Let's Talk About Movies!


Well, not exactly amovie, so i dont know if it belongs in this thread… but Netflix is doing The Witcher series.


Seconded, Pixar makes great films and I’m going to be on the first line when The incredibles 2 comes out.

I’ll certainly try. The reviews have been praising it, but we’ll see.

And, since we’re talking of Miyazaki, I’ll say that I loved The Wind Rises, and it’s one of my favourite films of all time.


Very excited to see Wonder Woman! I am probably to try and watch it as a double bill with the new The Mummy movie, which I hope manages to set up a decent new Universal Monsters universe akin to the MCU/Avengers and the King Kong/Godzilla universe.

Anyone seen the trailer for Murder on the Orient Express yet? I seem to one of the few who likes the music score at the end.


Witcher? there was an old witcher series in Germans, is this a new series? I think Shanna chronicles had been out for a while, it is not bad…


Forrest Gump, Inception and Godfather are my favs. Anyone with similar tastes?


Like Inception and its philosophical approach … It brought human mind’s imagination to the next level, and it leads us to debate what is real and what is not…

Inception has similar philosophical approach like the Matrix, questioning on whether we live in reality or in dream… and which is the better place to live in? Do we prefer to live in dream or in reality ?


Like Forest Gump and love the Godfather :slight_smile: (though don’t like the sequels) heard more and more about inseption over the years, might give it a try, but still have loads of other films on my list to watch…Also since we were talking about animation, well don’t watch too many recent films, partly because yeah, there’s lots of older films still on my list, but I love Disney films. 101 dalmations and the Jungle book are the two animated ones that spring to mind. Probably just for older children(though I watched basically anything as a child :stuck_out_tongue: ) but did really like the DBZ battle of gods film too, not seen resurrection F yet…it’s on my list.


Heh, The Witcher, as in the books that The Witcher game series is based on.

There was an old Polish tv series, but it’s terrible.


I actually liked Inception a lot more than Interstellar, which I couldn’t get into because I found the concept at the end with the bookshelf way too silly.

Not seen the third Godfather film but the first two are definitely masterpieces. I like how the second one is basically a prequel and sequel all at once.


I’d recommend you don’t. It’s miles short of the first two.

And I also prefer Inception to Interstellar, though my favorite Chris Nolan movie starting with I is still Insomnia.


Godfather, to me, is the best movie ever made, and I usually don’t enjoy movies with its age. Absolutely 10/10 (the second one is also amazing, and the third is good, even if not fantastic, I think that despite its flaws it is a misunderstood movie). It is amazing that some movies loose an enormous amount of quality as the decades go by, but not the Godfather, even when compared with the best movies of our time it keeps the nº1 spot.

Forrest Gump is an amazing movie. A tragic story that is able to insert humor into it. It touches me. And Tom Hanks is bloody amazing. That guy is a great actor.

Interstellar is also one of my favorites and totally on my TOP10 of movies. Christopher Nolan is a great director, Di Caprio a colossal actor, the cast is mesmerizing (such names and quality), the special effects are fantastic (but that is the kind of thing that goes away with time), and the story is perfect.


Yeah, I do think Inception is a bit overrated. The reputation it got over the years as being “one of the deepest mvoies ever filmed” probably influenced my opinion a bit too. It’s okay, I just don’t think it’s Nolan’s best.

My favourite Nolan is The Dark Knight. I know, I was just writing about how people tend to overstate Inception, and it happens with TDK too, but I just like it too much, finally a good superhero film.

But, speaking of that, Nolan is making a WW2 flick, and I think he said it’s much more drama and tension than anti-war-ish. So there’s that.


Funny thing about Godfather 3 is that everything about the film that was anti-climactic and criticized was actually strangely fitting, because it’s basically Michael and his mob on their last legs, trying to secure a legitimate legacy, win his son and ex-wife over, etc.

It’s a deconstruction of any idealised image we might have had of Michael or the mafia from start to finish.

And Sofia Coppola’s performance felt genuine and naive/starry-eyed, which was that character all over.

I really liked The Prestige and Insomnia. Nothing too fancy, just some steady storytelling.


Oh, I totally need to check out The Prestige! It’s been on my list for ages, but I always fogrget about it.


I am hopeful that Dunkirk is going to be a great movie already. We seem to have a number of WW2 movies impending this year, including two focusing on Winston Churchill.

And oh hell yeah Vertigo, you need to watch The Prestige, it’s arguably my favorite Nolan film actually. Bale and Jackman are fantastic in it and it has a great range of twists and turns and creates the world of the 19th century professional magician perfectly.


Saw Wonder Woman today.

Acting: 9/10. Gadot is close to perfect. Pine is really likable too. They have strong chemistry.

Plot: 7.5/10. A few slow spots, but it’s a hell of a lot more engaging than the other DCU movie plots. At least it’s coherent.

Music/Score: 9/10. That WW theme kicks ass.

Cinematography/Costumes/Sets: 9/10. Great period piece, beautiful and compelling backdrops.

Overall: 8.5/10. Very little to complain about. Gadot will become a star with this movie. Her Diana isn’t just breathtakingly gorgeous; she’s also curious, brave, passionate and charismatic.


Yes. It was the inevitable end of any Mobster. Even if they have the luck to get old, the past will torment them (those who have shreds of morality) and they are bound to have a tragic ending. As Tony Soprano said: Prison or Death. The Godfather 3 shows us a third option: being emotionally broken, destroyed by the consequences of the life one chose.

The tragedy of the ending becomes even more heartbreaking because we know that Michael was pushed into that life, forced to step up in order to guarantee the safety of his family. In the end, he wasn’t able to get out on his own terms, the mobster life catch up to him (his wife left him, his son resented him, his daughter got killed; his brother was killed at his command and that tormented him) and destroyed him, even if didn’t exactly killed him, which is even more dramatic.

I can even manage to excuse the fact that in the last movie Pacino didn’t seemed to be portraying Michael Corleone, so many years have passed, he thought that he had got out, he had brought his family to “the light” and out of the criminal life. He was a very different man.


Ok, gotta admit this Spider-Man Starbucks promotion thing was a pretty nifty idea.


Going to watch Baby Driver. Told it was amazing by a number of friends.

The beguiled, the big sick and the little hours all look pretty solid too.


pulp fiction and shawshank redemption is m favourite movie