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Lately I’ve been swimming through the vast ocean of music in the hopes of finding more songs to listen to, so I got curious… what music do y’all like to tune into? Any favorite songs, genres, or bands?

Personally, I listen to a lot of alternative rock like Coldplay, Lifehouse, twenty one pilots, The Fray and Augustuna. Outside of that, I’m fond of A Fine Frenzy, Birdy, Daughter, Kodaline and a bit of Postmodern Jukebox.

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Favorite Songs
Hot Cross Buns
3 Blind Mice


I like all kinds of music really, aside from pop (although indie pop can be okay), my favourites being Hip-Hop and Hard Rock.

My favourite artists from the former include Childish Gambino, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, OutKast, Big Sean, Denzel Curry and MF DOOM.

In the Hard Rock genre I like AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Guns N Roses, Cream, Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures, Styx, Wolfmother, Motörhead and Alice Cooper.


Ahem I love Rap so
Favorite Artist
Biggie Small
Big Sean
Made up some songs to
I’m in a band majoring the tuba


I’m really into jazz and postmodern jazz music.

Postmodern Jukebox does covers of modern day songs in 1920s-1950s styles, so those are really good. (Especially Haley Reinhart’s covering of Seven Nation Army and Creep.)

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy does a lot of very flamboyant, energetic jazz music. Ex. Mr. Pinstripe Suit, The Ghost of Smokey Joe, etc. (Also some slower songs like Save My Soul.)

If you want slower songs House on Fire by Laura Ellis was originally for the game Contrast but is absolutely gorgeous, and Two’s A Party by Hania was also originally an OST (for an animated short called Tarboy) but it’s beautifully haunting.

Then there’s always the electroswing vibe if you’re more into electronic music, I like some of them, but a lot of them veer too much into the electronic-based music for my taste. Some good ones are, however: Lone Digger, Midnight, Comics, and Wonderland all by Caravan Palace; Gangsterlove, St. James Ballroom, and Shoot Him Down all by Alice Francis; Mister Mister, and Gimmie that Swing both by Cissie Redgwick are fantasic; and finally Queen of Swing by the Swingrowers is great.


I’m really into a lot of different genres but my favorite out of all of them is indie and alternative. I think the only genres I don’t listen to are country and screamo type music.

The top artists that I can think of at the moment is BANKS, Childish Gambino, Sleeping at Last, Twenty Two Pilots, Ed Sheeran, Vallis Alps, AltJ, and Janine and the Mixtape. Those are just the ones I can think of at the moment.


[quote=“RenaB, post:5, topic:17649”]
Postmodern Jukebox does covers of modern day songs in 1920s-1950s styles, so those are really good. (Especially Haley Reinhart’s covering of Seven Nation Army and Creep.)
[/quote]I agree wholeheartedly. Creep is by far my favorite cover of hers, as well. Though just about all her covers have been terrific. I also really liked their cover of Say My Name (sung by Joey Cook).[quote=“ToxicDreams, post:6, topic:17649”]
The top artists that I can think of at the moment is BANKS, Childish Gambino, Sleeping at Last, Twenty Two Pilots, Ed Sheeran, Vallis Alps, AltJ, and Janine and the Mixtape. Those are just the ones I can think of at the moment.
[/quote]I’ve recently begun listening to Sleeping At Last and my sister’s a fan (more or less) of Ed Sheeran! Would you say you have any favorites or recommendations from either of those artists?


My life is pretty much music, so my music taste is basically all over the place. The only thing that doesn’t do it for me is country(although when Beyonce did it, I was in love). My favorites though are hip-hop and classic rock.

My Top 5 favorite artists:
1- David Bowie- I mean who doesn’t love David Bowie, the fashion and music icon has left his mark on every artist after him. Fave songs:Let’s Dance, 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore, Fashion.

2-Lady gaga- Judge me if you want, but the girl can sing. No matter your opinion on her, you must admit she if awfully talented. The musician, model, and actress is the definition of triple threat. Fave songs: Donatella,Government Hooker, Bad Kids.

3-Kendrick Lamar- Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest artists of our generation, in my opinion. The lyrical poetry and beautifully produced beats combine to make Lamar’s distinct sound. His last album, To Pimp a Butterfly, is my favorite album and even won the Grammy for best rap album. Fave songs: Sing About Me/ I’m Dying of Thirst, Untitled 07| Levitate,Institutionalized.

4-Chance, the Rapper- Chance’s upbeat sound, positive message, and witty wordplay make him one of my favorite rappers. He has also collaborated with Donnie Trumpet to make the jazzy, fun, and feature- filled album Surf. Fave Songs: Wanna be cool, Israel(sparring), Smoke again.

5-Frank Ocean- Although he may torture us with not releasing any music (i mean i’m not bitter, it’s not like he’s slowly ruing my life or anything haha), you must admit he sings like an angel. Channel Orange swept through pop culture and took no prisoners. Let’s just hope this new album that’s taking 50 million years, is worth the wait. Fave songs: Crack Rock, Novacane, Pink Matter.


Hmm, I usually listen to “See you Again”, “21 Guns” and “Exception”. That’s usually what I listen to. I don’t really listen to a lot of songs.


Imagine Dragons is one of my all time favorite bands. I listen to a broad range of music, but Imagine Dragons is what rekindled my loved for music.


Let’s just say my taste in music is… ahem varied (read: incredibly weird)

I don’t really have much of a preference for any particular genre, pretty much anything goes as long as it’s “good”, the criteria for “good” you’ve about as much of a guess as to what they are as I do, since I’ve no idea :grin:

Though I can say with certainty that there are certain artists that I just flat out love, them being:
SCOOBIE DO (yes, you read that right), Alestorm, and Ruskaja. SCOOBIE DO just (in my opinion) makes great music across the board, if you can stand to not exactly understand what they’re saying, since they’re a Japanese band, the best examples I can give are Away, and my personal favorite song of all time, When the sky burns red which is the ending theme to one of my favorite shows (Pity that I couldn’t find the full version as it’s even more amazing, but the 1:30 version of the song is still great). Ruskaja ((in their words, not mine) Russian Turbo Polka Metal band) and Alestorm (Pirate Metal band) on the other side of the spectrum, I would best describe as what happens when you take pure, unadulterated fun, compress it into a group of people, then let it explode and watch the fireworks and quite possibly (in the case of Ruskaja) end up holding your sides laughing, the best examples of this from Ruskaja are their covers, for Wake Me Up and Get Lucky, and a personal favorite of mine, Energia. From Alestorm, You Are A Pirate (cover) and Shipwrecked.

Like I said, my taste in music, certainly of the odder sort.


Sleeping at Last wise, I’d definitely say listen to their songs Neptune, East, Bad Blood, and Woodwork. Those are my top favorite.

Ed Sheeran wise . . . wow, he has a lot of good songs. I actually think listening to his album X and + would be a good starting point.


Music is really important for me. It’s a rarity that I’m not listening to a song or thinking about a song in my head (there’s ALWAYS one going on in my head). I would post a link to my Spotify playlist, but that seems kind of excessive. I’ll just list my 5 favorite songs and my 5 favorite bands.


  1. You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic - A Day to Remember. Listened to it around 15,000 times on iTunes since I first heard it. Incredible song and really resonates with me.
  2. Untitled - Knuckle Puck. One of my most recent finds. It’s about 3 minutes of lyrical genius and 5 minutes of heartwrenching instrumentals. Such an incredible song.
  3. In Between - Beartooth. I’m not a big fan of metal music. I absolutely LOVE hardcore music though. This is a perfect example of that. Another lyrical masterpiece and one song that really makes me think about a lot of different things.
  4. Two Weeks - All That Remains. Remember how I said I’m not a fan of metal music? Yeah, this song (and band) is the one that breaks that statement for me. All That Remains is different to me than other metal artists. I found out about this song at one of the lowest points of my life and I’ve loved it ever since.
  5. Freak - Seaway. One of my other most recent finds. Its lyrics really resonate how I felt for most of my younger schooling years and throughout middle and high school. If I had to recommend ANY song out of this list for you to listen to, it’d be this one. It really wraps up most of my musical interests into one song.


  1. A Day to Remember. Always has been and always will be my favorite band.
  2. Rise Against. If it wasn’t for ADTR, they would be my favorite band.
  3. Seaway. Most recent find. Incredible lyricists and give me everything I want in their songs, from their slower and more meaningful songs (Stubborn Love) to their fast and upbeat songs (Sabrina the Teenage Bitch).
  4. Four Year Strong. Was always the third band I listened to out of ADTR and Rise Against. Love their music and they perform incredibly live.
  5. I See Stars. The heaviest band I listen to. Lots of hardcore screaming music, but lots of songs that really make you sit and think as well. They bring the best of everything to the table, and I would recommend them to anyone even if they don’t like hardcore music.


Favorite artists are Joanna Newsom, Angel Olsen, St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, David Bowie, QOTSA, and Screaming Females.

Currently getting around to listening to Velvet Underground and This Heat (since Viet Cong is supposed to be a carbon copy of, but I don’t see it, but maybe that’s because I’ve only listened to Deceit).

Last year’s AOTY for me was Clarence Clarity - No Now (glitch pop) or Susanne Sundfor - Ten Love Songs (pop but with a twist on generic love songs). This year, it’s probably Parquet Courts’ Human Peformance.


I listen to a lot of different stuff, though currently the cover of ‘Gentle Rain’ by Elizabeth Dawson is a big fave- it’s gorgeous, with the bossa nova line accompanying such a soft jazz piece. ^^


Insane Clown Posse
Team Headkick
Rob Zombie
Old School Ozzy
a few songs from Psychostick
& a few songs from Offspring


I listen to a lot of indie electronic, video game soundtracks, JPop and JRock (basically animu weaboo music). My favorite artists are: Nujabes (RIP), DJ Okawari and people on OC Remix.


You might like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1OzDXYFarg


Nujabes, a great artist indeed.
I mostly listen to retro/wavesynth music like this one and artist like Perturbator or Carpenter Brut.



And since this post has to be 20 characters long, here’s my music playlist on youtube which mostly consists of EDM