationship first, get to know each other second.), and we went to see Against Me!, who I vaguely knew about, but never actually listed to. Suffice to say, the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues has been on loop basically non-stop for the past week.

CW: There’s a lot of swearing, mention of death/suicide, and lyrics about gender dysphoria of course on this album

Oh, and lets see, what else? That album has knocked off Paranoid and Sunburnt and Stoosh by Skunk Anasie (which I started listening to because my nest partner and I watched Strange Days).

CW: A lot of swearing, mention of religion, mention of white supremacy, and drugs on these two

All three of those albums are ones I can listen to front to back.


This thread has apparently been quiet for a while but I’m here to pour some more Cosmo Sheldrake on it if that’s cool.


I just saw this topic so I think I finally find where to post my first reply!

Let me introduce you to my first playlist called “Songs you can find in my Spotify playlist.” aka “I randomised all the songs I have and here’s my recommendation.”

  1. Body Language - Tennyson (feat. Aloe Blacc)
Strike a pose.


  1. Uno Dos - ¿Téo? (feat. Jaden Smith)
I see you're soaring, my love.


  1. Beg - Jack & Jack
Don't make me beg.


  1. Slow Me Down - Jessie Ware
You'll be the ocean, and I'll be the wave.


  1. 2 Minutes - Kitty
If you're down for that.


  1. See You Never - NIKI
You can't tell grimes from jewels.


  1. Teacher - PRETTYMUCH
You could be my teacher.


  1. S.L.U.T. - Bea Miller
Sweet, little, unforgettable thing.


  1. Make You Love Me - Jarreau Vandal (feat. Zak Abel)
I was on top of the world today.


  1. Treading Water - Ta-ku & Wafia
Forgot you were like ice.



I used to listen to Enya a lot but with the noise in my home listening to that now is a put off. I like the oldies from the 80s now- yeah, I am old.


A spooky dead love song for all your Halloween romance needs


I love listening to trap nation music.

It sounds lit.


Black / death metal - haiduk


I absolutely love this song



My favorite instrumental and folk music that reminds me soundtrack for good RPG games


Skillet, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, and Linkin Park are my favourite bands.

Some of the music I’m listening to lately:


One of my favourite if not favourite songs from my new album, great to listen to whilst glaring at people. Can’t believe I’m saying this, and only have two albums out of four I believe but I think I’ve finally found a band I prefer to slipknot! :open_mouth: …kinda. More of slipknot’s songs are in my top favourites, but I love pretty much every single motionless in white song I’ve heard so far, whereas with slipknot I love most of their songs…if you get me? Not as keen on their slower less thrashier songs…thinking of you All hope is gone album, so conversely Iowa is of course my Favourite slipknot album, and just plain favourite album ever


I found this vid some months ago.


Beatles of course.
I’m in total shock after they’ve released Strawberry field forever MV on youtube today.

Oh and Pink Floyd too
Ayyyyyyyy have become comfortably dumb.
kidding tho but my favorite album is Division Bell even without Roger.


Regarding modern bands, I’ve yet to see someone trump Tool. I’ve been enjoying their stuff so much that I’ve decided to see them live, so I somehow managed to scratch together enough cash (being a poor ass fresh graduate at the time) to go half across the world to San-Fran in 2014. Tell you what, it was one of the best weeks of my life.

Come to Europe already, you lazy bastards! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, here’s an awesome avant-garde metal band I’ve discovered recently - Diablo Swing Orchestra, you just can’t mistake their sound with anyone else’s.


Diablo Swing Orchestra is awesome!
I also like their new lead singer.Surely different from AnnLouice,but cool in her own way.


I didn’t listen yet to their last two albums, so I can’t say. I’m in the process of waiting for these 2 CDs to ship from Japan.


Oh yea:

CW: Violence


I’m kinda into electro swing because it helps focus for exams.

That or drill music because that’s helpful for concentration as well (well, soke of then anyway!)