Let's Talk About Music!


@Vee, well done for syncing in with LOTR and The Hobbit; nicely done.
@Black_Wraith_Panthom; I think the artwork looks more like Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem myself, never heard of ghost blade though…well…apart from the weapon in OAC.


I tend to think about cyberpunk within the time period it was most popular: the mid-80s to early-90s. It just makes sense to me to look at industrial and electronic music from that time period:






Some early-to-mid-90’s trance works pretty well, too. Violent Relaxation by Total Eclipse is kind of a classic at this point.


You could also go more modern with something like Phutureprimitive. In my mind, it fits pretty comfortably with cyberpunk, though it’s a bit more polished. It has a murky texture to it, while still sounding very sci-fi.



thats some nice tunes :slight_smile:

if i remember ghost blade is a comic book (now lets ask Google bout it)

Now since we are talking bout slow songs, the new track from coldplay is really “hypnotising” :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite band is “starset”.I also like “Hollywood Undead” but “starset” is still the best.(listen to “carnivore” from “starset”)


I like this song by Kelly Clarkson:


Oo! Sorry, I didn’t know we were on a different genre now! If we’re doing slower songs, I really love Massive Attack:

Protection. Massive Attack’s usually more trip-hop, but this track is great to just fall into and drift away.


For a purely slow song, Siren’s Song by This Mortal Coil/Elizabeth Fraser is gorgeous:

(It’s probably weird, but half my music collection is stuff that came out before I was born.)


Like this more live tbh. The studio version is cool, but the song actually sounds better with more soul.


Im no one to decide what song to be posted, i just posted it cuz i liked it, you can post any songs you like (including the rap ugh…)

And yes those are some amazing tunes, im glad to stumble upon this thread :slight_smile:


Yup, thats a good one, theres also a track from her called “stronger”.


One of the best tracks from madeon.


Hi there :slight_smile: I usually listen to rock music, some alternatives, and rarely metal songs. Here are some songs that I like:

  • Everlong - Foo Fighters
  • Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
  • Ms. Crumby - The Audition
  • Part of Me - Neck Deep
  • Lithium - Nirvana

Tip Create a spotify account :smiley: try to add all of your favorite songs to your account then check out the Discover Weekly Playlist. Spotify will create this playlist for you every Monday with songs that may suit your tastes. This is where I discover new music. I hope that you will discover yours too! :smiley:


Huh…I checked out Spotify but some of the songs on there are different/inaccurate. For example clicked on sarcastrophe by slipknot and it played wait and bleed :confused: and have been checking out paramore recently and the songs ignorance and misery business and the songs are totally different on Spotify, even having a male vocalist :confused: , not too familiar with them, but clicked on “official” videos on youtube (loads of other songs were the proper version and everything tbf, but still…). So I’d recommend Itcher, it’s just a recommendation app/website but it recommends other stuff too like films and tv shows.

But anyhoo been checking out songs I haven’t listened to before more than usual for the last week, and this is one I found that I quite like :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ooooo! Now this spotify thing has caught my interest! Lets see what new tunes i can get from there, thx guys appriciate it :slight_smile:


Ah, that Discover Weekly playlist. Never fails to creep me out every Monday.

Rarely ever use Spotify these days, mostly YT for music, but I still check the playlist every week or so. What never fails to amuse and creep me out is that it sorta patterns itself to my YouTube history. Like, there was this one time I listened to a bunch of musical soundtracks on YT, and the next time I check the Discover weekly playlist, a whole bunch of musical theater songs are in there.


Have you ever stumbled upon a song that just so accurately fits your life that you wonder suspiciously if it was written for you? I was walking my dog early this morning and was listening to randomized music when this came one and I almost started crying. (And I almost never cry. It was very odd). I like Kodaline as a band but only knew a few songs, namely “All I Want”, but when this came on I replayed it many many times.

"One Day:"

Other songs I have an obsession with:



"We Don’t Have to Dance:"

There’s many more but I’m going to stop there. I kind of get attached to a handful of songs, play them endlessly for months straight until I physically can’t listen to them anymore, repeat process with new songs, and then come back eventually. It’s bad, guys.


this song made me cry so much this morning at 5:30, not a good combo because everyone thought it was heartbreak and offered me green tea.

Edit, okay; which one of these trailers/songs background flicks made you cry more? and no I’m not sure if it is an anime, game trailer but I just love it for the song if you don’t mind hmph


This is a beautiful song and music video.
Is this what real people look like? :wink:


If you want to listen to real music,listen to Kygo.


I’m back, with more game OST.
This time, our guest is AC 0, which brings nostalgia when I listen to the OST.
I love their unique rock/synth, classic/percussion combination with spanish-esque theme. Too bad that most of the songs are actually a loop, thus there’s no proper ending.

A calm day to jump into a fireworks. Typical 1st mission OST, but never cease to amaze.


Behold! Our forces will be marching, soon. Accompanied with 'lil rock.


A little relaxing tunes, or violin?


The anthem(rock) of freedom.


Trial of freedom.


Proving of freedom.


[details=Last battle.]But before that, a prelude here.


My first post on this thread. Gonna give you guys one artist from a different genre each.

Kacey Musgraves
Tame Impala
The xx
Kendrick Lamar
Troye Sivan
Band of Horses

hmu if we have common tastes! Vouch for all of them