Let's Talk About Music!


When YouTube recommends actual good music…


I’m having an Archie Roach kind of day (okay, it’s really been an Archie Roach kind of month).

… I can’t choose one of his songs to post? Some of his albums were on sale a few weeks ago and I splurged like nobody’s business and they’ve been playing on a constant loop.

ETA: I changed my mind - Summer Of My Life is what I call the best song I’ve ever heard from Archie Roach. Not his most famous but probably the one that I relate to the most. I genuinely can’t explain why I relate to it which is probably why I was reluctant to mention it.


Does anyone know any songs like Broken Crown or Little Lion Man? Ive tried listening to other Mumford and Sons songs, but theyre all really different from those two.

Also just going to list my favorite songs, in no particular order

  1. Who will pray- We Came As Romans
  2. King of Anything- Beartooth
  3. My Demons- Starset


Have you tried listening to “Full Circle” by Half Moon Run? It sounds pretty similar, tho lyrics aren’t as strong, I guess.
Or “Battles” by Hudson Taylor.


I don’t have a preference but most songs in my playlist makes me dance or have an upbeat tune. I don’t have a favorite songs but Here are some songs I listen to:


Blinding-Florence and the Machine
Run Run Run- a Czech singer
Stripped-Shiny Toy Guns
Monsta-some German band
Lady Killer-Vocaloid
Blessings- World Edition
I Hate This Part- PCD
Ang Huling El Bimbo- Parokya ni Edgar
Super Psycho Love-Simon Curtis
Not Today-BTS

Favorite Bands/Singers:

Linkin Park


What is everyones opinion on Kpop? I feel like Im the only one that hates it, but Im curious to see if other people feel the same.


I don’t actually like K-pop, I’m neutral, I just happen to like the song and K-dramas are good too (although I rarely watch, I haven’t finish a series either).

Besides, how could I ignore a group of bishies–er, boy band, they’re attractive as hell with all that dance moves while singing. Their hair color feels like they came out from a manga.


Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about Kpop to comment. I’ll leave that question to others. :frowning: I’m going to rant about stuff I do know about instead.

I’m absolutely in love with a band called IAMX. Chris Corner (lead singer, significantly involved in the music) started in the 90s grunge band Sneaker Pimps fronted by Kelli Ali. When she left, he became the lead singer. Later, he put together the IAMX project. He’s a brilliant singer and musician. The music has a dramatic, cathartic flair. Each album has its own flavor and can be pretty experimental. They are not well-known, which is criminal. Sneaker Pimps has recently gotten back together, and they’re making a new album. Yay. Take my money.

I adore 90’s grunge and trip hop, particularly female-fronted bands. Garbage , Poe, Morcheeba (fave songs: Trigger Hippie, Enjoy the Ride), Portishead, Fiona Apple, Tricky, Massive Attack, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and etc…

I like Florence and the Machine, but I prefer their sad songs (Girl with One Eye, What kind of Man, What the Water Gave Me, etc.) over their happier stuff. I also like Alt-J and Phantogram (New album “Three” is great). I’ll even admit to liking Marilyn Manson.

Weird bands I discovered on youtube that I enjoy: Vermillion Lies (songs: Shark’s Serenade and Circus Apocalypse) and Hannah Fury (song: No Man Alive)

I enjoy Emilie Autumn, although I might have outgrown her music. I’m not sure. Still, she appealed to me a lot at one point in my life.

So, anyway, I like pretty emotional, dramatic music as a rule.


I used to be a BIG fan of Kpop when I was a kid. Still am, I guess, but not as much when I was 10 years old. Doesn’t help when Nobody was everywhere in the radio. Like, everywhere. And Dara was an actress in the Philippines, so when 2NE1 took off in Korea, the group, and Kpop, took off in the country. Also, K-Drama is a big thing here, so obviously the fans are gonna eat it up.

I only listen to, like, three groups: SNSD, Black Pink, and Red Velvet. I never really listened to 2NE1 that much, only became a fan just before they broke up (kinda like MCR…). f(x), I guess I listen to them occasionally. I don’t listen to the guy groups. Dunno why. I also don’t know any of the newer groups aside from Black Pink,Red Velvet, and BTS. So my knowledge of Kpop is…outdated and limited.


I recently kind of re-discovered BoA? I vaguely remember her attempt to break into the American mainstream in the early 2000s (I remember loving Eat You Up (still do tbh)) and I think she did some openings/endings for anime

Anyways I found some of her more recent stuff like CAMO and Fox and I still really like her voice and style. There’s also one song of her’s I really liked that was only released in Japanese but I can’t seem to remember the name of or find anymore :cry:


When it comes down to K-pop, I actually like official music videos more than the music itself. There’s always something incredibly satisfying in watching a group of people move synchronically and Korean singers often do have really nice choreography.
Otherwise K-pop just like J-pop isn’t my type of music. When I was at school the all-consuming love for it from my relatives seemes quite bizarre for me, to be honest. And terrifying. Fangirls are scary D:

I do like some songs though. But they are eather some very dynamic songs from youtube vids or the songs I used to dance to on PIU.


Current favorite EBM/Industrial/Electro-Industrial songs:

@augustus27 I don’t hate K-pop I just find it slightly less intolerable than mainstream pop and K-hip hop slightly more intolerable than mainstream hip-hop. I’d hate if I was being forced to listen to it 24/7.


My current favorite artist is Will Hoge, who does this awesome liberal country/rock/bluegrass combo thing that is hard to explain, but he’s an incredibly talented and authentic dude with great material and a great voice. My wife and I have seen him twice in concert in the last 12 months, small shows with like 300 people where we got to sit/stand in the front. Great intimate experience.

I will work at least one of his song titles into a scene of CCH2 one way or the other.


I’ve been a fan of Linkin Park since I was nine and I’ve never loved any music more than theirs.

Okazaki Ritsuko has the voice of an angel and her songs are so pure and cheerful it always make me feel both sad and happy at the same time.

And then there’s Krezip, I really liked their music when I was younger and the leadsinger’s voice is really pretty.


Recently I started listening to a bunch of anti-idol groups from Japan. I don’t really like the music, but I just love that these groups exists. You’re probably thinking: “what the heck is anti-idol?” Well it’s basically an idol group but flipped on its head. The idols are no longer pure and innocence, but wacky and disturbing. Babymetal is an anti idol group. There’s also Kamen Joshi, an idol group where everyone wear Jason mask and sing about Trump. You get the idea. I think it’s interesting and a great source of entertainment.

Kamen Joshi:


So this is a pretty fun song to wash dishes to because it pushed me to picture the woman it was written for. I can just imagine this lady suddenly having a BAMF moment where she rises to power, dropping her rivals like lead weights in the sea, taking what she’s worked so hard for and just basking in the fact that she is on top of the world and they’re all grovelling at her feet. I may have a thing for deeply ambitious women who stage hostile takeovers set to a dramatic soundtrack.


I’ve liked Seether for a long time, but I forget just how powerful their songs can get sometimes, especially this one.

(The message is pretty obvious with the music video. I still feel bad for Shaun, the lead singer.)


I’m a big fan of Cosmo Sheldrake’s songs :heart:


So I actually went on a date last week (Which was, ha ha, all kinds of panic, because I’ve never actually dated anyone before. Every other relationship it’s been relationship first, get to know each other second.), and we went to see Against Me!, who I vaguely knew about, but never actually listed to. Suffice to say, the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues has been on loop basically non-stop for the past week.

CW: There’s a lot of swearing, mention of death/suicide, and lyrics about gender dysphoria of course on this album

Oh, and lets see, what else? That album has knocked off Paranoid and Sunburnt and Stoosh by Skunk Anasie (which I started listening to because my nest partner and I watched Strange Days).

CW: A lot of swearing, mention of religion, mention of white supremacy, and drugs on these two

All three of those albums are ones I can listen to front to back.


This thread has apparently been quiet for a while but I’m here to pour some more Cosmo Sheldrake on it if that’s cool.