Let's Talk About Music!


I hate most 80’s hits due to… incidents driving down to Devon as a child…

But I do love synthwave, vapourwave and 80’s remixes (and the occasional non-synth stuff like Pearl Fishermen, Song to the Siren (This Mortal Coil cover), etc! Peroid remixes are my absolute favourite just for the meme factor.


Well, just curious…

But is there anyone here only listens to a game’s music or BGM?
(I think it’s also the reason why I prefer music without lyrics in general)


Me, 80% of the time. I do enjoy the occasional pop tune or folk metal song.


Heeeeh… I don’t mind with any genre as long as it’s lyric-less. (Oh, poor me)
What kind of game music do you recommend?

I’m stuck here with Endless Legend flybyno’s soundtracks and I surely can expand my collection.


I’ve been listening to this the whole day, some pretty good tracks from an exceptional game


NieR. Drakengard 3. Pokemon (Sun and Moon), Witcher 3, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Mass Effect series, Cave Story, Final Fantasy XV, old Spyro games, eh, prolly more but I can’t think off the top of my head anymore?

Edit: ffffffff SHADOW hearts


I’m pretty into video game music too :slight_smile: . Some of my favs are the golden axe woodland theme, the max payne theme, mass effect 1’s ending song, all themes from streets of rage 1 and 2 but think my fav game in terms of music is Shenmue 2. It has a good mix of calmer, slower songs and faster songs, again gives me the feels, due to nostalgia, used to play this game all the time before I lost my sight :frowning: . My fav faster song though is probably :

And my fav soothing song is:


I spent a lot of time moving through subcultures in my teens and early 20s–goth, emo, punk, riot grrrl, etc–and the goth part lent itself to a bunch of 80s stuff, especially Bauhaus and its offshoots. Tough to find official videos for Bauhaus and Tones on Tail, but here’s:

Love and Rockets

Joy Division

For a more modern thing I love, here’s Wolf Alice, live at KEXP:


My favourite Pet Shops Boys video, and song. (It’s got Ian McKellan in it. And Vampires!)


^Still amazing to see live.

^Seeing Nick soon:D

^Love this band - it´s a shame their lineup has changed though. I don´t think they´ll be the same without Jade.

^Seeing Bob soon!:smiley:



Nice! I love There She Goes, My Beautiful World. It’s my favorite song about writer’s block. :grin:


Loving this at the moment:


I dreamt of Youth by Daughter last night, and woke up humming it. Synchronicity. Thanks, Jung. It used to be on an advert for a show called Our Girl.

Anyway, moving on. I like drums.


I’m obsessed with B-52 and Yung Bae rn. Its just too catchy.


I liked this comment “The lyrics really speak to me on a personal level”

OOOH do I spy B-52s above!



My brother and I are obsessed with Starset lately. They’re sci-fi rock, and a lot of their songs have that cinematic sound. Also their music videos are stylized like a sci-fi blockbuster, and they’ve done concerts in spacesuits. It’s so geeky, I love it.

Also I’m a sucker for violins+electronic in rock.


I love listening to Kaya Project when I paint. Kind of a mix between electronic and traditional instruments, with a very world-music sound. Favorites:

Always Waiting:

Dust Devil:

And So It Goes:


Still one of my favorite movie soundtrack. The contrast between what’s the movie is about and the music just give this track an eerie anachronism:


I love listening to the full opening of Ghost in the Shell.