Let's Talk About Music!


I like almost everything AOA and Maximum The Hormone make.

This song is definitely my top favorite list


ehehe…I have diverse tastes in music that tend to have no real connection to each other. Still, I’m happy with swing, electro swing, some pop, kpop, edm, haus, some limited dubstep, mostly ephixa’s zelda covers. I love, love, love motown, classic rock, RnB, some very limited rap, some reggae, some reggaeton, and appreciate classical compositions as well. Jazz is best served in the non free form style, but even that’s alright now and again. Indie/shoegaze/folk has my heart, although I’ll listen to old western/country and some torch style singers like Frank Sinatra or Norah Jones. Recently, I’ve really been happy with Arch Enemy, madrigal/ music from the Witcher, and Paramore.


Wintergatan. :green_heart:


Have been following him for a long time. :smile:


I still enjoy these old clips


I’ve done practically nothing but watch Shinee videos all day

I love them. They’re so talented ;__;

I’d kill to be able to see them live :tired_face:


Thanks for that, @Ylva! What made you think of me, though? :joy:


Heh, it’s my favorite genre.

Ha, that’s awesome.


If any of you are into electronic music, then do I have the song for you:


My boys are big Wintergatan fans too. “Marble machine! Marble machine!”

@LaReveuse, thanks so much for the introduction to Google Translate Sings. Genius. In particular, Malinda’s Blank Space, and its sequence of images for “adulterer with enthusiasm,” had me laughing til I cried.

Last week a friend introduced me to Walk Off The Earth. I like their found-object percussion, their cymbal-kicking tap “Hello,” their instrument-switching virtuosity, their “Shape of You” with interludes of the '90s songs it most resembles, their “Somebody I Used To Know” played on a single guitar. And of course how they turn the noxious-but-catchy “Payphone” into “Somebody I Used To Know” by tweaking the rap. For sheer fun it’s hard to top:

But with it being the day of worship here in Nepal, and speaking of '90s songs, I’ve got David Wesley on while I make pancakes before we all head to church.


Crypt of the necromancer is pretty fun and I do like Danny’s music


One of my favorite songs of all time:


Whilst looking for new heavy metal bands(as I do :stuck_out_tongue: ) came across these two songs, still checking out more from the bands, but these stood out for me so far:


I found this album through The Adventure Zone and it’s beautiful! My favorite track is probably Relic or Julia

(woops I listened to them again and immediately started crying. But it’s a good cry though)


I like most everything but cavemen music. I am particularly fond of 70’s rock but I find that every genre/decade produced some brilliant music if you only know where to look, so I really like most genres to some extent. If I were to pick a few of my personal favourites from every decade in the past 100 years or so:
10’s - 20’s: Late Classical. Mahler, Gershwin, Greig.
30’s: Over the Rainbow, Georgia on my Mind, Body and Soul.
40’s: We’ll Meet Again, White Cliffs of Dover, Civillization.
50’s: Unforgettable, Johnny B Goode, Hound Dog.
60’s Way too much to pick, but to summarize: Hello Goodbye, Mr. Lonely, It’s Alright Ma, Sound of Silence, What a Wonderful World.
70’s: Even worse now, but: Bohemian Rhapsody, Baker Street, Mr. Blue Sky, American Pie, Dust in the Wind.
80’s: Come on Eileen, Africa, All Out of Love, Rio, Don’t You Forget About Me, Tweeter and the Monkey Man, any 70’s bands still making Rock.
90’s: Nothing Else Matters, Don’t Speak, Tubthimping, Everybody Hurts, The Show Must Go On, A Thousand Trees.
00’s: Trains to Brazil, Dirty Little Secret, Hey There Delilah, anything Amy Winehouse.
10’s: Not much. Don’t you Worry Child, Titanium, some Indie Pop-Rock stuff like Vance Joy.


Just recently got back from a trip that involved approx. 10 hrs of driving (both ways… and not counting the fact that everybody was in a dead-still stop for 2 hrs 'cause of a horrible car crash up the road from us, which miraculously nobody was injured in!)

Which meant lots of music.

Like this


I think I have four or five different versions of that song on my iPhone playlist.


I’m currently hooked to a song by Martine Kraft. Its sort of emotional and powerful but also sad… like a scream in the dark.



5 favorite songs in no particular order:

  • “We’ll be Counting Stars” by One Republic
  • “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba
  • “All The Way For You” by Poets of the Fall
  • “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At The Disco
  • “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hat

My taste in music usually is as emo as it can be. Like so I really enjoy such bands as previously metioned Panic! At The Disco and Poets of the Fall, Hollywood Undead are really enjoyable with there “war” themes (and I’m hella proud that I had a chance to be on their concerts, cause hearing and seeing all this bands in live was like the best expirience in my life), Starset and Bring Me The Horizon. And I freaking love those darkish song covers by Chase Holfelder. They’re the most fun.
In the same time, I also really like some kind of chil and lively Gaelic music (for example, songs by Celtic Woman) and have a soft spot for good German bands like Oomph! or Unhelig.


Hoho! Im a metal kinda gal too!
The Sword - Age of Winter ,were my first foray into the metal genre.
I was severely heartbroken over Strapping Young Lads
breaking up, I loved em but alas.~ I really loved the albums Alien, and City by them.

Luckily, we now have Devin Townsend Project instead! Same guy! I reccomend the album Deconstruction by him its magnificent and the lyrics are great as always.