Let's Talk About Music!


That Poppy’s videos are weird. Always see her in my recommends in YouTube. But you gotta admit, the girl’s adorable, has a nice voice, and she makes fun of the music industry, in an odd way. She makes fun of a lot of things in an odd way.


Ok people. If you know Hollow Knight, the latest metroidvania game, it has some cool music. Dominated by mostly violin and piano tunes, as well as some guitars and percussions.

Well, without further ado, I’ll share some of the most memorable ost of the game here.

The game theme music.

One of the bgm when you fight a boss battle.

Another boss battle. Makes my heart beats wild when hearing this. (The actual .flac files have higher volume than the youtube version, fyi)

Finally, a more peaceful on-exploring bgm. Imagine an underground meadow with some sunrays coming down from the holes of the cavern roof. (the last thumping tone is the one when you encounter a fight in the world-zone)


Speaking of OST this track is still one of my favorite OST ever. Not only is it an epic track, but it always play at the most epic of moment. Such as when I gathered my army of unified Norse for the conquest of England


As for video game music I’ve always loved the Bard’s Take when the gremlins come out and torment you with song.

And then there was a tune back in my childhood that really resonated with me that I listen to till thus very day.


Because I have a ton of history exams coming up (history major, duh), I’ve been listening to Epic Rap Battles of History (the relevant ones) (and playing Civ 5) all week because why not?

…This is music too, right?


Has anyone else listened to Corky and the Juice Pigs or is that just me?


hey, anyone know any good cyberpunk/ si-fi music? because I am struggling to find any for my project.


…my taste is somewhat mixed containing a little from every genre except dubstep and rap (i hate these two) i usually prefer songs with good vocals followed by a brilliant rhythm and beats.

I also prefer 80s and 90s pop, though i was not even born at that time lol .

My all time fav retro is ~ i ran so far away (a flock of seagulls) pure retro guitar mixed with drums <3

Also if you need the synth version for the above song check out the underpunk version. Links below

And the synth version

There are more but the post will just drag on if ill continue lol.


awesome, thanks for the help :thumbsup: the synth version is cool.


I’d die of shock if you didn’t know about these already, but my fav sci-fi music is the ending theme from Blade runner and most of the Frieza saga’s music from dragonball Z feels quite sci-fi ish.


Yup the early synths were amazing, i love em, nowadays those are not used much.

Ah the bladerunner theme <3

ill give one of my playlist here its small though…sorry

Olly murs- my heart skips a beat ~and you dont know love.

John newman- can you love me again cover by amber skyes

Coldplay- adventure of lifetime (Qarcii remix)

Violet days- your girl

Kiiara - feels (zeni remix) (warning contains foul language) .

Kungs - this girl and i feel so bad (holderz remix)

Sweet talker ~ burn it up all night

Yoe mase ~ despite all

(Bonus) Laura Branigan - Self Control (retro all the way!)






Genres you should look into: Futurepop, EBM, Industrial, and Synthwave. Also look at r/Cyberpunk_Music.

Edited to Add: Someone already mentioned the Blade Runner OST, listen to the three cd edition. I wanted to mention the DX:HR and DX:MD soundtracks and both Mirror’s Edge soundtracks.


the Thyx reminds me much of choice of robots (though i had a good ending) and much of terminator 3. Added to playlist!


Alright thats much synth, retro, edm for today, lets end the day with this emotional vocal


that sounds familiar, I a not going crazy!


Its pretty sweet to ears.


Wow… that song just fly me straight to Rivendell :innocent:

Speaking of heavenly song, I can’t stop listening to this atm (even though I have no idea what are they saying :sweat_smile:)


Thats a nice one! ,Ya that artwork is from ghost blade i think, nice eh? I wish i can write a choice game based on it, perhaps in near future, maybe by end of next month? Ill really love to write it , but im really bad at choice script and programming :frowning:

But ill try for sure :slight_smile:


@Vee, well done for syncing in with LOTR and The Hobbit; nicely done.
@Black_Wraith_Panthom; I think the artwork looks more like Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem myself, never heard of ghost blade though…well…apart from the weapon in OAC.


I tend to think about cyberpunk within the time period it was most popular: the mid-80s to early-90s. It just makes sense to me to look at industrial and electronic music from that time period:






Some early-to-mid-90’s trance works pretty well, too. Violent Relaxation by Total Eclipse is kind of a classic at this point.


You could also go more modern with something like Phutureprimitive. In my mind, it fits pretty comfortably with cyberpunk, though it’s a bit more polished. It has a murky texture to it, while still sounding very sci-fi.